How long can you drive on dct

When buying a used car from the previous owner, there are some subtleties associated with the renewal. The main nuances of this issue are regulated by federal law. The law on OSAGO establishes all actions and terms necessary for execution by the parties of the transaction. In the article we will talk about how much you can ride under the contract of sale, and what responsibility occurs when legislation is not complied with.


  • 1 Documents for traffic police
  • 2 Ways to legally move on unregistered cars
  • 3 Manipulations with DCT
  • 4 Other re-registration options

Documents for traffic police

According to government regulation 1156 from 12.11.2012 the driver is not obliged to present to the inspector a document confirming the right to ownership of the car. The list is limited to three items:

  1. certificate of the right to drive this category of vehicle (C);
  2. certificate of registration of the vehicle;
  3. insurance policy OSAGO.

how much time you can travel under the contract of sale

On the third point, you will need to carry with you the original document.

Ways to legally move on unregistered cars

Russian legislation allows the driver to drive a car that is not registered in his name. There are three main options:

  1. MTPL policy for this car should allow any driver to drive. This type of insurance is a bit more expensive, it allows any driver, with the right category, to use the car legally. You do not need to enter anything anywhere else.
  2. The policy of CTP indicates a limited list of people who can manage this vehicle. If, when stopped by an inspector, you are not written into such a document, the penalty for this will be 500-800 rubles. The machine is sent to the car park. Do not save even the presence of a number of the owner of this machine.
  3. The purchase and sale agreement (DCT) on a car is made.

In this case, the driver has 10 days to re-execute documents, during which he can ride a car that has not been re-registered.

how many days you can ride under the contract of sale

MTPL policy

It is entitled to the same 1156th decree. But if during this time an accident occurs causing damage, the driver will pay the price from his own pocket.

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Manipulations with DCT

Not very conscientious citizens have come up with a clever way to circumvent the legal part of the re-registration. Every 10 days they rewrite DCT to extend the period. This is easy to do, especially since this document does not require any assurances from third parties, for example, a notary. Enough two signatures and dates. Sometimes even the date is not set to write it yourself, and not to rewrite a new sheet each time.

Other re-registration options

One of the options for "selling" cars is called "sale by proxy". However, in fact, the owner in this case does not change. Documents still remain on the first owner.

how much can you drive safely under a sales contract

Power of Attorney for the car

Also, it will be necessary to regularly renew the document, which imposes its own restrictions on operations with it. Paying the owner the price for such a car, you can get on unscrupulous sellers. DKP will more protect the new owner from legal confusion.