If the tire is flat on the road

Tires have a feature to descend when you do not expect it at all, somewhere far from civilization and at night. And it happens that two tires are pierced at once. Everyone knows that on our tracks you can see everything - there are nails and other sharp objects. If such a misfortune happened, the driver has two options to resolve the issue - is to wait for the tow truck or try to solve the problem yourself. With a tow truck, everything is clear, here we will talk about the second option.

Solve the problem yourself

Если шина спустила в дороге

No panic

First of all, you should always have a flashlight, jack and wheel wrench in stock. Without these tools you will not be able to remove the wheel. If you do not carry a spare tire with you, then you need to have a repair kit with you. If the hole in the tire is small, then it is quite possible to get by injecting glue there. And even better if you carry a spare tire in your car, if there is not enough space for a spare wheel.

With a small puncture, you can slightly siphon the tire, so there is every chance of getting to a place where repairs will be more convenient. But then do not exceed the speed of more than forty kilometers per hour, and emergency lights must be lit.

Если шина спустила в дороге

Puncture of two wheels at the same time

If you puncture two or more wheels, do not panic. And still it is not necessary to make movement with punctured wheels. This can lead to serious consequences for the chassis of the car, it is also very dangerous. In this case, the car must be raised and put on the stops. After that, you have to find a way to get to the repair station, leaving the car on the road. But if it is not possible to do this, then you will have to fill the tire with something solid.

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For this fit straw, leaves, rags. If you have an old hose in stock, wind it around the disk axis. The speed of movement then should not be more than 15 kilometers per hour. So you have a great chance to get to the house or to the repair point, without damaging the tires, in extreme cases, the damage will be minor.

Если шина спустила в дороге Now a little about jacks. Today, in our markets, the dominance of Chinese goods. And all Chinese has the property to break very quickly. If this happens, and you need to hang the wheel, then try to make a trestle of boards and bricks. After you zajte it, you will need to substitute the emphasis and knock out the top element. I must say that this will be difficult to do, but with a certain driving skill it is quite possible.