Modern car washes


Car wash - a guarantee of cleanliness for each car

In many countries, a car wash is simply an indispensable thing for every car owner, which is why this topic is relevant today. To put the types of car washes in the rating into place, it is necessary to consider in detail the process of each of them, and taking into account all the pros and cons to draw appropriate conclusions. Today, the car can be washed non-manually on stationary car washes of the following type:

  1. Tunnel;
  2. Portal;
  3. Self-catering.
No modern driver can do without a car wash

No modern driver can do without a car wash

In one hour a stationary-type car wash hangar can serve from one dozen to hundreds of cars. According to statistics, washing one car takes from 6 to 15 minutes. An area of ​​90 m is sufficient for this type of car wash.2 and good equipment.

In the Russian market there is a very large selection of equipment for car washes. The owners of machine-washing firms to a greater degree prefer the equipment of German manufacturers (about 80%). According to experts, it is German technology that has increased reliability and is well suited to the climatic conditions of our country. Approximately 20% of devices manufactured in the Czech Republic, Poland and Spain are installed at domestic car washes.

As a rule, people with a limited amount of time use the services of stationary car washes, that is, who needs to bring the car into proper form in the shortest possible time. In order to improve such a service and offer additional car care services, additional space will be needed for the construction of appropriate facilities.

Video about modern types of car washes:

Читать далее о лучших автомойках-->Дополнительными услугами в основном пользуются те клиенты, которые готовы пожертвовать определенным количеством времени ради качественно вымытого автомобиля. Для такого случая на стационарных автомойках устанавливают отдельные помещения, где клиент ожидает, пока завершатся операции над автомобилем под руководством сотрудников автомойки. При необходимости клиенту может оказать услуги подобного рода специальная выездная бригада.

The cheapest sinks for business are prefabricated hangars, which do not provide underground utilities and foundations.

More serious expenses will be demanded by such a business if stationary sinks are installed in reconstructed capital buildings most often this way is chosen for the construction of tunnel and portal car washes.

Car wash without water

Car wash without water

Car wash tunnel and portal type

Tunnel-type car wash

Tunnel washes are generally considered the fastest car service. High performance of this car wash provides conveyor principle of operation. On the conveyor (up to 30 meters) it is possible to locate not one, but several cars simultaneously passing through the conveyor belt under the washing arches. It is this feature that distinguishes tunnel and portal car washes. A car wash of this option can bring the maximum income when properly organized.

For the construction of a tunnel car wash, you will need a section 5 meters wide and at least 12 meters long, where you install machines for washing cars one after another, but it is better if they are at least 32 meters; one hour.

Tunnel car washes allow you to quickly serve the car

Tunnel car washes allow you to quickly serve the car

Advantages of car wash tunnel type

  • Fast car maintenance;
  • Low cost of services;
  • Modern technology used in car maintenance.

What operations in relation to the car can be performed at the tunnel car wash?

  • Car handling active foam;
  • Car processing arch high pressure;
  • Washing the body and wheels;
  • Rinsing and drying the car.

The disadvantage of car washes of this type: poor quality car wash compared to the traditional type.

Scheme and general view of the tunnel car wash

Scheme and general view of the tunnel car wash

Portal car washes

Gantry car washes work according to the following principle: in a washing portal, which moves along a car standing in one place, water is pumped under great pressure, and the dirt is cleaned with special soft automatic brushes. Special retractable brushes are designed to clean the wheels. The car wash program of this type varies from a few minutes to half an hour, taking into account both the model of the car and the complexity of the washing process itself.

An additional source of income can be obtained when combined tunnel posts with cleaning salons, in which motorists can independently or with the help of staff vacuumed and cleaned inside the car Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% As a bonus, you can provide a cumulative discount system for regular customers, which will attract a greater flow of visitors. In very large cities, in order to avoid large queues, it would be more correct to install a pair of tunnels parallel to each other, such a service will undoubtedly be in demand.

The appearance of the portal car wash

The appearance of the portal car wash

New round in car wash business

Not so long ago, in many cities of Russia, contactless self-service car washes appeared. The principle of operation of such an automobile car wash is as follows: the driver independently can not only wash his car, but also cover it with a protective polymer coating. To do this simply by armed with a hose with a "gun" is enough to press the keys on the bath. Since the sink is a non-contact rag or sponge in this case does not apply, although at some washing sites for a fee, a special worker can wash particularly polluted places of the car with a sponge.

Washing time depends on the amount paid for the service. The cost of such a service for each service is somewhat different. On average, the price for five minutes of self-service cars ranges from 100 to 150 rubles.

Touchless car wash allows you to make the car clean without a rag

Touchless car wash allows you to make the car clean without a rag

How to use the car wash self-service

  1. Enter the required amount for the service in the bill acceptor;
  2. Taking a hose with a gun in hand, select the desired program on the washing panel;

Remember that the order of the programs must be switched independently.

Designation of programs:

  • Program 1 - is designed to apply a chemical agent to the car that softens the dirt.
  • Button 2 - the inclusion of this program will wash away the softened dirt with a stream of water.
  • Button 3 - a usual stream of water removes dirt and chemical agents from the body.
  • By pressing the key under the number 4 - the paint layer of the machine can be covered with a thin layer of polymer.
  • The concluding 5 program supplies softened and demineralized water to the hose. Thanks to the tool that comes with the composition of this water the car will begin to shine, and there will be no traces of stains and smudges.

As you can see, using a self-service car wash is not difficult, the main thing is that the car will look clean after that, which means it's beautiful.

Self wash the car in self-service car wash

Self wash the car in self-service car wash


Among the presented types of stationary car washes, primacy should still be given to a contactless car wash.This is due to the fact that in this case the detergent is not mechanically applied. At first, the car is processed by a high-pressure apparatus, and only after the main mud is flushed away, the wet body of the car is processed by a special car shampoo. Soapy foam is also washed off with a stream of water from a water sprayer.


  • Washing takes little time;
  • On the body of the car almost no minor scratches.


  • Too polluted car should not be washed in this type of car wash;
  • It is impossible to wash a car in hard-to-reach places;
  • So that there are no divorces left after the car wash, wipe dry.

If the car owner has very little time, but wants to quickly wash his "iron pet" should contact the car wash conveyor type (tunnel).

Video about the work of the tunnel car wash:


  • Washing the car outside for a very short time;
  • Can bring a good income to their owners.


  • You can not wash the car with high quality;
  • Frequent use of a car wash of this type leads to damage to the paintwork, for this reason it is primarily undesirable to use mechanical car washes for owners of brand new cars.

The most careful and reliable way in which the car can be washed really high quality - manual, this is what we devote to our next article. Thank you for your attention, waiting for your comments.