How to remove smudges on the car after painting

Cars that have served their owner faithfully for more than one year may need to paint some body parts, if not the whole car. There are cases when even the most experienced molar can prevent the formation of stains after painting body parts.

Stains usually appear because of the large amount of paint applied in one place. The painting process requires great care in accurately calculating the amount of paint that will be applied to the surface. The appearance of smudges can always be prevented. If you wish, you can paint your car in khaki color or “dress” it in camouflage.

Как убрать подтеки на автомобиле после покраски

 Rules to follow to avoid smudges:

  • The distance between the sprayer and the body should be at least 25 centimeters;
  • The room in which you are going to paint the car should be well lit;
  • Do not rush to paint, let dry a little paint before applying the next layer. Leave dry parts for at least 10 minutes. The higher the temperature in the room, the less time you will need for intermediate drying of the layers;

Как убрать подтеки на автомобиле после покраски

  • Inspect the surface after applying the next layer, if the surface has become glossy, it means that you have applied enough paint to these places;
  • In no case do not carry out hot drying of the car body after painting. In the warm summer, leave the car at least an hour. If you intend to paint the car in the winter, then before hot drying the car should be left for a day. This is to ensure that the paint does not flow during hot drying.
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If the smudges still appeared. We fix.

The first thought with the appearance of stains may be to eliminate them with a solvent. In no case can this be done, you will need a large amount of solvent and rags to erase all the applied paint.

In addition, rags will leave on the surface a huge amount of villi. Also, the solvent can dissolve the primer.

Как убрать подтеки на автомобиле после покраски

First, just dry the surface well with smudges. Use a hairdryer. After drying, try to press on the smudge with your fingernail, If the smudge is not pierced, it means that it is completely dry.

After this, as it will be completely dry, it must fall away. Now you need to do the surface polishing in place of the former drip. You will need an aerosol abrasive finder. It must be sprayed to the place where there were smudges. Use a small knife to clean the place of the smudges, then polish it well. After such a procedure on the site of the former defects in painting, there will be no trace left.