For any weather: fog light test


Most modern cars of middle and premium class are equipped with special fog lamps, which allow to increase the level of safety when driving in bad weather conditions. However, small cars and budget modifications of other vehicles are usually devoid of such devices, which creates many problems for their drivers.

Fog car headlights

It is very easy to get rid of this problem - just purchase some of the additional fog lights on the market and install them yourself. However, ratings and reviews by motorists show that not all of these devices are useful - some are too low in brightness, some are almost impossible to properly install, and others interfere with other road users.

Читать далее, какие противотуманные фары лучше-->Поэтому перед покупкой обязательно нужно знать, какие противотуманные фары лучше, чтобы быстро сделать правильный выбор.


Regardless of the brand of fog lights and place of purchase, carefully read the labels on the packaging. Sellers often mislead buyers, positioning as the "fog" additional headlights low and high beam. There are even cases of sales of off-road searchlights as fog lamps - it is usually possible for dealers in the market who can be sure of their impunity.

Fog light

The result is only a waste of money. It is impossible to calibrate such lighting engineering so that it performs the function of fog lights. However, drivers on the oncoming lane of the road will not be very happy to install such devices - their light will make driving unsafe. The ideal option would be to purchase products that have undergone mandatory and voluntary certification in Russia - they will most likely fulfill all the functions assigned to them.


Effective compact

Number one of your rating of fog lights are just two models belonging to the series Hella Micro. The choice of drivers of any cars is a product with the DE index, produced in a cylindrical case. There can be no complaints about the light flux created by the lamp - the spot has a sufficiently large area and distinct borders with noticeable penumbra, but does not go beyond the permissible dimensions and does not interfere with oncoming traffic.

Headlights Hella Micro DE

Fog lights Hella Micro DE

However, the main advantage of the fog lamp is its convenience - replacing the lamp takes only a few seconds, and the universal bracket allows you to securely fix the device without professional help. In addition, the package includes an additional latch, which allows you to minimize the number of actions when installing lights on popular cars of German brands.

The FF model has a rectangular case and is distinguished by several large dimensions. The special design of mounting the lamp and the reflector makes it possible to enhance the luminous flux to the maximum possible intensity, making the trip in bad weather extremely convenient and safe. The fog lamp does not create any interference for oncoming traffic, since it can be calibrated in accordance with the current technical regulations.

Headlights Hella Micro FF

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The mounting bracket has a presentable appearance and allows you to adjust the direction of the light flux without any effort, but it consists of a large number of parts. Due to this, the installation of the fog lamp takes some time and requires some technical skills.

Cheap and angry

The Polish Wesem company produces very good fog lamps - its products often occupy adjacent places in ratings with such eminent brands as Bosch, Philips and Hella. The model with a straightforward name 1 has a rectangular case with yellow lenses and a plastic protective grille. The main advantage of such a fog lamp is the large width of the light spot, which allows to highlight the curb when properly configured.

Yellow fog lights Wesem 1

Fog lights Wesem 1

This feature has a positive effect on safety, because the driver can see in advance a pedestrian or an animal that approaches the road. The mount does not create any particular difficulties, but the motorist will have to drill an eight-millimeter hole in the bumper and make sure that it can be accessed from the reverse side.

If you do not like diffused yellow light, pay attention to model 3 from the same manufacturer. It has a slightly smaller width of the light spot, which is compensated by the excellent efficiency of the backlight of its edges. In addition, the high power devices allows you to use them not only as fog lamps, but also as an addition to the regular dipped beam.

Fog lights Wesem

Wesem 3 - fog lights

The use of Wesem “protivotumanok” in this form can significantly improve traffic safety and expand the illuminated zone. Fastening is completely similar to that described above - the disadvantage is the need to drill a large hole, and the advantage is the possibility of adjustment in all planes.

Maximum convenience

If you do not want to spend a lot of time on the installation and subsequent maintenance of lighting, you should choose Vale OC i don't airport fog lights. Their main advantage is the use of a special case design with mounting bolts located at the back. This allows you to quickly change burnt out lamps, and also prevents the oxidation of threaded connections, which can seriously complicate the disassembly of the housing.

An additional advantage is the presence of a rubber seal in the fog lamps, which seals the joint between the diffuser and the main part. Thanks to this, we can hope for long-term trouble-free operation of the device.

Vale OC i don't airport

Противотуманные фары Vale OC i don't airport

The luminous flux of the headlamp has a fairly large width and forms a spot with very clear outlines, which ensures safety when driving in bad weather. Also, it does not blind drivers of oncoming traffic, since the upper limit of the light spot is relatively low.

Схема установки противотуманной фары очень проста — её можно закрепить на бампере или даже в штатном посадочном отверстии автомобиля при условии, что оно имеет прямоугольные очертания. Однако осложняет ситуацию необходимость сверления отверстия с диаметром 11–12 миллиметров и отсутствие необходимых проводов в комплекте поставки. Зато противотуманная фара Vale OC i don't airport имеет следующие преимущества:

  • The possibility of a piece purchase is a very important feature for those who have to drive on bad roads;
  • The low cost of H2 lamps, the presence of a pair of light sources for the first installation;
  • Completely sealed design, allowing to overcome the small fords without dismantling.

Perfect Fog

When choosing the best fog light should focus on the luminous flux it creates - it should not blind the oncoming drivers, but must seize the road with most of the curb. The second important parameter is the possibility of correct installation and adjustment, since even a headlamp with ideal luminous characteristics may be useless if improperly mounted.

Glow Fog Light

The third is the convenience of use, that is, the absence of difficulties in accessing the lamp socket and the electrical connections of the device. Finally, it is worth assessing how fog lights are compatible with your car by the type of attachment used and aesthetic characteristics. The above devices will be an excellent addition to the lighting of most common machines - they will increase the level of security in any weather.