The right choice of tires for a car


Motorists who have got behind the wheel not so long ago should understand: what kind of tires for passenger cars are used for depends on safety and comfort when traveling around the city and beyond. As a rule, each novice driver, when confronted with the problem of replacing wheels, begins to look either just like those already on the car, or blindly trust sellers and buy tires at a price that sometimes does not correspond to quality.

Today, auto shops have a fairly large selection of wheels produced by foreign and Russian companies, with different characteristics and parameters. To make it easier for a beginner to navigate through this huge range, you should first familiarize yourself with some of the nuances of choosing a car tire. For example, to understand what marking is and how to decipher it, as well as focus on the characteristics of the machine itself and its own driving style.

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Passenger tires: where to start choosing

Passenger tires are also suitable for small cars and crossovers. These wheels have a very good grip, are inexpensive and guarantee a comfortable ride. Most tires manufactured today have a radial design.

Deciphering the details of the design is possible thanks to a special designation on the rim. The classic version of the device wheel looks like a set of frame, tread, belt and sidewall. Each of these elements has its own purpose. The framework is the basis made of a large number of textile and metal threads. The tread is responsible for traction, the breakers create stiffness, and with the sidewall, the tire is attached to the wheel.

The starting point in the selection of new rubber will be the definition of the size and tread pattern. You also need to decide on the type of tire, try to compare its characteristics, the marking of which is indicated on the product, with a similar product and compare them at a price. It may happen that the wheels absolutely identical in parameters from different manufacturers will differ significantly in cost.

Michelin summer tires

Before proceeding to the choice, it is worth considering that there is an optimally suitable tire for each type of road. Drivers often drive along a certain route within the same territory, for example, along country roads and city roads or along a highway outside the city limits. In this regard, passenger tires can be divided into highway, speed and all-season speed.

Highways are suitable for driving on wet or dry roads with a hard surface. High-speed ones are better to use for premium-class cars, and all-season high-speed ones are characterized by improved characteristics that allow you to easily move into conditions of snow and ice.

Standard size of passenger tires

Under the size refers to the geometrical parameters of the tire: width, height, and diameter. All data is stamped on the side of the wheel. The marking of passenger tires also includes the designation of the speed index, maximum load, the country of manufacture and the time of year recommended for use.

As a rule, car manufacturers prescribe appropriate tire sizes in the technical documentation of a car. A small information plate is usually mounted on the gas tank door or on the door end. In the auto shop should go, already familiar with the requirements for the wheels. But if you can’t do the decoding of passenger tires yourself, then you can turn to professionals or understand a few details for yourself.

Dunlop Ice Touch Winter tires

It is recommended to put narrower tires on small cars. If you set wide or high, then when turning the rubber will rub against the fixed part of the body. Conversely, larger machines with low or narrow tires installed will be harder to drive, and the probability of damaging the discs and increasing the load on the working suspension units and bearings will increase significantly.

For the summer, it is customary to choose wider wheels, and in winter it is easier and safer to ride on narrow tires. The tire circumference should be standard, it depends on how accurately the speedometer will show the data, and whether the speed and mileage indicators will be true.

Selection of tires depending on the season

From the period in which the tires will be used, you can choose options for summer, winter and all-season tires. They differ not only in the tread pattern, as is commonly believed, but also in their technical characteristics and rubber composition. For the convenience of choice on the wheels there is a marking that determines the time of year when rubber can be used.

Summer tires are used at air temperatures of +7 degrees Celsius. These wheels feature a smoother tread pattern with deep grooves for draining fluids. The tire for the summer period is made of more rigid rubber and is not suitable for winter only for the reason that, freezing in the cold, it becomes very hard and almost loses traction.

Winter tires differ from summer less elasticity and rigidity. In summer, at high temperatures, these wheels become very soft and therefore only complicate the control of the machine. "Pereobuvat" car for the winter is in advance, but not when the road is already under a crust of ice or powdered with snow. Winter tires for cars, in contrast to summer ones, are completely covered with lamps, due to which grip is ensured.

All Season tires Hankook DynaPro

At the request of the car owner can be installed for the winter studded tires. It will more effectively cope with braking on an icy road, but if the winter turns out to be snowless and warm, the spikes will only interfere. There will be practically no clutch on dry pavement, and the braking distance will increase.

Car enthusiast may consider the option of all-season tires Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% for your car. But do not rely on their versatility. Many believe that by placing such rubber once, you can ride it all year round, but experts recommend using it only during the off season, since at low temperatures in winter and high in summer it will not be so effective. Marking on rubber greatly facilitates the choice of wheels for a particular season.

Car tire selection criteria

Coming to the car market or to the auto shop, every car owner will see how huge the choice of tires, often similar in parameters, but differing in price. Buying too cheap tires, the driver runs the risk of purchasing a fake under the logo of a well-known manufacturer, or just a rubber-like exterior. The problem is that it is not clear how such tires will behave on the road, taking into account the temperature and quality of the road.

In the summer and in the winter wheels of different quality are used and on each of them there is a corresponding marking. When choosing, be sure to take into account the time of year when the tires will be operated. Characteristics of the wheel should also be suitable for the type of engine of the machine, more precisely, to match its capacity. The more powerful the engine, the wider the tires should be.

Every motorist should be guided by their driving style. Those who like to drive fast should pay attention to low profile tires. With its help it is easier to drive a car, but all the bumps in the road will fall on the suspension of the car. Drivers, whose driving style is more relaxed, can safely buy tires with high profile, compensating for bumps on the roads. There is also a label on the wheels that will help you choose the right products.

Be sure to purchase when you need to consult with the seller how the fuel will be consumed when installing the selected tires. This question is particularly relevant for those who use the machine for work purposes and travels more than a dozen kilometers a day.


If there is a need to come to the store and choose tires for your car, then the prepared car owner will approach this issue with full responsibility. Properly chosen passenger tires will serve for a long time and will ensure safety and comfort when traveling.

Before buying, you need to decide on which road the car will drive, and find out the tire size. This information is usually placed in the form of a table on the gas tank door or door end. Its correct decoding will help you choose among the huge range of products you need. Experts recommend sticking to that size, which indicated the manufacturer of the car.

Winter and summer tires are distinguished not only by the tread, but also by their technical characteristics, corresponding to the time of year, the marking of which is indicated on the sidewall of the wheel. All-season tires are best used only during the off-season, and studded wheels are ideal only for icy and snow-covered roads.

When buying rubber, the driving style of a motorist is always taken into account. Quieter drivers can choose a high profile tire for themselves, and low-profile tires will suit fans of fast driving.

The driver and passengers will get pleasure from the trip if the passenger tires are selected taking into account the noise level that occurs during the operation of the wheels. To choose the best option from this point of view, you can focus on the reviews of experienced motorists, choose tires with a reinforced sidewall, or simply buy tires of a well-known brand. The last option will cost more, but the result will be justified.