Russian sue dealer million for marriage razdatke shnivy

Россиянин отсудил у дилера миллион за брак в раздатке Шнивы

A resident of the Krasnoyarsk Territory did not even imagine how the purchase of a new one would end Chevrolet Levels at the local car dealership of one of the dealers of cars of this brand. It was in early 2012. For the money for shnivy, along with additional accessories motorist paid more than half a million rubles. The guarantee was issued for a period of two years, or for a run of thirty five thousand kilometers. However, after a year and a half of use, a sharp unpleasant chime began to penetrate the interior of the car, allegedly heard from the gearbox. Shniva was still under warranty and in terms of mileage and mileage, so the owner turned to a service center. After the warranty repair, the annoying ringing did not disappear, but on the contrary, intensified. Then the driver went to the dealer to write a claim and claim money for a poor-quality car. Dealers refused to pay and appointed an examination, which did not find the cause of the ringing, as the owner of the car did not allow them to disassemble the manual transmission razdatku. The driver repeatedly demanded money, but he was again refused, because the experts wrote that the ringing was in the acoustic standard and was not a basis for a claim. The owner, exhausted by the ringing, went to court. After the examination, the court established that the sounds from the handout were a marriage, and that the dealer should satisfy all the applicant's requirements. With all the penalties due to the seller for an unmotivated refusal to legally satisfy the buyer’s claims, and legal costs, the amount that was obliged to pay to the injured party amounted to almost half a million rubles. Defective cars were ordered to return to the manufacturer.

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The dealer was not satisfied, and he filed a complaint with higher authorities. Krasnodar Regional Court, having considered the complaint and the essence of the case, reduced only the amount of the fine, leaving the main decision of the district court unchanged. As a result, the driver received a million and eleven thousand rubles for his ordeals with a defective car. Chevrolet Levels.