New amt for lada will be "quiet" since the beginning of 2016

New AMT for Lada will be

Avtovaz has long been working on creating its own robotic transmissionwhich will be quiet and economical. The work went with varying success: they took it with the zeal of a recruit, they put it aside, and now the developers say that the last stage is nearing completion, new transmission for Lada cars will finally be ready. Native, Avtovaz production, boxes will appear in early 2016, - as the developers say. We are talking about a mechanical box, more precisely, about an automated mechanical one. Its sound insulation is almost brought to the level of the wonderful sound insulation of Vesta, however, the ideal is not so close. Moreover, a special noise is published in second gear. With this, developers are struggling at the moment. New AMT for Lada will be For today AMT Avtovaz productionAccording to the developers, the automotive world is an example of an excellent balanced combination of price and quality. The Japanese “automaton” Jatco was eventually rejected by the developers, since it began to be released six-speed, and for early Ladas, a four-speed manual transmission was practiced. It is for this reason that AvtoVAZ did not buy Jatco, but relied on the robot.

Robotic transmission, which is developed for our Lad, has its advantages. It is twenty-five percent more economical than an automatic transmission, and ten percent more economical than "mechanics." The robot always chooses the most suitable mode of operation of the engine, depending on road conditions and therefore does not allow wasting fuel. New AMT for Lada will be No less important преимущество robotic transmission for the driver, it is smooth acceleration, without jerks, which happen with a "mechanical" switch. Particularly painstaking work was carried out with the implementation of the possibility of fast shifting to the lower gears, which is very important for safety when overtaking. AT AvtoVAZ AMT Twenty eight programs will be sewn, which allow to adapt the work of the engine to the driving style of a particular driver.

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By the way, the robot is present in the lineup transmissions for the Lada Vestawhich, by the way, will begin to sell in two weeks. It is serially produced at Izhevsk AVTOVAZ facilities from the beginning of September of this year. Prices are still not announced. Their corridor is tentatively delineated by half a million and six hundred thousand rubles.