New foreign auto industry in the russian market in 2018

The last few months of 2017 showed excellent dynamics in the growth of consumer demand for cars. And the conclusion suggests itself that in 2018 more and more new products of the automotive industry will get into our car dealerships.

Renault Koleos 2018

Renault Koleos 2018

One of these new products, which was introduced in 2017 in Beijing, will be the Renault Koleos 2018. The price for the basic package will start at 1,600,000 rubles. It is strange that the manufacturer decided to release only two complete sets.

  • basic equipment: 2-liter gasoline engine 144 hp and variator, trim of fabric and plastic
  • in the premium configuration, you can choose a 2.5 liter petrol engine with 171 hp. or diesel 2-liter for 177 hp variator, leather trim and soft plastic

As for the first impression, the new changes in the design have only benefited: the car acquires the status of a business class and looks even more attractive. Changes affected the grille, optics acquired a new design, the bumper has become more representative, rather large rear lights gave the car a new look.

Chevrolet Levels 2018

New foreign auto industry in the Russian market in 2018.

Another popular favorite in 2018 will be the Chevrolet Levels - the same SUV with a new brutal and modern design.

It immediately catches the eye that a spare wheel and four fairly large modern searchlights with LED inserts were placed on the roof of the car. The car has acquired a more streamlined shape due to the fact that the doors and mirrors have slightly increased in size, a new wide grille has appeared, a stylish winch on the front bumper does not stand out as a separate element of the car.

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Modern aggressive sports wheels are great on this background. In the sporty style, the seats of the passengers are filled with lateral support. Thanks to changes in the cabin has become more space for passengers.

Basic equipment will cost from 465,000 and the maximum grade will be around 690,000.

Specifications are as follows: length up to 4316 mm, wheelbase up to 2500 mm, engine 1.8 liters capacity of 136 hp, manual 5-speed gearbox. Approximate consumption in the city will be 11 liters, and 8 on the highway.

Let us turn to the more expected and expensive luxury models.

Audi A9

Audi Aya

A modern car that combines both sportback and Audi Aya convertible from the German car industry.

Each element of the car emphasizes its originality and relevance in 2018: elegant concave lines give a sporty style, the complete absence of handles creates the effect of a solid and individual design.

Audi Aya будет длиной до 5 метров и на самых больших колесах в 22 дюйма. Цвет автомобиля будет самым классическим: черный, белый и серый.

Already known technical equipment: V8 engine with 4 liters turbocharged, 8-speed gearbox, Quattro - fully drive system. The power of this car just rolls over. The price is not yet known.

BMW 4th series 2018

New foreign auto industry in the Russian market in 2018.

Another new product from the German automotive industry is the BMW 4th series. Its release is planned for the end of 2018.

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The manufacturer stated that they will produce this model in three versions: with a folding roof, a coupe and a grand coupe. For all these models, the interior will be as complete as possible: from the intelligent retention system in the strip and the collision avoidance function to the instinctive screen and satellite system.

The price is already known, which will be at least 40 thousand USD. According to the technical part, BMW will be equipped with a twin turbo engine of 2 liters, a more powerful variation will have a 3 liters engine and an 8-speed gearbox.

VW Atlas

New foreign auto industry in the Russian market in 2018.

The German car industry just flooded the market in 218 with new products. And the next model, no less interesting and expected by motorists - SUV VW Atlas. The car will be in full drive configuration, and with front-wheel drive based on the VW Group MQB. The manufacturer plans to supply the SUV to all markets, both in America and Europe, and to the Middle East.

To date, reported two possible trim levels:

  • older model with a 3.6 liter VR6 engine
  • the youngest is equipped with a four-cylinder engine with direct injection and turbocharging for 2 liters

In both variants, the SUV will be equipped with an 8-speed automatic gearbox.

Not without a very nice “buns” - a smart acoustic multimedia system from the company “Fender” for 12 speakers and a powerful amplifier of 480 watts. The price is not announced yet.