Rating the best new crossovers up to 900 000 thousand rubles


Cars worth up to 900 thousand rubles are the most popular vehicles on the market. Buying a car for a large number of people turns into the problem of choosing a class that can meet all the necessary requirements.

Opel Mokka

One of the most popular crossovers

Вашему вниманию представлен рейтинг лучших новых кроссоверов в демократичной ценовой линейке, которые заслуживают уважения не только мировых автолюбителей, но и в нашей стране также пользуются огромным спросом.Читать далее о лучших кроссоверах до 900000 рублей-->

Kia Soul

The new Soul has become the most sought after model of the Korean auto giant Kia. The second generation of this car rightfully deserved in his piggy bank a large number of enthusiastic and positive reviews. It is fair to say that Kia's designers and engineers have relied not only on the exterior of the “newbie”. A lot of work has been done to eliminate the previous mistakes of designers.

Kia Soul

The line of power units is not much different from its predecessor. As before, the car buyers have to choose between a 1.6-liter gasoline engine and 124 or 136 “Korean horses” under the hood, or a diesel engine equipped with a turbine, a unit with the same 1.6-liter capacity and already 128 horsepower. Two types of six-speed transmissions of the “mechanic” or “automatic” type are also offered.

"Korean" is presented in a very wide range of configurations. A large number of modern equipment has been installed for the second generation, which can be listed for a very long time. Buying this crossover will not hit the car owners wallet a lot, as the price stated for the minimum package does not reach nine hundred thousand rubles.

As a result, if you like to be “not like everyone else” and you liked the format of the crossover “middling”, Soul should be considered first.

Nissan Terrano

Nissan Terrano - this is quite a budget and very popular option among Russian motorists. The representative of the Japanese automotive classic has 4 × 4 ambitions, an ordinary look and good technical characteristics.

Nissan Terrano

Nissan Terrano Elegance

The best option for "high-quality" Russian roads is the Elegance version with a 2.0 liter unit and a transmission for "all 4". From the point of view of the ergonomics of the car, this crossover is not much different from its close competitors, the same leather interior, if desired, the same technical equipment with all sorts of gadgets and helpers - all in Japanese functional and concise.

Terrano in the configuration Elegance and a two-liter engine has a pronounced energy intensity of the suspension elements. A slight rigidity in management is manifested only on small irregularities, which cannot be said about large ones, which he “eats” without the slightest hint of it in the breakdowns of the suspension. However, you will have to be careful at a decent speed considering the particular ground clearance of 205 mm.

It should be noted that this car is not the reincarnation of that “frame burger”, which rightly earned respect in circles of lovers to cross the Russian roads. No tricks of engineers are able to hide the real origin of the crossover from the island of the nascent Sun.

Not bad fit in the family of crossovers Nissan Terrano could be forgiven some of the flaws of the designers, but so far the Frenchman Duster draws more attention to people who can count their money in their wallet.

Reno Duster

Reno Duster is an unbeatable SUV that is a direct competitor to the Nissan Terrano in the crossover market. Basic equipment Frenchman cost much cheaper than the Japanese. The maximum limit of the cost of cars Renault Duster barely reach 900 thousand rubles.

Renault Duster

Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% adom.ru This crossover can please this four-wheel drive, of course, except for the most "poor" configuration

More than the cost of the car buyer also care about its technical characteristics. The choice in the line of engines will not puzzle future owners. The world is represented by two gasoline engines and one diesel engine, by the way, which has already been approved by motorists. Together with a 6-speed manual transmission, the 1.5-liter diesel engine delivers stable and confident traction, which in the combined driving cycle ensures low consumption of diesel fuel.

In the summary of the Frenchman, you can safely write down the high safety of off-road driving, practical reliability in power units, as well as the budget of both its acquisition and further maintenance.

The famous French concern, represented by its brainchild Duster, decided to conquer the truly difficult for manufacturers of the market of "people's" car. Much work has been done in increasing the attractiveness and most importantly in the economy of the crossover, which allowed it to firmly occupy its niche among other competitors.

Skoda Yeti

Skoda Yeti, or as it was already nicknamed by the people “Snowman”, boldly broke into the Top Selling Cars and confidently wins in everything. European roads are literally filled with this crossover.

Skoda Yeti

Skoda Yeti can be safely attributed to the most optimal SUV by the formula - cost-effectiveness plus cross-country ability and an excellent choice for a good amount of money

The Czech representative of the concern VAG has established itself well in relation to competitors in its class. With each release of their product, the hardworking engineers embodied new ideas and boldly expanded the range of engines for the Skoda Yeti, both gasoline and diesel. Thanks to all the improvements, the Skoda designers who know their business, the Yeti behaves quite confidently on the road, easily overcomes the 100 km / h limit and also easily and reliably works out the braking system. With a dynamic mode of operation, the average fuel consumption does not exceed 10 liters per hundred kilometers.

Skoda Yeti is a five-seater roomy, new SUV, endowed with a high-strength body, a large trunk and the ability for a car enthusiast to perform some tuning at its discretion.

Slightly inflated sales ratings, although they do not raise the Skoda Yeti on the already busy pedestal of successful and stable "leaders", but the calculations of Czech marketers and buyers justify in full. This is one of the most important conditions for successful activity in the car market not only in the segment of sales of crossovers up to nine hundred thousand.

Opel Mokka

The new Opel Mokka has become a confident statement from the GM concern to the requirements of the modern SUV crossover market. Opel Mokka is a German burgher with a Korean registration. The basis of the "skeleton" Mokka taken tested platform Chevrolet Aveo.

Opel Mokka

The interior of the Opel Mokka is a classic "Opele" style, providing maximum comfort to the car owner and manifested in the smallest details.

The high level of soft handling and smooth running of the Opel Mokka is ensured by reliable operation of the elements of the “German” chassis. The basic equipment is equipped with front-wheel drive with the ability to install all-wheel drive system. The engine range is represented by one diesel and three petrol power plants. A nice option is the start-stop system.

The pricing policy of the GM concern is fairly democratic. In the maximum configuration offered by dealers, this is a crossover for 900,000 rubles.

Opel Mokka really can boast a decent level of technical characteristics, level of comfort and safety for its owner and other modern standards of premium SUV-class cars. Small dimensions coupled with excellent traffic provide Opel with the title of a universal partner for comfortable trips both in the city and beyond.


Current market trends for crossovers for 900,000 rubles show that compact cars occupy a leading position in demand in the segment of off-road vehicles. Almost all self-respecting auto giants have either achieved success in selling models of this class, or are actively developing their compact SUV.

In the Russian motor vehicle market, customers are offered a half dozen different options from those who deserve their name and reputation of global manufacturers. However, if we delineate the search limits by optimal versions and democratic pricing policy of dealers, it turns out that crossovers up to 900,000 rubles are new participants in the race for your wallet.

Nevertheless, this rating will help you decide on what kind of car is truly worthy of your attention.