The most important thing about clearance opel astra

Opel cars are among the most popular cars. And for good reason. They bribe car enthusiasts with their comfort, reliable performance, and easy handling. Very often, the choice of a particular model depends on the clearance of the car. After all, its value affects the quality of driving on Russian roads.

Opel Astra clearance

And, as you know, many European manufacturers do not seek to customize their cars under the realities of local roads with their holes and bumps, especially in holiday villages. Clearance of Opel Astra, on the contrary, will be able to satisfy all the requirements for driving on domestic urban and country roads.

What is clearance

Motorists are well aware of this concept, but recall once again. Ground clearance is the ground clearance, or more simply, the distance from the bottom of the car to the road. In different parts of the machine, this distance may vary, since sometimes the engine is provided with additional protection. If we talk about the ground clearance of the Opel Astra, it fits perfectly to the road conditions of our country.

Ground clearance Opel Astra

It is worth paying attention not only to the clearance of an empty car, but keep in mind that when landing overweight people and with full tank filling, the vehicle's ground clearance becomes even smaller, and this is already very good. There are some simple tips that will help owners keep the Opel Astra ground clearance at the proper level.

To do this, the motor protection must be as wide as possible. Use Kevlar protection, it will save space. Excellent preserve ground clearance cars and suspension "Nivomat".

Specifications Opel Astra hatchback: sizes

If we talk about the technical characteristics of the car of any class and model, then they include the size and volume. So the line of cars with body type hatchback has its own indicators. The length of the car model H reaches 4.4 meters, the luggage compartment of the car is up to 375 liters. When folded back seat volume increases almost three times.

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Opel Astra hatchback clearance

The most important thing when considering the size of a car is its ground clearance. If you choose the “bad roads” package for the Opel Astra hatchback, the clearance in this case will be equal to 16.5 cm. Such a clearance indicator is relatively good. To drive on the road it will be quite enough, but the lack of roads for this is not an option.

Sizes Opel Astra wagon

Opel wagon body type is not bad and belongs to the middle class. This type of body is used in many Opel Astra models. If we talk about the specific dimensions of such a machine, for example, the Opel Astra Classic has a length of 4.3 meters, a width of 1.7 meters.

At Opel Astra wagon clearance is 16 cm. The car is quite powerful and comfortable and along with a good clearance value will behave well on the road. Approximately the same clearance in tuned sixes (VAZ 2106).

Opel Astra wagon clearance

In general, if we talk about cars Astra, then, along with other cars, similar in parameters, they are noticeably winning. They have already managed to establish themselves among car owners, including an excellent ride on not quite ideal roads.

And if, in addition to the factory anti-corrosion coating of the bottom, to make a noise-insulating and anti-gravel coating, then the Opel Astra clearance will not change significantly, but it will add comfort.

About clearance Opel Astra Family

And here again, we will discuss not only the ground clearance itself, but also the totality of parameters that generally characterize the operation of the car. Family-class cars are great for family use, attacks on nature, trips out of town and just to the nearest shopping center.

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Opel Astra Family Clearance

Each car owner in the first place pays attention not specifically to one parameter, but to their combination.

So, the Opel Astra Family ground clearance has 17 cm, and along with excellent dynamic characteristics, high engine power, smooth driving and a comfortable cabin - this is just a find among similar cars from other manufacturers. This car is an excellent solution for a friendly family.

Sizes Opel Astra Sedan

Opel Astra sedan also found its fans in Russia. A wide range of these cars allows you to choose the right car. In addition to the excellent technical characteristics of the Opel Astra ground clearance (clearance) is also necessary for driving on Russian roads - 16-17 cm, depending on the model.

Clearance Opel Astra Sedan 2013

Already from the factory the car comes with a corrosion-resistant bottom coating, but even this does not reduce the clearance.

In general, the Opel Astra Sedan (2013) does not bother the driver when driving, so the clearance value does not say much to many motorists. And driving comfort often depends on the depth of the holes and potholes on the roads.