Top 10 vintage cars of the ussr: photos and description of

The Soviet car industry attracted the attention of many. At one time, officials and heads of large factories traveled by domestic cars. Today, these cars are appreciated by collectors. Rare cars are expensive and look unusual. Rating the most retro cars from the USSR will allow to evaluate the creative potential of designers, engineers and designers of the time.


  • 10 retro cars originally from the USSR
    • Rare luxury cars produced after 1945 in the USSR
    • Soviet-era folk retro cars
    • The most expensive retro car in the USSR
    • Soviet retro cars - the dream of any collector!

10 retro cars originally from the USSR

Interesting constructive solutions make collectors of cars give crazy money for retro cars of the USSR. The history of a whole era is represented in these elegant and reputable cars. Retro-style attracts many. Therefore, modern millionaires consider it prestigious to collect a rare car in their garage. Especially prized beautiful Soviet cars, which remained on the go. Exclusive retro cars (photo with the names can be found in the article) of the USSR times, produced before 1941:

  1. GAZ-A.
  2. ZIS-101.
  3. GAZ M-1 Emka.

GAZ-A – легковой автомобиль, который появился в 1932 г. на Нижегородском автозаводе. Марка просуществовала 4 года. За это время было произведено более 40 000 автомобилей. Такие ретро машины, фото которых представлены ниже, не попадали в частные руки. Их выдавали в качестве служебного транспорта. Машинами пользовались и руководители Красной Армии. В эти модели даже монтировались штабные рации. В Ленинграде модель активно использовалась в такси до 1938 года.


ZIS-101 - the car was produced from 1936 to 1941. at the Moscow plant them. Stalin. For all the time it was produced 8752 cars. Such rare cars were owned by heads of state and ordinary citizens. It was the most massive executive class model. Due to the seven seats, the car was used as an elite taxi for long routes. After the war, production was not restored, the car turned into a retro car, the photo can be seen below. The price depends on the configuration and appearance of the equipment. The average cost starts from 300,000 rubles.

  • In Soviet times, these cars, too, valued dearly.
  • “The Seagull” and ZIL 112-S are special machines that have gone down in history forever.

    Soviet retro cars - the dream of any collector!

    Soviet retro cars, photos of which are presented in this article, are considered to be the “pearl” of the collection of a true connoisseur of ancient transport. Many citizens remember how they wanted to get their cherished car. Personal transport has always been considered an indicator of prosperity. Today, these vintage cars are in museums and appear in public places only thanks to professional restorers.

    How much are retro cars photos, which are presented in the article? It all depends on the appearance and configuration of transport. The most expensive car is the "Seagull". In perfect condition, it costs about 4,000,000 rubles.

    Rare transport is a specific section for car enthusiasts. Such cars admire their appearance. Of course, on the background of modern cars, they look dull and non-functional. In any case, Soviet cars are a whole epoch that forever remained in history. There is nothing wrong with the fact that many people so strongly want a part of that time, buying vintage cars for crazy money.