Jaguar f-pace is very similar in characteristics to the

Even off-road with 20-inch wheels, the car rides confidently, easily climbs the hill, in general, the off-road qualities of the car are clearly present. The F-Pace model has a lot in common with the Range Rover, because these are English cars, they have a common spirit.

Jaguar F-Pace 2017

Pace translates as tempo, EF-Pace sounds quite energetic and encouraging. Jaguar will certainly not be easy to catch up with its competitors in the class, who have already grasped everything in the car market. We are talking about crossovers from Porsche, BMW, Mercedes and Audi.

Despite the fact that Land Rover has experience in the production of off-road vehicles, and Jaguar has done a crossover just now. Most likely, that earlier simply hands did not reach. Externally, the Jaguar EF-Pace is a bit like the Infiniti PF, which was recently renamed QX70. The proportions of the Jaguar are the same as those of the Infiniti - a sloping rear part, a short front light, a long nose, a rear-facing salon, large wheels. But the chief designer of the Jaguar says that the design is taken from the native F-Type.

The release of the F-Pace crossover is a break of tradition, because the crossovers for the Jaguar are not a traditional body, it was about the same in BMW when they released the X5. For Porsche, too, Cayenne is an unconventional car. Although the success of Kayen and X5 is clearly visible, these cars have made a good income for their companies.


But X5 and Cayenne are not competitors for F-Pace, because they are bigger and more expensive. But Makan and X4 are really its competitors, despite the fact that the Jaguar is 5 cm longer and taller by a couple of cm.

The crossover from the Jaguar was more practical when compared to other models of the Jaguar. In the trunk there is a basement, the volume of which is equal to 142 liters, in it lies a dokatka, and for the Russian versions, you can order the usual spare tire as an option. For the European market will also be available, and many different compartments in the trunk, they can be folded luggage curtain.

Jaguar F-pace 2017 фото

The amount of luggage in the amount of 650 liters, in Makan or X4 trunk volume is 500 liters. In the Jaguar trunk beautifully trimmed with carpet. Space in the cabin will be enough even for tall passengers with long legs. 20 cm of margin between the legs and the seats is an excellent indicator, and that this is a compact crossover. But space in the cabin is clearly more than in Makan, because the length of the Makanov wheelbase is 67 mm. less yaguarovskoy.

F-Pace rack

By the way, the thresholds are covered with doors, which means that, leaving the car, the trousers will not get dirty. Also there are all modern options such as 4-zone climate control and a panoramic roof. In the rear seats you can adjust the back, so that passengers can sit reclining. Moreover, the ceiling at the Jaguar is a bit low.

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The steering wheel remains smooth, although lately it is fashionable to put a steering wheel trimmed from below. The steering wheel can be adjusted according to the sensations - as if you are sitting in an ordinary Jaguar, cozy and comfortable. Inside, there are few differences from modern XE and XF, except that F-Pace had convenient pockets for mobile phones on the central tunnel.

Jaguar F-Pace blue

F-Pace has a choice of 5 different types of seats, but it’s best to order black sports seats that come in the S-version and version, or Premium light-colored seats that come with the Portfolio. These chairs are really good, they can adjust the lumbar support, there are sliding rollers for lateral support. The differences are that the sport seats are more prominent and rigid, and there is no possibility to put ventilation, and on the premium seats ventilation and heating can be ordered as an option.

The height of the chair can be raised, then the landing will be about the same as that of the Range Rover, the review becomes excellent, and the design as a whole is made in the same English spirit. Side mirrors are the same large and they can clearly see what is happening behind.

Salon F-Pace

In the cabin 2 widescreen displays, as well as on all the latest Yaguar sedans, one of them shows the devices, there are 8 different versions of the dashboard. Look arrows and scales bright and saturated. It is possible to put a GPS-map instead of devices, because there is a projection display on which speed, turns and transmission will be displayed - everything you need for a comfortable ride. This possibility is in the new cars from Audi.

The second display is already touch-sensitive, but it’s better to abandon the basic 8-inch display immediately, because it thinks for a long time, but the 10-inch InControl Touch Pro screen comes as an option, it works much better, it has a convenient HERE navigation system , control with gestures, a powerful 4-core processor and a large amount of hard disk.

InControl Touch Pro is the first normal English multimedia system that can seriously compete with information systems installed on German crossovers. The display responds quickly to touch, the interface is intuitive, high-quality graphics, there is integration with various devices.

F-Pace Salon


In terms of the F-Pace design, about the same as the XE and XF sedans, the modern aluminum IQ platform [Al] is used. The motor is located longitudinally, steel amplifiers are used quite a bit - 20% of the total weight of the body. Springs are used in both the front and rear suspension. In front - a 2-link suspension, and behind a multi-link. The same suspension is on the new Discovery Sport. But still, the details of the F-Pace are different - on the front suspension of a rack of a different shape, and the lower arm is made of steel, not aluminum, like on sedans.

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Motors в F-Pace устанавливаются такие же, как и в седаны, есть 2-х литровый бензиновый турбированный мотор с мощностью в 240 л. с., и дизельный 180-сильный мотор. Также есть модификации с 3-х литровыми V6 с мощностью в 340 и 380 л. с. 3-х литровый дизель выдает мощность – 300 л. с. От бензиновых моторов с мощностью в 240 л. с. лучше отказываться, потому что эти моторы фордовские, на них часто прогорают поршни. Кстати, для российского рынка не будет комплектаций с этим мотором.

Jaguar F-Pace

Instead of a Ford 2-liter engine, Jaguars will install Ingenium turbocharged 4-cylinder engines. As for the 2-liter diesel engine, it is quite high-torque, well pulls up the hill. There is a sport mode, in this mode the car becomes more frisky, the box “automatic” on 8 steps is the same as on the BMW X4 - ZF 8HP45. When compared to competitors, the Jaguar F-Pace is lighter than the Audi Q5 by 45 pounds and 120 pounds lighter than the Porsche Macan.

3-liter diesel engine with a capacity of 300 liters. with. can push the car much faster than 2-liter. The Makan with a 245-horsepower diesel engine accelerates as well as the 300-strong Jaguar - in 6.2 seconds to 100 km / h. You do not even need to go into sport mode, you can quickly accelerate on a diesel Jaguar even on a normal Drive mode.

Further video F-Pace vs Porsche Macan:

By the way, it makes no sense to overpay for the 6-cylinder petrol version, because it is the most powerful at 80 liters. with. and acceleration to hundreds of fastest in 0.7 seconds. And the sound of this motor is not particularly pleasant. This engine is automatic transmission ZF 8HP70, which works better with a diesel engine.

Also, it makes no sense to take the First Edition series, because it is very tough, it uses electronically controlled shock absorbers, so it feels more sporty. Although there are no particular advantages in terms of manageability, but the First Edition series is limited edition, 2,000 of them will be released.

F-Pace crossover

But for those who like the Range Rover Sport for comfort, it is better to take a basic F-Pace with soft Bilstein shock absorbers. In turns, rolls are minimal, the car perfectly keeps the arc. And in Dynamic mode, the steering wheel becomes heavier, the reaction to gas becomes sharper, and the suspension also becomes more rigid. And the car becomes especially driving. In F-Pace, only rear-wheel drive works by default, but there is a clutch that connects the front wheels in the event that the car loses stability.

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Off-road and dirt for the Jaguar is not an obstacle, because the car uses the AdSR (Adaptive Surface Response) system, which was worked out by specialists from Land Rover. So in terms of cross-country ability, the F-Pace is the same as the Range Rover, because the AdSR system is an exact equivalent of Terrain Response 2, which is installed on Land Rovers.

When you overcome off-road - you can not even put pressure on the gas, it is enough to turn on off-road cruise control, choose a safe speed and it remains only to turn the wheel. The clearance of the Jaguar is 213 mm, it is enough, there is an electronic imitation of cross-wheel locks.

Jaguar F-Pace фото

Sales forecasts

In the Russian sales department, Jaguar believes that half of all crossovers should be bought by women, although in Europe it is believed that the F-Pace is a men's car, and 2/3 of these cars will go to men. The age of the audience is 30 - 40 years both in Russia and in Europe.

Also, all these potential buyers should appreciate the beauty and off-road qualities in the car, if they do not have this, they are unlikely to want to overpay for the car. The BMW X4 will cost about 200,000 rubles less when compared with the diesel Jaguar F-Pace 2.0 iD4 with a capacity of 180 liters. with., which costs 3 200 000 rubles. And if you still order a few useful additional options, then its price will increase by 250,000 rubles.

If you compare with the Porsche Makan, then the prices are about the same, because, Makan with a motor whose power is 340 liters. with. will cost about 4 million rubles. If you take the richest diesel version of the F-Pace S with a 300-horsepower engine, then the price of such a car will be 4.5 million rubles, about the same as the same version from Porsche.