Uzbek ravon r2 will come to us late

Узбекский Ravon R2 приедет к нам с опозданием

Perezlitsovanny Uzbeks in Ravon R2 Chevrolet Spark will not come, as promised earlier, in our car market in late April. The managers of the new Uzbek auto brand have problems with logistics. Today, the company is actively trying to solve these difficulties in such a way that a compact hatch arrives to Russian dealerships with a priceless price tag. The reason for the hustle and bustle around Ravon’s logistical solutions lies in the significantly higher prices for railway transportation, and this is how Uzbek cars such as Daewoo Nexia were delivered to our country. Therefore, if the novelty of the Uzbek car industry reached the Russian car enthusiast in the same way, along the tracks and rails, the price list for the former Chevrolet Spark would change in an undesirable direction. And this is a very unpleasant aspect for a car that has come to conquer a new market for itself. Moreover, the price for it has already been announced in advance and the potential buyer has already reserved the announced amount. And what happens when you count on one price, but it suddenly turns out to be higher, everyone knows. Uzbeks are not out of the hands of failing sales from the very beginning, so today they are discussing the organization of supplies that will not raise the price tag of the model. Delivery of the first batch of compact hatchback Ravon R2 will be carried out by autocarts. And it is for this batch prices will be exactly the same as they were previously promised. As for the subsequent games, nothing is clear here, although the most realistic scenario will still be associated with higher prices. Ravon R2. Узбекский Ravon R2 приедет к нам с опозданием The price announced by the managers of the Ravon brand for the five-door R2 back in early February is 370 thousand rubles for the initial package. The coolest compact hatch will cost the buyer a hundred thousand more.

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Under the hood Ravon R2 a four-cylinder 1.25-liter gasoline motor is installed, at the limit it can produce up to 85 horsepower. It works in tandem with a four-band automatic transmission of Japanese production. The car because of this cheapest transmission is advertised on every corner, as the most affordable hatchback with a gun. Although the phrase "cheap automaton" would rather alienate the buyer than, on the contrary, increase his desire to part with the money. But Uzbek managers have their own logic.

It is worth recalling that the Ravon brand, which came to replace Uz-Daewoo, has several more models in the store. This is primarily a sedan Ravon Gentra with a price tag of 440 kilorubley and Ravon Nexia, starting from 380 thousand. It, by the way, has not yet been completed, and is currently actively testing.