How to clean the throttle

Accurate statistics about how many car owners are independently engaged in repairing their car simply do not exist. At the same time, it is safe to say that many do minor repairs themselves out of habit or because of a lack of funds for repairs in the workshop. Changing pads, light bulbs in optics, and replacing working fluids are simple actions that are within the power of any motorist and do not require a visit to the service.

This approach significantly reduces the costs of their own or family budget. Not everyone knows how to clean the throttle, but this is a very important mechanism of the car, without normal operation which can not go far. Therefore it is worth considering this issue in more detail.


  • 1 Damper functions and location
  • 2 Throttle Cleaning
  • 3 Throttle Assembly and Cleaning Results

Damper functions and location

New Throttle

The appearance of the new throttle

In simple words, the throttle valve is a valve that is controlled by the force of pressing the gas pedal. The driver changes the intensity of the supply of the fuel-air mixture to the motor, thereby reducing or increasing the power indicator accordingly. Everything is quite simple and clear. The throttle is connected to the gas pedal by a special steel cable, however, some devices are electronically controlled. In fact, this mechanism does not break often. Some experienced drivers do not face this problem for a long period of operation of their car. In any case, the valve is subject to contamination and must be cleaned periodically. It can become covered with oil bloom or a large layer of dust. If the engine of the car began to work unevenly at idle speed or the car is jerking at low speed, then the valve is likely to become very dirty.

Throttle Cleaning

There is nothing difficult in this process. Remove the valve as follows:

  1. The first step is to dismantle the case by removing the air corrugations.
  2. Next you need to disconnect the throttle cable from the throttle. This action is performed with one click, and the load holding the flap will simply move away.
  3. After that, it is necessary to disconnect the antifreeze supply hoses and drain all the liquid from them.
  4. Then you want to pull out the installed gasket and valve.
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It is very important to check for damage to the gasket and, if necessary, replace it. It is also worth eliminating pollution not only on the throttle, but also on the intake manifold.

Dirty throttle
In some neglected cases you can see such a horror.
Carburetor cleaner
Carbliner will do an excellent job.
Throttle Cleaning
We direct spray to pollution
Как почистить дроссельную заслонку
We get a good result

For cleaning it is best to take a clean cloth and spray spray that is carefully applied to the surface of the valve. As an aerosol, a carburetor cleaner, aka carbkliner, is perfect. After that, you must wait 20 minutes. During this time, the liquid will work well and then you can wipe the flap with a cloth. Some motorists are wondering: why use rags when hard-to-reach places are easy to clean with a brush? The fact is that the throttle is assembled with minimal tolerances and a strong mechanical effect is easy to damage.

Throttle Assembly and Cleaning Results

After cleaning, collect all parts in the reverse order. While the whole mechanism was turned off, some of the coolant could leak out, so you should definitely check the level of antifreeze in the tank. Then you can start the car and check the results of their work. Cleaning the throttle should stabilize the engine at idle.