Replacing the timing belt on the audi a4 2.0 tdi 2007

And now it's time to change the timing belt to a new one, and the question is how to do it yourself and save money on the service station. This is possible if you know a little about cars and know how they work.

Time to change the timing

The manufacturer recommends replacing the timing belt with an Audi A4 2.0 TDI 2007 in at least once every 120 thousand km. Do not worry if microcracks have appeared on the belt, this does not mean that it will immediately break off. Indeed, inside the belt has a base of metal, which is created using metal rods. The first thing you need to open access to the engine and, of course, to the belt. To do this, remove the front bumper, as well as the wheels and put the car over the pit. So it will be much more convenient to work with the machine.

Replacing the timing belt on the Audi A 4 2.0 TDI 2007 onwards

Instructions for replacing the timing belt

Since the top of the bumper is fixed on the wings with the help of three bolts, it is necessary to dismantle the fenders in order to more conveniently get to them. To do this, remove 3 nuts from all sides and then in order:

  • Unscrew the two bolts and remove the bumper grille, located below.
  • Pull the bumper forward and remove it, then dump the chips from the protivotumanok.
  • It is necessary to turn off the headlight washer hose, be careful: water may leak.
  • On the edges of the radiator frame, unscrew the three screws.
  • Next, unscrew the bolts of the bumper.
  • On the bolts tighten protective shirts. In the area of ​​the bumper brackets there are holes, and there we mount these parts.
  • We push the front panel forward and remove the ribbed one.
  • Remove the viscous coupling, while using the key for thirty-two.
  • By means of a hexagon or a boxing turn the tensioner of the drive belt, using a pin made of metal, fix it.
  • Remove the drive belt.

Replacing the timing belt on the Audi A 4 2.0 TDI 2007 onwards

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Next, we proceed to the main stage:

  • We remove the drive belt rollers, take out the tensioner and the protective parts of the belt.
  • We put marks TDC, for this we turn the crankshaft.
  • Then go to the removal of the plug, located at the bottom left of the motor, then twist the pin in its place.
  • On 3 circles we relax the tightening of the pulley bolts and set the position of the distribution shaft.
  • With seats we shift camshaft pulleys by means of a special puller.
  • We remove the pulley damper and timing belt protection.
  • We also dismantle the viscous coupling; by means of the hexagon, loosen the belt tensioner.
  • The drill will help set the tensioner.
  • Dismantle the timing belt.
  • We install a new product, stretch it, namely: we put the parasitic roller in place, put on the belt. At the very end of the event, the belt is mounted on a tensioner pulley.
  • The adjusting bar for shafts tension on the distribution shaft. Remaining parts assemble again.

Replacing the timing belt on the Audi A 4 2.0 TDI 2007 onwards

It is by this principle that the belt is replaced with the Audi A4 2.0 TDI. Good luck with this operation, the main thing is not to hurry and do everything in stages. Believe in yourself, and everything will work out for you!