What to do if you have lost the wheel lock

Expensive tires on the car, drivers seek to protect against theft. Special bolts or nuts with figured heads can be used for this. Such fasteners can be unscrewed only with the use of a special key sold complete with these automotive hardware.

For various reasons, some kind of trouble can happen with a special key, for example, it will be lost or broken. Then the question will be logical: how to remove the locker from the wheel without a key so as not to damage the hub and the wheel. It is hardly possible to find a universal recipe, because the damage is often uneven. And if this issue was resolved quickly and without problems, then thieves used this method, which would reduce all security efforts to zero.


  • 1 Causes of possible damage to the mechanical lock
  • 2 How to unscrew the lock on the wheel without a key
  • 3 Conclusion

Causes of possible damage to the mechanical sekretki

When removing and putting on car wheels at a service station, drivers do not always follow the process of tightening / fastening bolts or nuts. For this operation, experts use pneumatic or electric screwdrivers and wrenches. Tuned to a certain force devices usually overtighten the thread, exceeding, albeit slightly, the allowable effort, when there is a removal of the secretion from the wheels or tightening them.

how to quickly remove the lock from the wheel without a key

After this operation, the thread can stretch and stick. Manually, using a shaped key, it becomes difficult to overcome such an effort. therefore possible failures of fastener heads or tool.

Also, dirt or dust may be stuffed into the holes of the lock. In such a situation, the return pattern from the key may not fully enter the working slot. When cranking and incomplete entry of the “secret” from the key, deformation or scrapping of the figure part occurs. She may remain in the slot of the head or fall out of it.

How to unscrew the lock on the wheel without a key

The easiest way to do this is on wheels that have recently been shot. After all, from the long-term operation of the threaded connection could “stick” or corrode. Then it will be more problematic to resolve this issue.

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there is several ways to solve Problems. In the first case, patience is required, as it is longer, but with less possible consequences.

The remaining normal bolts or nuts must be pulled with a key to the wheel rim. This will ease the force on the shaped fastener element. Then it is easy to knock on the bolt head from several sides to relieve stress on the threads. You need to beat gently so as not to damage the hub. You can do this operation with a copper hammer.

Next, with the help of a jack, lift this part of the machine and unscrew the standard fasteners. You can inject into the area of ​​problematic threads with a syringe some liquid WD-40. We are waiting for a few minutes. Grabbing the tire, shake the connection a little.

how to remove the lock from the wheel without the key yourself

In the next step, we screw the fasteners from the wheel into place to relieve the load on the problematic connection. Tightening the bolts or nuts you need with a uniform distribution of effort, not doing first as much as possible on one, then on the second. Alternately turn half a turn on each.

Tightening all standard wheel hardware all the way, you can try to unscrew the thread with a secret. With the correct implementation of the described algorithm, unscrew the remaining fasteners will turn out even with your hands.

In order to avoid the question in the future: what to do if you have lost the wheel lock, after buying and installing such devices, leave the figure key in the glove compartment or insert it into the envelope with the balloon key.

The second option is the removal of the secretion by welding. To do this, the problem fastener weld extension. After it cools down the structure, unscrew the broken fasteners.

how can I unscrew the lock on the wheel without a key

In this case, it is necessary not to overheat the hub, so as not to “lead” it.

To do this, use the electrodes of the minimum diameter and a weak current. To protect the disc from burning hot particles on it, the welding zone is protected with refractory material, for example, asbestos-impregnated fabric.

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If the fastener head protrudes for a considerable distance, then you can try using a small grinder and the minimum diameter of the cutting wheel to cut a slot for a screwdriver. Then simply unscrew the fasteners with a powerful tool.

For those drivers who have the time, it may be advisable to contact the representatives of the manufacturer. They can send a duplicate, made to the number specified in the passport of the tool. You can wait for the product for about a month.

how is the removal of the secrets from the wheels

At service stations for such an operation may be asked from 500 rubles and above. Depends on the skill of the performers and the processing culture.


In order not to get into such a situation, it is necessary to tighten the secret with medium effort. You can also pre-lubricate the thread with Litol or another anti-corrosion lubricant. If you are not confident in your abilities, then it is better to turn to professionals. A video about this is on our page.