Volkswagen amarok pickup is reliable and inexpensive for a

Volkswagen Amarok is a German pickup truck, a famous concern that is famous for its quality and affordability. Volkswagen is a national car, that is, every German can buy it for themselves. Externally, Amarok looks quite original, and it perfectly overcomes off-road. This model is relatively young, it was first produced in 2009, there are different variations of the body - 2-door and 4-door.

Amarok Volkswagen

Amarok is updated every year, manufacturers often produce restyled models, so such a huge pick-up looks quite modern.

Today average price Volkswagen Amarok is approximately 1,500,000 rubles, which is very small, both for a huge and powerful SUV. Amarc is characterized by four-wheel drive, high ground clearance, a powerful, but economical engine (150 hp.) And payload - all this makes the Amarok pickup very passable and not replaceable in rural areas, where often you need to carry large loads.

Volkswagen Amarok 2014

Volkswagen Competitors

Competitors have Volkswagen Amarok certainly there is: such American manufacturers as Ford and Chevrolet are not asleep and also successfully produce their pick-ups, such as the Ford Ranger and Chevrolet Colorado. They are all very similar, but the Volkswagen Amarok has a number of significant advantages, firstly: the price of the Amarok starts at 1.2 million rubles, and secondly, the Volkswagen pickup is better off-road, and its handling also exceeds competitors.

Volkswagen Concern has been working with the Russian region for a very long time, therefore, these automakers have learned to make cars that best meet the requirements of Russian consumers, and they drive superbly on the harsh Russian roads and overcome impassable off-road.

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Various configurations of Volkswagen Amarok and their prices

Serious advantage of this SUV are the technical characteristics that are different depending on the configuration. There are several different engines to choose from: gasoline or diesel, whose volume is equal to 2.0 liters. Power in each engine reaches 150 horsepower. As we have said earlier, the minimum, basic equipment of Volkswagen Amarok will cost 1,200,000 rubles, and there is a special, more advanced equipment for the Volkswagen Amarok Canyon, the price of which draws 1,700,000 rubles.

Volkswagen Amarok photo

This Volkswagen pickup has great potential in terms of operation: excellent carrying capacity and spaciousness will not leave indifferent a single person in rural areas, looking at such a machine can immediately see that it can easily transport a huge amount of cargo, where there is no one about roads is dreaming. The machine in terms of operation is quite expensive, if you compare it with a car, but since it is a fairly large SUV with great potential, these costs become justified.

What to expect during operation?

It is easiest to buy a Volkswagen Amarok from an authorized dealer, in addition, there are many such used cars on the market, there is plenty to choose from, and the price will be much lower than on a new Amarok. In general, the car is quite reliable, but it also has some problems that may appear in the process of driving: usually, these are rear shock absorbers, which eventually begin to leak. Therefore, in order to eliminate such a disadvantage, you will have to turn to specialists.

vw amarok canyon

In addition, it is not very convenient that there is no temperature sensor on the instrument panel in the Amarok pickup, and also, the cabin heats up quite slowly in winter. And of course, the main drawback is the use of fairly cheap optics, so the headlights are not powerful enough.

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But forget about everything when you sit down for this huge pick-up, to the size of which is not immediately get used to. High landing, excellent handling, maneuverability, pleasant interior, excellent permeability - these are the strengths Volkswagen Amarok.

And finally, the video in which the Volkswagen Amarok is being tested is interesting: