Checking the car for an accident on the vin code

Do not lose its relevance to check the car for an accident on the state number, as the purchase of used cars is still in demand in our country. In addition, there are other ways to control the past of the vehicle. For similar purposes, checking the car for an accident on the Vin Code is used, which is used for all new cars released after 1981.

Widely used online services with the development of the Internet. You can also personally visit state law enforcement agencies to monitor the future of a fairly expensive acquisition. Often in demand is the remote service option, characterized by the presence of many positive qualities.


  • 1 The importance of monitoring
  • 2 Law enforcement assistance
  • 3 Competing Services
    • 3.1 Vinkar
    • 3.2 Carfax
  • 4 AutoCode
    • 4.1 Win Online
  • 5 Help from insurance companies
  • 6 Working with the public services portal

The importance of monitoring

Usually, buyers who are serious about acquiring a particular car try to control the condition of the body and other parts of the purchased car visually or with the help of more experienced independent specialists. However, skilled craftsmen are able to bring the exterior in order in such a way that it will not be possible to catch them in that the subject of the auction is broken or painted.

Hidden flaws can also appear during subsequent operation. In deciding the issue of putting all systems in order, then it will be necessary only for myself, attracting my finances and time.

where to check the car for an accident

If you know about the accident in time for the car number, you can buy a car on favorable terms. In most cases, modern services use the current database of traffic police, which are regularly updated with new data. To check, you do not need a long wait in queues, and there is no need to ask for leave during working hours, because any online service is available around the clock. Even if you have to pay a small fee for this, it will pay off many times, because the buyer will not pay much more money to fraudsters.

You need to know that with the help of Internet services you can not only check the car for an accident, but also get more detailed information regarding the history of the car, including information about whether the car is in loan or lease.

Detailed verification by legal means reveals additional information about the purchased vehicle:

  • any restrictions;
  • previous owners;
  • is auto stolen;
  • registered a specific car in some of the taxi services;
  • real value of customs declarations;
  • facts of recycling or leasing.
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Law enforcement assistance

Most often, the first method that is used to punch a car in an accident by the wine code is the help of the official traffic police website. You can also use a personal visit to the nearest branch, but they also belong to their own online system. For this, use the page

The available parameters are entered in the appropriate column, to which both the state number and the VIN code refer. After a short wait, the user is provided with the required information.

who to punch the car on an accident on the wine code

The disadvantage of this method is the frequent and long-term “freeze” of the online assistant. Also, when entering data of several machines, it is necessary to additionally write a captcha, which takes time. There is no mobile application for smartphones, which creates certain difficulties during monitoring from the phone.

Competing services

Now you can find other sites that in their search will involve not only the parameters of the traffic police, but also information from insurance companies. Among them are several of the most popular and time-tested pages.


The site uses the databases of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and insurance companies, so it is recommended on the forums for those who want to break through the car on an accident on the wine code. Updates are held regularly, so you can even find out about the recent recorded events related to transport. It is necessary to take into account that specialists are given 15 days to register, so you should wait for this period to be sure of the result.

as checking the car for an accident on the Vin code


The site has a number of advantages in comparison with competitors:

  • even people unfamiliar with similar resources can perform the check, as the creators have taken care of an intuitive interface;
  • the answer is issued quickly, as unique search algorithms are involved;
  • the user receives the most complete and detailed response to the requested information;
  • If necessary, an electronic report is generated with the displayed parameters.

 Car code

The site was developed based on the state program relating to this issue. With it, you can check the car for an accident, having received the study of more than 35 million units of transport. If the car is seen in the registration of a traffic accident, the user will receive not only a dry text of statistics, but also real photos from the scene.

how to check the car for an accident on the state number

The fact of checking is relatively short. For monitoring, you will need to enter only a line with a state number or a win-code, and then press the virtual key. If there are cars in the databases, the data can be redeemed for a small price. Additional information is also provided:

  • physical characteristics of the car (color, engine power, date of registration, etc.);
  • current mileage;
  • whether there were incidents;
  • did the car work in a taxi;
  • was transport ever wanted?
  • availability of a possible credit history;
  • technical service parameters;
  • possible calls to insurance services;
  • other information.
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Win Online

The site is also involved in helping motorists to check cars for accidents. When entering data you need one of the parameters:

  • vin-code;
  • chassis number;
  • state number.

After entering the available information, the check starts. When detecting something in the existing lists of the site parameters are sent to the monitor. If everything is missing, then nothing is displayed.

how to check the car for an accident

Help from insurance companies

A large number of fraudsters operating in the automotive market, forcing motorists to maximize their risks. Owners of insurance companies in this help. They combine the database, making auto parameters according to a single standard. However, there are some subtleties.

If there is a fact of a traffic accident, the car owner receives a certificate from law enforcement officers. With such a document, he goes to the company, where he signed insurance on his transport in order to receive a refund to restore the car.

Only with this order of action car gets into the database of companies. If the compensation was made in a different way, for example, directly from the perpetrators of the accident, then such cases will be hidden.

Work with the public services portal

Increasingly, the public services portal is involved in the work of various bodies. It also helps to identify and fraudsters, hiding the true state of their iron horses.

Using the resource is quite simple. You only need to register in advance and find the appropriate section in the list responsible for checking vehicles. The advantages of the site should include a fairly high request processing speed, which rarely exceeds a couple of minutes and ease of use. The site helps to get information:

  • current fines;
  • parameters of previous owners;
  • damage during possible accidents.

If the user is not satisfied with communication with the monitor, then the traffic police will always be able to serve personally, but it is worth preparing for a long wait, as employees are often busy with current affairs.