Toyota avensis 2013 with beautiful headlights

Toyota Avensis 2013 is a 3rd generation car, with a special design, more technological and perfect. The new Toyota Avensis is very different from the 1st generation of the Avensis car, released back in 1998.

Novaya Toyota Avensis

Toyota Avensis 2013 embodies modern technologies and design solutions tailored specifically for the European market. After all, European residents love comfort, which is why there is plenty of it in the new Toyota Avensis.

Detailed look at the new Avensis 2013

The machine is made in 2 body types: sedan and station wagon. Toyota Avensis 2013 is a model of class D (middle class cars), perfectly suited to the values ​​of safety and reliability for reasonable money. New Avensis contains the best qualities from previous models: power, dynamics, confidence. In addition, the Toyota Avensis 2013 has 5 seats.

Dimensions of Toyota Avensis:

  • length - 4.7 meters;
  • width - 1.81 meters;
  • height - 1.48 meters;
  • clearance - 14 cm;
  • the boot volume is 509 and 543 liters (depending on the complete set);
  • weight is 1370-1510 kg.

Car exterior

Toyota Avensis 2013 цена

Автомобиль Toyota Avensis 2013 (фото выше) со всех сторон выглядит привлекательно. На крыльях автомобиля особенно красиво смотрятся фары обновленной формы. За дополнительную оплату можно поставить ксеноновые фары и омыватели. Оригинальность дизайну новой Авенсис придают расположившиеся в районе багажника задние фары, которые аккуратно на него переходят.

The front bumper of the Toyota Avensis 2013 is directed forward and looks dynamic thanks to a kind of stamping, gently turning into the lines of the hood and stern of the car. This magnificent design Toyota Avensis 2013, the price of which starts from 900,000 rubles, blends harmoniously into this car.

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Toyota Avensis 2013

The new Toyota Avensis has increased all dimensions, and from the improvements, you can select the doors, trimmed with chrome inserts. The front stance of the Toyota Avensis 2013 moved forward slightly, and the back was supplemented with a kind of functional curvature. In general, Toyota was pleased with the beautiful design that distinguishes the third generation Avensis from all previous generations of this model.

In addition, the car is equipped with a chip key that allows you to gently open the door, and the sensor mounted on the door handles quickly reacts to touch. The car is presented in five different configurations, each of which is different for its set of options, of course, the most expensive configuration will have the richest set of options.

Of the exterior elements, you can also note the rear mirrors, which repeat the color of the body and are equipped with electric control, heating and can be folded. Also in this car rear window heating, and heated windshield is possible only for one configuration.

All trim levels are fitted with front and rear fog lights. In addition, a dark sensor is installed in the car, and a rain sensor works on the wipers. Glasses have UV protection, and besides, these glasses are athermal.

Toyota Avensis 2013 photo

Toyota Avensis interior design

Salon is also made at the highest level. Every detail of the car’s interior radiates comfort. The appearance of the cabin depends on the configuration. For example, the seats can be covered with Alcantara or combination skin. Additional options for the cabin: rear view camera, multimedia system with a 6.1-inch LCD display, a monitor-projector and other useful features.

The interior is perfectly soundproofed, so when you are driving a Toyota Avensis 2013, the engine noise is almost unheard of. All configurations, even the most inexpensive, are equipped with climate control, rain and light sensors, an audio system and other various and necessary electronics.

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Toyota Avensis 2013 салон

In general, the interior looks strictly: the front panel is slightly embellished with chrome details, the door handles are made of steel, and the instrument panel lights are orange and white. In the car, comfortable steering wheel, comfortable seats, too, in the rear seats can fit three people at once. Salon Toyota Avensis 2013 is spacious and free, immediately gives the impression of an unusual laconic style and harmony of parts for Toyota.

Safety on the new Toyota Avensis

Special attention is given to the auto security system, because it is made at the highest level. In the new Toyota Avensis installed anti-lock system that saves when braking on a slippery road. In addition to it, there is a system that distributes braking forces. There are also antizanos and anti slip functions. Everything is controlled by electronics, so the machine can be called "smart".

In the 2013 Toyota Avensis hidden 9 airbags. One of which is located at the driver's knees.

Toyota Avensis 2013 Specifications

Specifications cars

Силовые агрегаты и трансмиссии, предусмотренные в новой модели, отличаются высокими динамическими характеристиками, компактными размерами, легкостью конструкции. Toyota Avensis 2013, технические характеристики которой мы сейчас рассмотрим, предлагает два 4-х цилиндровых мотора объемом 1,8 и 2,0 литра, работающих на бензине. Их мощность равна 108 кВт и 112 кВт соответственно.

Toyota Avensis front-wheel drive, the engine works with variable-speed or manual transmissions. The maximum speed reaches 200-205 km / h, depending on the configuration. Acceleration time to hundred is equal to 9.4-10.4 s. Gasoline consumption, depending on the mode of movement varies from 5.4 to 9.2 liters per 100 kilometers.

In general, a good car for a reasonable price. Here's a video test drive for Toyota at last:

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