Sport versions of the mitsubishi pajero will not be

Спорт-версии Mitsubishi Pajero больше у нас собирать не будут

Kaluga Automobile Plant "PSMA Rus" finishes production Mitsubishi Pajero Sport lineup of 2015. The release of the new generation SUV of this brand, planned by the Japanese, will take place not in Russia, but at the Thai facilities of Mitsubishi. So now the model will be shipped to Russia from Thailand, it is clear that the price tag on it will significantly increase due to this. newcomer Pajero Sport, they say, everything needs to be reconfigured at the Russian car factory for a new production, and in Thailand everything is ready. But, it seems to us, this is an excuse, and the problem lies directly in our economic crisis. But the Japanese still do not deny the likelihood of the return of the “prodigal son” to the domestic conveyor in the future. The share of the Kaluga Automobile Plant is only Outlander crossover. Спорт-версии Mitsubishi Pajero больше у нас собирать не будут Over the past year, about nineteen thousand went off the conveyors of "PSMA Rus" Mitsubishi Autlenderov and four thousand Pajero Sport. According to statistics, in 2015, Mitsubishi sold almost thirty-six thousand cars in our country. Compared to the year before last, sales fell by 55 percent. New Generation Pajero Sport was officially introduced in the summer of 2015. It is fully consistent with the canons of X-design and received more advanced options and electronic assistants. In addition to the “old” engines, a 2.4-liter turbocharged diesel engine was added under the hood. The novelty will come to our dealers closer to spring, since it will already be an imported model, due to this the prices will increase by five to ten percent. Спорт-версии Mitsubishi Pajero больше у нас собирать не будут Under the hood of today's Mitsubishi Pajero Sport, produced and sold in our car market, a 2.5-liter 178-horsepower diesel engine and a three-liter 222-horsepower gasoline engine were registered. Padzherik has a permanent four-wheel drive, and they ask for it, taking into account the shares, from 1 million 660 thousand rubles.

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В российском представительстве Mitsubishi, кстати, в интервью одному известному интернет-изданию было сказано, что Аутлендеры и Pajero Sport для компании являются очень выгодными.