What to do if you lost your car keys with immobilizer and

The modern world consists of rapid events that are superimposed on one another and can knock any off balance. In such an environment it is easy to lose, something valuable or important, for example, the keys to your own car. If the car is in its own garage, then it is enough to call a taxi or use public transport, and then start searching for the missing.

Но не всегда знаешь, what to do if you lost your car keys with an alarm, которая стоит в людном месте. Придется быстро искать выход из ситуации, так как время здесь работает против нас.


  • 1 First steps
  • 2 We penetrate the salon
  • 3 We try other ways
  • 4 Conclusion

First steps

In any unpleasant situation, you need to eliminate panic. First of all, we remember where they were last seen. You can bypass the car or walk along the path leading to it. If there is a number of good friends, it is advisable to do this together, because in a stressful situation, you can skip some important detail on your own.

what to do if you lost your car keys with an alarm

When you lost your car keys with a key fob, you don’t know what to do, before opening the car in an unconventional way, you should warn possible witnesses around about your actions. After all, they will call the police, and the conversation with it will continue only in the nearest branch.

Do not leave personal identification documents in the car and confirming the ownership of the vehicle.

If you have a passport, driver's license and documents on the car, it will be easier to explain with law enforcement officers.

when car keys are lost, we call a specialist

You should take care in advance to learn how to turn off the alarm using a special button (Valet) when you get to the salon. It provides control of the security system. With its help, the alarm is transferred to different modes, for example, service, including completely disabled. On the location of her learn from the company that put the security system or from the former owner of the car, if it was purchased with it.

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Penetrates the salon

If you lost your car keys with an immobilizer, you don’t know what to do, then you shouldn’t mindfully smash windows or locks in the doors. You can get into the cabin of different cars through the snapped doors, or through the trunk. Not everyone can independently carry out this procedure, you will need help.

what to do if you lost your car keys with a keychain

There are specialists among bus station workers who can get into the salon without a key or help the owner to do this. In such a situation, we need supporting documents for the car. Call the master need only from large reputable companies. It is better to pay a specialist for such an autopsy, afterwards to install a new glass or restore the door from its own vandalism.

It is independently easier to get inside, if there is a wire at hand and the window is slightly lowered, it has a small gap. With the help of a loop, we catch the door opening lever and pull it towards ourselves.

We try other ways

If there is no gap in the window, then you need to do it yourself. To do this, you need to pull a little seal. A loop is made not only at the end of the wire, but also in the middle of its length. In such a situation, it is possible to control the loop left-right and down.

what to do if you lost the only car keys

Well, if the cabin has a button that can unlock the central lock. Its manufacturers are usually mounted near the wings. By pressing this button with a long stick or pipe, you can open the door.

For old cars will approach the method with a metal ruler or a knife. Plane squeeze the rubber seal over the driver's door lock, and then click on the lock closing mechanism.

In extreme cases, you have to break the rear passenger window. This is the least expensive part in this situation. Gluing it with tape or tape, you can get to the service station or to the official dealers to make a duplicate key.

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The problem with the loss of keys can happen with every driver. Its permission is to take care in advance, making a duplicate and leaving it at home.