Features of the assessment of damage to the car after an

Road safety does not depend on a single driver. Even if you yourself comply with all the rules of the road, it is quite possible to be a participant in an accident. In this case, it is also required to assert one’s rights to several parties.

To help in this situation will be able to independent assessment of the car after the accident. Not all drivers are familiar with this procedure. However, experts working in this field have helped a large number of people in protecting their rights and finances.


  • 1 Actions at the scene of the accident
  • 2 Independent examination services
  • 3 Possible compensation amounts

Actions at the scene of the accident

An incident on the road can happen at any second, so any driver, even a novice, even a professional, must be prepared for an unexpected situation. If an unpleasant event with your participation on the road has already happened, then you must first get rid of panic and act as coolly and confidently as possible.

how is an independent assessment of the car after the accident

When there were two cars in such an accident, no one was hurt and there are no disagreements, then it is necessary to draw up a documentary chart of events. The drivers, having coordinated all the details of the incident, may apply to the traffic police post with such a scheme. If it is far away, it is enough to transfer all information to the nearest police station. Law enforcement officers are obliged to issue and provide a certificate to both parties.

In such a situation, the assessment of a car after an accident with the help of outside experts may not be carried out. However, there are often claims of material damage that someone must compensate. If a possible defendant makes you, then you should use the right to an independent examination.

It is necessary to monitor the actions of a law enforcement officer, who must clearly indicate in the documents all obvious and visible damages on cars.

If something is not taken into account by them, then you need to independently indicate in the appendix a list with unspecified defects that appeared after the accident. Such a step would allow claiming compensation from the insurance company for all of these damages.

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With all the material collected on the incident, the policyholder should contact the company that issued the policy. Next is the appointment of the insurer. At this time, often begin to arise controversial issues with the insurance company.

Independent examination services

A fairly common practice is to underestimate the intended financial reimbursement from experts invited by the company that issued the policy. To increase their chances of payment will help independent experts.

Kato conducts car evaluation after an accident

There are companies that provide this type of service under different conditions. However, in each such firm there must be a full-time mechanic expert, the data for which are entered in the state register, organized by the Ministry of Justice. This gives him the right to determine what is the actual assessment of damage to the car after an accident.

In the process of work, an agreed meeting of the parties from the participants of the event or their authorized representatives, including the employees of the insurance company and other interested parties, is carried out.

For issuing notifications, telegrams are used that must be delivered to the parties no later than three days (special cases 6 days) before the gathering. The work of the expert technician is to inspect and documentary fixation with the help of video and audio special means. As a result, it constitutes an act in which damage characteristics are entered. When the deformation is significant, the latent defects in the design of the car are also revealed.

The act must not contain empty lines, they must be crossed out. The car owner has the right to make additions and amendments to the written document. Determine hidden defects by using special equipment at the bus station. In the same place, diagnostic work is carried out using computer technology.

Possible compensation amounts

Having introduced the data on the detected breakdowns and the degree of deterioration of the car, one can calculate the approximate amount of damage in the developed program. Accurate data can be obtained only after a thorough real assessment.

who should conduct an independent assessment of the car after an accident

Real damage is entered in a separate table that is attached to the act. There will also be a photo with damage. Cars with a guarantee of the amount of compensation calculated on the basis of the dealer.

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For other cars, average market prices are applied at the time of damage assessment. As a result, a summary damage report is generated.

You need to know that a properly and reasonably generated report is taken into account by the authorities that are considering the compensation, and can be the basis for payment by the guilty party.

In addition to individual damage, the total loss of its commercial value by the car is taken into account. This item applies to cars under 5 years old and with physical wear. The loss of value includes the difference obtained even from the restoration of damaged assemblies and parts, but a body can “lead”, paint cracks, etc. General safety features may be reduced due to structural weakening. All this is also compensable.

How is the assessment of damage to the car after an accident

With too much damage, more than 85% of the cost of the car, it is not the damage itself that is calculated, but the remains, suitable parts and components. In this case, there is a restriction under which foreign cars over 15 years old and the domestic auto industry over 7 years old are not taken into account.

If it is not possible to get any complete units out of the car without visible damage, corrosion or defects, no one makes an expert assessment. The remains are simply sent to the scrap.