How not to fall asleep at the wheel during long journeys

As everyone knows, one of the most important reasons for which a considerable number of accidents occur on the roads is considered to be driver drowsiness, due to which the driver’s reaction becomes dull. Accidents due to drowsiness do not occur only at night, they happen during the day, because at night such sorrowthe driver fell asleep at the wheel, but before that, just did not sleep or tired. Therefore, we must be alert and use some methods to combat drowsiness, which will always save you from trouble on the road.

How not to fall asleep at the wheel

Ways to keep you awake on the road

Method 1

Chat with someone, for example, with a passenger. American scientists conducted an experiment in which they found that on the contrary, talk distracts the driver from the road. But distraction does not occur in all cases, because when sleep comes, the conversation is what you need, the driver will not fall asleep exactly, because the interlocutor will not let him do it.

Even if the driver starts to fall asleep a little, the interlocutor will notice it and make the driver stop or take something else. But if you go in complete silence, the probability of accidentally falling asleep becomes much higher. Therefore, this method will work very well, but if there is no interlocutor with you, then other ways are suitable for this situation. how not to fall asleep at the wheel.

Method 2

Stop the car and just walk. This method is considered one of the most effective, despite its simplicity, because in the fresh air, and even with exercise, the body will cheer up and drowsiness will go away. Together with a walk, you can even run a few meters or just do some exercises, jump, squat and squeeze yourself off the floor. And the dream will go as if it was not there.

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Method 3

Get together psychologically. The concentration of the driver will increase significantly if there are no different extraneous thoughts about life, family or something else that is not connected with the road. And if you concentrate on the road - carefully examine the road signs or bumps on the road, and nothing else to think about, then drowsiness will pass.

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Method 4

Drink tonic drinks, such as tea or coffee, but they must be natural and healthy. Energists like Burnne and Red Bull should not be used, because after using them for some time, the vigor will be very high, but after a while drowsiness will increase more than significantly. This is not a very good effect of power engineers.

From natural energetics perfect tincture of lemongrass, ginseng and other herbs, by the way, they are always sold in the pharmacy. This tincture is simply to be mixed with water, in the consistency that is indicated in the instructions, then drink it all with tea, and the vigor will be at a very high level. As the researchers say, green tea is excellently invigorating, which also contains caffeine, and caffeine from green tea is absorbed more slowly than coffee, which means that the concentration after absorption of green tea will be long enough, and this is what every driver needs.

Method 5

Listen to the music. Turn on the tape recorder in the car louder and at the same time, sing along. Although this may not seem like serious advice, it really works, because the auditory receptors are used, and singing is a voice exercise that will certainly give a charge of cheerfulness. By the way, music is better to put energetic and positive.

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Method 6

Air out in the car because fresh air provides more oxygen, which in itself gives concentration and drowsiness will pass immediately if you take deep breaths in fresh air.

Method 7

Maintain the required temperature in the car. The main thing is that the cabin was not hot and stuffy, because it is the heat that creates a strong desire to sleep. If it's hot outside, then you need to turn on the air conditioning, if it's cold outside, then it will be enough just to slightly open the window. Especially good for those who have climate control in the car, where you can simply set the desired temperature, thanks to which you do not want to sleep.

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Method 8

Get a little adrenaline rush. Adrenaline is produced from fright or from extreme driving, therefore, in order not to fall asleep, you can imbibe gas stronger, and then sleep will pass very quickly. But if there is no desire to take a lot of risk, then you can just remember some bright and unusual situations from life, they also add a little adrenaline.

how not to fall asleep at the wheel

Method 9

Do exercises for the eyes, which can be a whole lot, but the simplest ones are considered to look into the distance, and then look at the nearest object. You can also drive the pupils in a circular motion or figure eight. So, in order not to fall asleep on the road, it is not necessary to look at one point, that is, there must be a variety of eye movements, then drowsiness will not come. If during the ride it is not possible to do exercises for the eyes with high quality, then it is better to stop for 5 minutes and still do them, and jump and popricitate in one place, after which the question how not to fall asleep at the wheel will disappear by itself.

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Method 10

If so, all of the above methods do not work, then it is necessary to stop, tilt the seat to a horizontal position and sleep for 30 minutes, and set an alarm before this so as not to oversleep.

Such a short sleep will give enough amount of cheerfulness, thanks to which you will be able to go faster and more confidently, therefore it is easy to catch up on the distance that was not covered during sleep. Such a short dream is recommended not only by experts, but also by professional truckers who spend most of their lives on the road, they also recommend doing 2-3 such half-hour sleep per day. In total, there will be no more than 2 hours, but there will be so much strength and energy that they will be enough to stay in good concentration for a long time.

By the way, scientists have noticed that during the fast sleep phase, a person quickly restores strength, according to this principle intelligence agents and intelligence agents, such as James Bond, sleep, so you should not neglect such an excellent opportunity without losing much time to recuperate and stay awake.

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caffeine sodium benzoate

Method 11

The use of special medicinal substances. This is already considered a more powerful way to do so to remain awake, if not even 30 minutes to sleep. Caffeine sodium benzoate works best of all, but to use it, you must be careful, especially those who have heart problems. After the use of caffeine, sodium benzoate may cause severe agitation and other side effects. By the way, this drug is sold only by prescription, but if you try, you can buy it at the pharmacy and without a prescription, because there are no various narcotic and hallucinogenic components in it. The package is usually 10 tablets, which is enough for a long time.

Method 12

Apply inhalers, although this is a more sophisticated way of dealing with drowsiness, and a large inhaler on the road will not be convenient to use, so there are small pencils for inhalation, which are filled with dry matter, the weight of such a pencil is about 3 grams, but drowsiness relieves very quickly, after 5 minutes of inhalation.

These 12 ways will be enough to end sleepiness in the cabin once and for all, I would like to note once again that it is natural natural energetics such as green tea, a walk along with exercise in the open air and a short sleep that are best. But best of all tired and sleepy behind the wheel not to sit down, especially if there is a long way to go.

But what happens if you fall asleep at the wheel for 2 seconds: