Brothers-crossovers: hyundai ix35 or kia sportage


Если вы хотите сесть за руль кроссовера, то вполне соответствуете тренду. Этот вид автомобилей сегодня пользуется особой популярностью среди автолюбителей. Ведь такая машина — два в одном. Кроссовер синтезировал в себе лучшие качества легковушки и SUVа. Как вариант вполне можно рассматривать корейские авто. Причём достойные кроссоверы у нас представлены сразу двумя именитыми производителями: Хендай и КИА. Нюанс только в том, что эти компании умудрились поставить на поток машины очень похожие по цене (в среднем от 1 миллиона рублей) и характеристикам. Вот как тут разобраться, какую из них купить? Не зря говорят, что всё познаётся в сравнении. Давайте сопоставим, кто лучше — Hyundai ix35 или Kia Sportage.

Worthy competitors in the global market - the Hyundai ix35 and Kia Sportage crossovers

Worthy competitors in the global market - the Hyundai ix35 and Kia Sportage crossovers

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Idea for two million

First, a small presentation of our heroes. Hyundai ix35 - the long-awaited brainchild of Hyundai Motor Company (South Korea). This model has become the successor to the famous Hyundai Tucson, borrowing a lot from it.The appearance of the car Hyundai ix35

The idea of ​​creating "X" Hendayvians hatched for about three years. More than two hundred million US dollars were invested in the project.

Presented the car in 2009, and in wide access it appeared as early as next year. Today Hyundai ix35 also collected in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Through the wilds of our market, the car began to make its way in 2012.

Sportage in Russian

Kia Sportage has been produced by Korean concern KIA Motors since 1991. The image of the car was also written off with Hyundai Tucson. In Europe, the car appeared four years after the presentation. And since 1998, Sportage began to collect our masters in the Russian city of Kaliningrad. In the passport of the Kaliningrad Sportage and write: "the production of the Russian Federation." There are models with three and five doors.The appearance of the car Kia Sportage

Equal Battle

Do not hesitate, the battle of “Hyundai ix35 vs Kia Sportage” will be especially beautiful because of the equality of forces. Judge for yourself, Both vehicles are designed and constructed on the basis of a single platform. Они выглядят модно и наделены определённой «мускулатурой», чтобы соответствовать статусу компактного SUVа.

To find out, you need to take a closer look.

Narrowed windows, low body - if you do not see the logo on the machines, from a distance they can even be confused. Unless the expanded doors behind will prompt the expert, that before it Sporteydzh. But “X” has a larger rear window, so the picture in the mirror is more voluminous.

Different similar

Kia Sportage or Hyundai ix35 - when there is such a choice, not the last role is played by external features. Interestingly, the Sportage was originally “sharpened” for sale in Europe and hence the corresponding contours in the exterior. But ix35 is a typical Korean. At the same time, both cars feel the burrows and sports notes. What else makes these models different? KIA is wider and longer than competitor. Also, this machine below, below and its clearance.

We ask the salon

And from the point of view of the comfort of the cabin, who is better suited - Sportage or ix35? Here, too, the round will be drawn. Both SUVs boast spaciousness, comfortable seating, spacious luggage compartments. (591 liters in Hyundai and 564 in KIA), which also can be increased by the back of the sofa. Plus, in both models there are compartments under the boot floor for a spare tire or any car stuff.In the cabin of the car Hyundai ix35

The design of the center console is similar, the “buttons” of the climate and multimedia systems control are displayed in identical places. True, the "shield" with the devices is made differently. The KIA has a classic approach, and the Hyundai has more electronics. Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% and frills.In the car Kia Sportage

Heart Set

Производители предлагают схожие «сердца» для обеих машин. Можно выбрать из следующего ассортимента: один дизель и два gasolineовых мотора для каждой из моделей.

Самый мощный движок в обоих кроссоверах выдаёт 184 «лошадей». Но это gasolineовый вариант. На дизеле можно рассчитывать на 136 «лошадок».

And that, and at other model of a complete set assume a choice possibility: 6 manual transmissions or 6 automatic transmissions There are front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive versions.

Who in the world of all ... more dynamic?

According to the dynamics, Sporteydzh and ix35 also attack each other on the heels. The fastest of Korean crossovers can accelerate to the point in less than ten seconds and accelerate to almost 200 km / h.

Perhaps one of the key differences can be found if we compare the suspensions of our Korean "brothers". At KIA it is very stiff, but it responds well to the steering wheel, protects against drifts and helps the car to confidently keep in turns. Although there is such a "plasticine" and the reverse side. Passengers can feel the road with all its minuses, which is certainly annoying. Especially when traveling long distances on a bumpy canvas.

Test drive car Kia Sportage:

In Hyundai, on the contrary, the suspension is soft and protects the crew from shaking. But this car is not so cool, confident and operational in terms of reaction to the driver’s commands, as its rival.

Off-Road Arguments

And how do cars behave when faced with an obstacle on the road? After all, both of them are different off-road ambitions. So, what are these ambitions supported by?

Clearance in both does not strike the imagination, but the overhangs allow you to "jump" on the hill. Of course, there is no sense to go on wet sand or logs, but for a comfortable departure for a picnic, both Hyundai and Kia have plenty of opportunities.

Our "stuffing"

Interestingly, in terms of "stuffing", who is more attractive Sportage or "X"? Starting modifications are at the same price level - just above 900 thousand rubles. For this money in your crossover (which is in Hyundai, which is in KIA) there will be a conder, a steering wheel with an amplifier, power windows for four glasses, a pair of airbags, driving mirrors and a modest audio system.

Test drive the car Hyundai ix35:

«VIP» -komplekt

The duel of the Sportage and ix35 continues in the price plane. The most expensive version of the KIA on average will cost about 1.5 million rubles, and the Hyundai about 1, 4 million is an automatic, all-wheel drive. In this configuration, you will get the navigation, climate control function, pillows, "charms" front and side, electro, xenon lights, etc.

Why does a KIA cost more with a similar mince? In this crossover there are “light” wheels of 18 inches, a lounge with leather upholstery, keyless entry, a roof-panorama.

Take warranty

Also, KIA has a longer warranty period. Five years (150 thousand kilometers) the manufacturer is ready to be engaged in free repair. But as a rule, we are talking about repairing key mechanisms. At the same time, the Hyundai warranty is three years (100 thousand kilometers).

Opponents or colleagues?

After comparing the ix35 and Kia Sportage, as expected, we found a lot of similarities between the two crossovers. This is the case when the brothers became competitors. Or maybe not? Maybe they are working together to strengthen the reputation of the Korean car industry?

Car model:Kia SportageHyundai ix35
Producing country:KoreaKorea
Body Type:SUVSUV
Number of places:55
Number of doors:55
Engine capacity, cubic cm:19951999
Power, l. c./about min .:136/4000154/6200
Maximum speed, km / h:181185
Acceleration to 100 km / h, from:10,210,7
Type of drive:fullfull
CAT:6 Manual, 6 Automatic6 Manual, 6 Automatic
Fuel type:gasolinegasoline
Consumption per 100 km:city ​​6.9; highway 4.7city ​​11.4; track 6.9
Length, mm:44404410
Width, mm:18551820
Height, mm:16301655
Clearance, mm:167170
Tire size:225/60 t 17,215 / 70 t 16,235 / 55.5215/70 R16, 225/55 R18,225 / 60 R17
Curb weight, kg:13051712
Full weight, kg:18302140
Fuel tank capacity:5858

Moreover, if you completely get away from the analysis of technical and external data and look into the automobile “soul” of these beauties, then you can see something else.

Kia Sportage vs Hyundai ix35 plays a “youth card”. He, indeed, more to adrenaline and sport. Such a whimsical adventurer. But in the "X" is a note of phlegm, it is reliable and unmoved.

So, the battle "Kia Sportage vs Hyundai ix35" ends the world. The summary is this: both guys deserve to attract attention and earn the respect of even the most spoiled automotive gourmets.