"seven" bmw will park independently

BMW auto company officially told the world about some of the features  new generation BMW 7-Series sedan. It is planned to fully submit it to the public at the Frankfurt Motor Show, which is scheduled for September this year. The first thing that attracts attention is the one hundred thirty kilogram weight loss of a sedan. Such a decent reduction in vehicle weight will be achieved through the use of carbon fiber in the power elements of the body. Roof racks, sills, spars will now be made of durable and lightweight carbon fiber. Most body panels Next-generation BMW 7-Series will be aluminum. As a result, for example, the BMW 740i will weigh about 1715 kg.

Inline motor B58 on six cylinders will be the heart of the flagship 7-Series sedan. Aluminum will be the material for the engine block, head and engine tray. An eight-speed automatic transmission equipped with a coasting mode and the ability to recover braking energy will complement the exposure.

Basic model sedan BMW 7-Series will be rear-wheel drive, like its predecessor, but in the future production of all-wheel drive modifications is planned. The suspension of the new model of the "seven" will also be greatly facilitated by the aluminum design of many parts. The front suspension will be double, rear - multi-link. In addition, the drive will become pneumatic on both axles. Instead of an electromechanical stabilization system, a hydraulic one will be used.

The firmware of the new BMW 7-Series sedan has three settings that the driver can use on his own at his own discretion. These are “Comfort”, “Sport” and “Adaptive”. If you switch to adaptive tuning, the program will start adapting itself to the driver. In addition, there will be implemented gestures response system. For example, if a driver wants to answer a call or reject it while driving, it is enough for him to simply give up in a certain way.

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Well, the last "squeak" of electronic car control, which is also implemented in updated BMW 7-Series sedan. It is about the possibility of parking without a driver behind the wheel. The driver can control the process while being at a distance from the car and holding the keychain in hand with the integrated display. This self parking available will not be installed on all models, while only on those that will be supplied to countries where this type of parking is allowed at the legal level.