Chinese suv-crossovers are equipped with automatic

The Chinese car industry can be blamed for plagiarism or other sins, but one thing is clear - it is actively conquering the world market, and the quality of products is getting higher. A dozen years ago, cars from this country were perceived with a great deal of skepticism. But now the situation has changed radically.

These cars regularly appear on prestigious motor shows, in elite auto-editions. Chinese SUV crossovers are actively advertised in Europe and the CIS, for example, Chinese crossovers in Ukraine appear confidently on the country's roads. This suggests that Chinese cars are trusted.

chinese cars crossovers

Часть современных машин из Китая собираются по лицензии. К примеру, Lioncel Soueast – копия Lancer конца девяностых. Не менее популярны и Chinese crossovers with automatic. Такая машина стоит на порядок дешевле японского, или корейского аналога, при этом, соответствует большинству европейских стандартов.

It is worth noting that in many Chinese cars are power units from Japan. It is not that there were no high-quality engines in China, but the world community still trusts trusted brands, even if in a different “package”. So do not be surprised to see the engine from the same Lancer under the hood of a Chinese. It is in the order of things and everything is done under an official license.

Yes, in the outlines of many cars are recognized lines, typical of some pure "Japanese". But the modern auto industry in China is not only copying, but also creating its own unique design. The road to this was a long and very difficult one, but it was worth it.

Chinese SUVs crossovers

К примеру, Chinese-made crossovers Chery IndiS были разработаны совместно с итальянскими специалистами. Машина создавалась на базе небезызвестной малолитражки Kimo, которая стала весьма популярна на постсоветском пространстве. Небольшой и очень стильный переднеприводный пятидверник получил от своего «родителя» внешность, но выглядит куда более солидно. Машине достались бензиновый двигатель 1,3 л. и роботизированная коробка, разработанная совместно с итальянцами их Magneti Marelli.

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Chinese-made crossovers

If we consider Chinese cars (crossovers) as a whole, the market offers a number of interesting models. Consider which companies are now leading the list:

  • Changan Automobile Group. Perhaps you have not heard of such a company, but it has existed since 1862 and is successfully developing. Currently, CHANA, as they call this company, occupies the third position among all automakers in China.
  • Great Wall. The Great Wall, or Great Wall Motors, is one of the largest automotive companies in the country and the largest pickup truck manufacturer. In addition, there are well-known Chinese SUVs and crossovers Hover H and Hover M, which are actively sold in Europe.
  • Geely Automobile Holdings Limited, better known as simply Geely. Included in the top ten largest automotive companies in the country. By the way, Geely entered the list of the best companies in Asia at number 19. Some models of cars were developed jointly with Daewoo, and the most famous among crossovers is Gili Emgrand X7.
  • FAW and its Haima brand, under which the most interesting cars are produced, such as the Haima 7 (S3) and, of course, the Chinese X 80 crossover from FAW (FAW Besturn X80).

This is not a complete list of Chinese manufacturers of SUVs and crossovers, which are known outside of their country.

Top models among Chinese SUVs

Modern Chinese crossovers are a number of interesting models. It is difficult to name the best among them. Someone puts in the first place the Chinese crossover Haima 7, the price of which interested many Europeans, and in our country it came to taste to drivers. But to say unequivocally that this is the best Chinese crossover is difficult.

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Chinese crossovers with automatic

Many SUV lovers liked the Great Wall H8. The car became so popular that even Sylvester Stallone used it in the filming of the blockbuster Expendables -3. Not bad for a car from China.

Considering the 2014 Chinese crossovers, I would like to draw attention to the “fresh” project - the Chinese Changan CS75 crossover. Immediately after the show at the auto show, the manufacturer announced that the car will be available in early 2014.

The car came out beautiful and quite powerful. Equipped with a 1.8 liter turbocharged engine with a capacity of 180 "horses," he received a choice of 2 boxes - a 6-speed manual or automatic. However, the proposed machine and with an engine of 2 liters, and a capacity of 158 hp Visitors to the Frankfurt Motor Show who wanted to buy the Chang75 CS75 were informed that its price for a Chinese crossover would be fairly affordable.

It is planned to assemble the cars of this model at one of the Russian factories, so this news will also interest the Russians. If the new Chinese crossovers will be made in Russia, then the price for them will be even lower, because, at least, customs clearance will not be required.

Chinese-made crossovers

Fresh photos of Chinese crossovers of this model demonstrate the serious development of Chinese automotive design. No wonder that Changan actively cooperates with Ford and Suzuki.

By the way, Changan has not only the 75th model, several other interesting variants of crossovers are still sold, for example CS95, but about them in the following articles. This indicates the great popularity of the brand Chang.

If you explore the popularity of such a market sector as Chinese cars (crossovers), you can see interesting things. The numbers speak for themselves - 2013 Chinese crossovers are sold in huge quantities in many countries where budget cars are in demand. Kitayprom, over which everyone once laughed at one, is now even crowding out even some European companies. And Chinese crossovers in Russia actively compete with the local automotive industry (Niva, Niva-Chevrolet) in the segment of budget cars.

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And finally, a video about one of the Chinese crossovers: