Renault coleos 2017 looks very similar to the x-trail

Cars of the French brand Renault have long been very popular, as they combine an affordable price and excellent technical equipment. In terms of quality and cost, it is clearly one of the most profitable manufacturers. In the new year, one of the most anticipated models is the Renault Coleos 2017. This is a crossover, which in the last modification has become one of the most popular cars in its class. Today, the model is more than updated and the Renault Koleos 2017 has become even more perfect. Consider this car in more detail.

New Renault Koleos 2017

The appearance of the new Renault Coleos

New Renault Coleos has changed in appearance, which is immediately noticeable. The car has become larger, as well as the field is strict and aggressive. If earlier in its body smooth lines prevailed and a fairly traditional design for cars of this class, then today Koleos 2017 is really updated. This is especially true of the side parts, which have been completely modernized. Not so significant changes have affected the hood.

Задняя же часть машины также теперь неузнаваема, если сравнить её с прошлым поколением данной модели. Крыша зависит от комплектации: она может быть как стандартной, так и панорамной. Для дополнительных грузов предусмотрены крепления-рейлинги. В общем, Renault Coleos 2017 in a new body стал более стильным, модерным и агрессивным. Купить данную модель вы можете во всех популярных цветах, потому любители различного оформления машин будут удовлетворены.

What's in the cabin?

New Koleos also improved in terms of the cabin. Now the car is even more comfortable, "smart" and easy to manage. The model had been more than roomy before, allowing the whole family to travel comfortably. But now the car has become even more convenient for transportation of both goods and passengers. If in the past generation the car interior did not strike the imagination with its rich appearance, now the car inside looks really great. So, as a material for creating an interior, high-quality fabric, leather, or a combination of leather and other materials is used, depending on the configuration. Thanks to this, the car interior is just great.

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renault koleos 2017 saloon

Also, changes were made and electronics. In the middle of the panel is a screen of 8.7 inches, which displays current information. There are practically no arrows left on the driver's panel, because the speedometer and other sensors are now electronic, which looks much more modern, adds solidity to the car. The steering wheel is almost unchanged.

Сидения также изменились в лучшую стороны. New Renault Koleos 2017 стал более удобным, ведь спинки сидений получили анатомическую форму, а благодаря отличному подбору материалов для их обтяжки, салон машины становится ещё более элегантным. Да и сами кресла теперь приятные на ощупь. Модель оснащена стандартным набором: 2 кресла спереди и 3 сзади. В целом, новый Колеос 2017 качественно отличается в плане салона от предыдущей версии, теперь он выглядит куда богаче, а сам салон более удобен.

Koleos 2017

Technical aspect

We now turn to what is interested in anyone who wants to buy the Renault Coleos 2017: technical characteristics. The car was also transformed in this regard, which should be noted. But many parameters depend on the configuration of the machine. So, in the basic version of the available gasoline engine with a volume of 2 liters and a capacity of 144 "horses", which is very good. If you take more premium variations, then there is already a 2.5 liter engine, which will allow you to get about 180 hp With similar indicators of the motor, the new Renault Koleos is capable of accelerating to 200 km / h, which is more than solid as for a crossover. The time before the speedometer shows a three-digit number is just over 7 seconds.

If we talk about the gearbox, there are 2 main options: mechanics and robotic box. As a rule, a mechanical version of the basic version of the machine, but the “higher” configuration equipped with Xtronic CVT. Renault Coleos 2017 in the new generation and basic configuration is different front-wheel drive, which is not the best option for the crossover, and in the middle and maximum variations the car has all-wheel drive with “smart” fuel consumption and adjustable suspension. In general, in technical terms, the Renault Coleos 2017 also added significantly, it is a really good and practical car, which is perfect for both urban use and for traveling on not the best roads.

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Renault Coleos 2017 in a new body

Cost and Sales

Как вы уже поняли, если вы хотите выбрать оптимальный для себя Renault Coleos 2017 in a new body, комплектации существенно изменяют параметры и даже салон машины. Кроме того, от модификации автомобиля зависит и его стоимость. Стартовая цена составляет более 1200000 рублей, а за более «высокие» комплектации придётся выложить ещё больше.

Reno Koleos 2017

This cost can be safely called reasonable, because at a similar price one can hardly buy a new crossover with similar characteristics, and therefore Renault quite reasonably hopes for a high sales figure. Many competitors are from several hundred thousand more expensive in the basic configuration, so Koleos is more than in a winning position. How justified are the ambitions of the Renault Coleos 2017, the start of sales in Russia will show.


New Renault Coleos

Of course, this crossover experienced a qualitative evolution, which affected both the external component and the interior, technical characteristics. The car has become more modern, attractive, as well as fast and comfortable. Even the basic equipment has high performance, and even more premium modifications are even more impressive in all aspects. Given that the previous version proved to be quite good, we can safely say that the new Koleos will not disappoint you either. If you are looking for a great crossover for sane money, which will be easy to serve, then this option can be safely considered.

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