Tuning gaz 66 to improve this suv

Car tuning has long reached the most unprecedented heights in its development. Sometimes creations that come out from under the hands of auto-craftsmen simply amaze with their uniqueness, and often frank unreality. Modern tuning GAZ 66 implies not only the modernization of the interior and exterior of the car, but also a complete, individual alteration of the car under the owner, taking into account his tastes, wishes, preferences, driving style, needs and operating conditions of the vehicle.

GAZ 66 tuning своими руками

Today, for all lovers of extreme off-road racing, let’s see how you can transform and improve the most powerful SUV of domestic production GAZ 66. The famous “Shishiga” is an off-road terrain vehicle that can easily overcome deep snow cover, viscous wetlands, climb the steepest climbs and go on inconceivable slopes due to increased ground clearance (315 mm) and the possibility of automatic differential locking.

Unremarkable outside, and quite awkward, at first glance, this car is a real monster in terms of patency. This all-terrain vehicle has an impressive army of fans who know a lot about off-road driving. This SUV gives off-road lovers an unrealistic opportunity to drive where it is not possible in principle. This monster has already been repeatedly reworked: superficially, often thoroughly, often inconspicuously, and sometimes quite professionally. Going to the matter responsibly, with soul, you can create an exclusive all-terrain vehicle that will become a reliable friend for the extreme lover.

Tuning the appearance of the car

There are two directions here:

  1. surface conversion based on the original version of the machine;
  2. deep tuning cars with a complete rework of its design.

Let's start with the first option.

Small tuning of the classic version of the GAZ 66 SUV

Any tuning GAZ 66 (фото further) is an occupation that requires patience, skill, effort and, of course, money. The size of the investment depends on the scale of the alteration and the quality of the work performed. Also, the cost factor is influenced by the factor who will carry out the work on alteration: you yourself or specialists. Of course, resorting only to your own forces can significantly reduce the budget for modifying cars.

GAZ 66 photos

To externally transform the hero of our today's article, it is necessary to do the following set of works:

1) First of all, we bring the cab and the body in proper condition. The machine is not new, so over removing rust, removing irregularities and sealing various holes with putty will have to work.

When the errors are eliminated, you can start painting. Well, here is full scope for the flight of fancy. You can choose any color for painting: black, green, khaki, protective colors or camouflage, you can apply an image using airbrushing and so on. Of course, the most common are the military colors for this model, but depending on the wishes of the owner, you can create anything you like up to glamor (funny, of course, but anything can happen).

GAZ 66 tuning

The main thing in advance is to think up a combination of new elements of tuning with paint, and also to responsibly approach the very process of dyeing. To do this, depending on the time of year, it is necessary to place the car either in a warm garage (in winter) or directly in the open air (in summer). For work you will need several cylinders with automotive paint. Depending on the chosen color we get the required number of colors.

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Apply a primer to the prepared and cleaned surface, wait until it dries, degrease and begin to paint. If the drawing involves applying several colors, then first of all we apply the main color in several layers, and only then the elements of other colors. Of course, 3D graffiti may not work out the first time, but diligence and perseverance will surely bear fruit.

2) After painting, you can think about installing a new, more functional optics. It’s not worth saving. Good lighting in extreme off-road driving is often important in conditions of poor visibility. Factory optics shine dull, so installing a new one is just a necessary element of upgrading the car. We replace the main optics, we put additional fog lights. Especially effectively additional headlights will look on a car roof. Do not forget about setting the fog lights - they must be included separately from the main ones.

Tuning GAZ 66 do it yourself

3) We continue the mess. In order to make the car look like a real super car, it is necessary to install protective metal elements - arcs. Arcs are installed around the cabin in the form of a so-called frame. Small arcs also look good around side mirrors. Front mount kenguryatnik - looks spectacular. Do not forget to install the winch - an integral part of any military vehicle. It remains the case for small - to install modern horns. Quite a stylish location for them is the roof, you can put around the side mirrors.

At this easy tuning our "Shishiga" can be considered complete. The car has acquired a new look - a refreshed body, cool optics, security features and of course deafening signals. With the budget option is a pretty good result. The all-terrain vehicle has become more expressive and memorable. You can go to extreme pokatushki.

Deep tuning "Shishiga"

For those who have the opportunity for a deeper pumping of the GAZ 66 off-road vehicle and are not ready to be content with a small one, consider a serious upgrade option with a complete change in the design of the car itself. The design of the all-terrain vehicle, engine, suspension, exterior and interior will go without saying - it goes without saying.

A rather striking example of such a rework can be considered a fully converted GAZ 66 Partizan. This model was created on the basis of the shortened chassis of the 66th truck, components and assemblies are kept original. Appearance has a global similarity with the American Hummer.

The location of the engine has changed: it is now a little further and immersed in the frame, thanks to which the gearbox levers are now located at the usual place, and not behind, like the original. The cab in general view also remained virtually untouched. Changes have undergone the hood and cargo compartment, located in the rear of the machine. Details craftsmen made of reinforced durable fiberglass.

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GAZ 66 for off-road

In general, the machine was a success. Excellent and reliable option for hunting enthusiasts or extreme tourists.

So, we will continue the modernization of our GAZ 66.

Motor is the heart of the car

The engine is the most important thing in the car, and you need to treat it quite carefully and responsibly.

In order for our supercar not to fail on the roads, you need to pay enough attention to the condition of the engine and, if necessary, replace it. The most popular and affordable engine for Shishiga on the market today is a diesel engine manufactured at the Minsk plant.

engine gas 66 tuning

For example, a worthy option is a turbocharged 4-cylinder D-245 engine. These motors have perfectly demonstrated themselves in Nicaragua, where they often install on sixty-sixth models of GAS. To re-equip GAZ 66 with a new engine, you can contact the manufacturer or, if you have the relevant experience, you can cope on your own.

Another option for upgrading the engine can be installing a more economical four-liter engine from Isuzu. Plus, this engine is noticeably quieter, which is important for those who want to create not just an aggressive all-terrain vehicle, but also to achieve some comfort while driving. Installing this motor at the factory will not work, so you have to rely on your own strength or resort to professionals in this field.

Modernization of the gearbox on the 66th model GAZ

The next step in reworking the car will be to give it more agility and an increase in maneuverability. To do this, change the standard box. The box from the 130th ZIL is perfect for this purpose. This is a five-speed gearbox with rear speed. It is superbly combined with modern engines, so our GAS will behave much faster on the road. Razdatku, which also have to be replaced, can be borrowed from the Urals or KRAZ.

Now our offroad conqueror has become less thoughtful. Work on the cross-country car. To do this, you need to change the existing wheels to wider ones. This will help us BTR or the same KRAZ. Borrowing their wheels, our all-terrain vehicle will simply become a leader in off-road driving.

At this metamorphosis with elements responsible for the technical characteristics of an SUV, ends. It remains to work out the design of the car. Exterior tuning, we considered above, so we immediately move on to the interior decoration.

Improvement salon "Shishigi"

The purpose of the modernization of the cabin should be the elimination of all sorts of problems and shortcomings. As for the GAZ 66, noise isolation and rather strong dustiness inside the cabin can rightly be considered weak places here. The elimination of these moments is of paramount importance.

tuning cabin GAZ 66

With the help of special insulation materials, we conduct thorough noise insulation and eliminate all the gaps. After soundly made noise insulation in the cabin will be relatively quieter, dust entering the cabin is almost eliminated.

Now in line trim cabin. To make the interior of the car more modern, it is necessary to make the waist of the seats or completely replace them with softer and more comfortable ones. Next, we change the door trim, ceiling and trim on the floor. Do not forget about the modern speaker system - not one modern car can do without it. It should install a modern subwoofer and powerful speakers. Then the trip on such transport will be even more exciting.

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tuning GAZ 66 в кабине

These are the main transformations that must be carried out in the cabin. Everything else is a matter of fantasy. Here you can excel as much as you want - add all sorts of gadgets and personal belongings, if necessary. It can be all sorts of additional storage space, cup holders, armrests, curtains on the windows, LCD monitors and DVD players, and much more - there is really much to be wondered about.

Modernization dashboard. Add brightness.

Give the modern dashboard can be using the notorious LED backlight. It will look quite stylish, and the readability of the panel will noticeably improve. Highlight color is optional. Panel with white light will look very bright. Blue or green color will give unusual interior interior. In any case, this will add an additional effect and will give the salon attractiveness.

tuning GAZ 66 партизан

In addition to the dashboard lights, you can replace the LEDs and all stationary lights in the cabin. If desired, you can lay an additional LED strip on the bottom of the cabin, under the seats or vice versa in the upper part of the cabin. This technique will delight passengers during night trips. If you are not well versed in electrics, then it is better to use the help of people who are professionals in this field to equip a car with additional illumination.

So with the help of straightforward transformations, a good SUV has become just an excellent super car with enhanced technical characteristics, attractive appearance and a rather comfortable interior.

At all, tuning GAZ 66 своими руками - it is quite painstaking and does not tolerate haste and negligence. Here we need a measured creative approach, perseverance and a great desire to make the dream conceived into reality. The above versions of the modification of the famous SUV - this is only a small fraction among the ocean of possibilities in the field of transforming a conventional truck. With a responsible approach, you can not do this. Therefore, you should not be afraid of difficulties - if there is a desire, start the action more boldly. And the result will surely exceed all expectations. Successful to you alterations!

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