Questions when buying a new low-cost car?

When choosing a car from the salon, many people ask themselves the question: new low-priced cars, whose prices can fluctuate within one million rubles, can they be selected with an optimal bundle? In order to buy a new car in accordance with your own wishes, you should follow some rules and recommendations.

New inexpensive cars

When choosing a new car, you need to answer the following questions:

Body type in a new low-cost car

What type of body is needed? One of the defining moments can be called a body type: a sedan (the most comfortable version, which has a separate trunk and four doors; is inherent in both expensive and cheap versions), a hatchback (in most cases has compact dimensions, three doors and a small one engine), station wagon (different body length, capacity and the presence of a door for the luggage compartment), SUV (large cross, body dimensions are inherent in this embodiment) or a crossover (the presence of increased road lumen and a large number of auxiliary systems inherent in such cars).

Cheap cars new prices

So it is the appearance of the body that first affects the value of the car. It should be noted that if capacity is not a particularly important element, then the sedan, hatchback and station wagon can be combined into one group of cars, as many brands of cars are produced in all these types of body.

Who is the manufacturer of a new low-cost car?

New inexpensive cars can be produced by various manufacturers. So the cheapest versions with a good bundle - the Chinese automakers, the more expensive - Asian and European, especially expensive cars are considered to be from Germany, but they are better. It should be noted that when choosing a car brand, you should not pay attention only to the price, but also to the popularity and reviews of this manufacturer. Also, among the most expensive can be noted American car brands, and some Asian brands that have entered the world market for a long time.

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New inexpensive car

European manufacturers for a long time keep the cost of their non-top cars at a certain level, but if you need to buy cheap and with a good bundle, then you need to pay attention to the Chinese and Russian manufacturers. After all, AvtoVAZ, along with many lesser-known companies, can provide a car in good, practically top-of-the-range configuration, for a small price, and with ground clearance, which is suitable for our roads.

What is the engine installed in the car?

The next indicator can be called the type of engine installed. Not many automakers offer a wide range of engines to choose from. However, it can be noted that the higher the power and speed indicators of the engine, the more expensive the car becomes.

Therefore, before you go to choose a car, you need to decide on what it is needed for: a quiet and economical ride or getting adrenaline from high speed and fast acceleration. Among other features of the power unit can be noted reliability, the cost of spare parts and maintenance, repair, fuel consumption.

What is the transmission in this cheap car?

Which transmission should be installed: manual or automatic. In this case, we note that for a good automatic transmission sometimes you have to pay extra up to 90,000 rubles. Therefore, the choice of transmission is the business of everyone: on the one hand, practicality and cheapening of the car, its maintenance, on the other hand, comfort. Given the cost of an automatic transmission, some automakers put them only with top-end engines, as when choosing the best powertrain you will have to pay for automatic transmissions.

Cheap cars new prices

Is there air conditioning or climate control?

The presence of air conditioning or climate control. So the air conditioner can add another 20 000 rubles to the base cost of the car, and the climate control system will altogether 40 000 rubles. It is worth noting that the presence of air conditioning today is already attributed to the basic configuration, although there are still many manufacturers who want several thousand rubles for this option.

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Is there a heated seat?

The presence of heated seats can lead to an increase in the cost of the car by another 10,000 rubles. A similar option in rare cases can be found in the basic configuration. But on expensive cars, of course, it already stands by default.

What is the audio system installed?

The audio system can be included in the basic package or be an additional option. It should be noted that in some cases it is possible to install a multimedia system with a control unit on the steering wheel. The difference in cost, depending on the manufacturer, may be only a few thousand.

What drives are installed in a new and inexpensive car?

Alloy wheels - an option that can be selected when ordering a car from a dealer. Depending on the type of discs, they can cost about 20,000 rubles and more.

New inexpensive cars

Is it possible to order the car in the original color?

It is possible to order a new car with an interesting color, but for this you need to pay from 7,000 rubles.

A new low-priced car, as a rule, has basic equipment to which you can add the necessary options. In this case, we note that not all automakers make it possible to conduct a free combination with options and offer already created kits.