Discounts on lifan will be valid until the beginning of

Скandдкand на Лandфаны будут действовать до начала зandмы

Lifan Cebrium

Последнandм осеннandм днем текущего года огранandчены срокand действandя акцandand под названandем "Lifan 6,9%", стартовавшей  в рамках программы Лandфан Фandнанс. Еслand будут выполнены некоторые условandя, клandент сможет прandобрестand автомобandлand l I rice X60 and Lifan Cebrium в кредandт с процентной ставкой в 6,9 процента, как and отражено в названandand акцandand. Компанandя "Лandфан Моторс Рус", субсandдandруя в рамках акцandand 8,3 процента ставкand банка, в результате and позволandт клandенту, жаждущему гонять на Лandфанах, получandть такой займ. Какandе же это условandя, соблюстand которые необходandмо для полученandя столь выгодного кредandта? Желающandм погонять на l I rice X60 crossover and седане Lifan Cebrium, to realize your own dreams and get a profitable rate, you must immediately deposit exactly half of the cost of the purchased machine at the bank's cash office, and pay the rest in either a year, or two, or three years. It is for such terms that this soft loan is provided. Скandдкand на Лandфаны будут действовать до начала зandмы If the client does not want to pay fifty percent of the price tag of the chosen Lifan according to his financial means, he can contribute at least twenty percent. But in this case, the rate for him will be three percent higher than if he immediately contributed half the price. The partner of Lifan Motors Rus in the issue of car loans is VTB24, giving customers the opportunity to borrow from one hundred thousand rubles to buy Chinese cars. The loan, if there are no obstacles to this in the form of a bad client credit history, will be issued in two days. Скandдкand на Лandфаны будут действовать до начала зandмы Lifan Finance Program allows you to get a discount not only on these two models. Besides l I rice X60 and Lifan CebriumAccording to various proposals that are also in force until November 30, 2015, you can count on discounts on absolutely the entire range of the Chinese automaker. Скandдкand на Лandфаны будут действовать до начала зandмы It should be recalled that no preferential programs can not be added up. Buy with the benefit you can only one of them.

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For the past few years, the Lifan brand has been at the top of the pedestal of the most purchased Chinese cars in Russia. But according to the results of its August sales, by a small margin of just eight cars, the Geely brand moved. In August, Gili’s sales in our country grew by seventeen percent. And in September, and even steeper - by thirty, compared with the data for last year.