What is worth polishing the car?


After long-term operation, the car body is covered with many small scratches, chips and cracks. They are not visible to the naked eye, however, the lacquer coating loses its glossy shine and becomes rough to the touch.

Car polishing machine

A special polish will help to restore the old look of the car - there are many varieties of such products on the market that differ in chemical composition and basic properties.

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The main types of polishes

Wax compositions

The most democratic in price are polishes based on natural or artificial wax. Their advantage is ease of use, as well as the absence of a negative effect for the car paintwork, caused by the use of such a composition.

Car wax polish

In addition, wax polishes allow you to get the most colorful shades when processing bodies in red, yellow and green. Even white and black colors acquire a deep shine due to the filling of all cracks and chipped wax, leveling the surface of the body visually and to the touch. It is worth noting the widespread use of wax-based compositions - you can find them in any store, as well as in most portal and handwash systems.

However, the disadvantages of wax polishes are more numerous than their advantages - first of all, they are represented by low durability. The treated body will get the same look after the second or third wash if you use the highest quality composition or after a few days of active driving, if you prefer cheap polish.

The put wax wax

This is the applied polish.

Also, some wax polishes require applying only hot for optimal body wrap, which significantly increases the risk of burns when working with similar compounds. Car bodies are treated with such tools only after thorough cleaning, due to which labor-intensive work and time spent on its implementation are increased.

There are several subspecies among wax polishes:

  • Hot compounds - require the use of professional equipment;
  • Cold sprays - easy to apply, but quickly washed off;
  • Solid polishes - applied with a polishing machine, allow you to get a longer effect;
  • Synthetic wax polishes are expensive, but they give a long lasting quality effect.

Their selection depends on the physical capabilities of the owner of the car, since the prices of different compositions may vary several times. You also need to pay attention to the availability of specialized equipment for applying polishes.


The best polish based on synthetic wax is produced by the famous American company 3M - it was named Synthetic Wax Protectant. The time of its hardening is sufficiently long, which allows processing large enough surfaces at once. Another advantage is the formation of a sufficiently thick layer of protective coating that protects the car body not only from abrasive dust, but also from small stones flying out from under the wheels of the vehicle ahead.

Synthetic Wax Protectant

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Good results can be obtained with a polish called Meguiar’s G18216, also produced in the USA. Its cost is very high, but the manufacturer has taken care of motorists - the kit includes both a rubbing sponge and a cloth for the subsequent care of the vehicle body. The advantage is a moderate drying time, which allows you to process parts without haste. However, in bright sunlight polish can harden faster - this should be monitored very carefully.

Meguiar’s G18216

Meguiar’s G18216 polish

If you want to get an excellent result without spending huge sums of money, you should give preference to the Russian ASTRO tool GoldenWax. It is based on an unusual combination of natural wax with rapidly hardening Teflon molecules. The result of car processing is the appearance of a clearly noticeable glossy shine, which is complemented by exceptional smoothness of the body. However, natural wax is held on the body of the vehicle for a short time - until the second wash or a month of careful driving on clean roads.

Synthetic formulations

The best car polishes are made using polymer components. They quickly harden and form a high-strength resistant film that cannot be damaged even by quite strong impacts, such as strikes with small stones and other objects found in abundance on Russian roads.

Polymer polish for car

Also polymer polishes are durable - you can call them as such at the expense of a service life of 2-3 months or 10 washes. The downside is the high cost of polymer polish and its high toxicity. In addition, most manufacturers recommend using specialized equipment for applying such products.

Silicone polishes are very similar in their properties to wax, because they have a similar texture. However, it is much easier to apply them - just rub the product with a soft, lint-free cloth and then wash it off with cold water. In addition, synthetic silicone-based polish lasts a little longer - up to 3-4 weeks.

Nevertheless, several consecutive washes can completely destroy the protective coating. Many motorists do not want to buy silicone polishes, since they are more expensive than wax polishes, and the result does not provide any special advantages.

Putting polishes on the body

The third type of synthetic polish for car bodies are washing cleaners. If all the above types of compositions fill chips, cracks and other minor damage, then this uses an alternative scheme - it dissolves particles of stubborn dirt, oxidized paint, as well as the top layer of lacquer coating, allowing you to restore its smoothness.

The advantage of such a cleansing polish is the effect, the duration of which is calculated in months, and a significant disadvantage is its high cost. In addition, a motorist should be aware of the rules for working with such polish:

  • The tool is applied in compliance with safety when working with aggressive chemical compounds;
  • For a short time, the machine must be treated with a protective compound that prevents the oxidation of the paint;
  • After two weeks, the remnants of the washing cleaner should be removed to prevent oxidation of the paint.

Top Brands

In response to the question of which car body polish is better among polymeric compositions, experts recommend using Synthetic Sealant Meguiars. It is based on a complex of complex hydrophobic polymers that create a fairly thick protective coating.

Synthetic Sealant Meguiars

Полироль Synthetic Sealant Meguiars

The duration of the effect created by the polish is approximately three months. In this case, the machine can be washed without the use of abrasive tools, since the composition does not absorb dirt.

Among silicone polishes, Turtle Wax Extreme Nano-tech, which comes in a bottle with a convenient trigger spray, should be preferred. It quickly forms a protective coating, but gives the user time to rub the polish on the part without waiting for it to set.

Turtle Wax Extreme Nano Tech

Polaroid Turtle Wax Extreme Nano Tech

The advantage of this tool is the possibility of its universal application - it gives an excellent effect on bodies of all colors. Also a significant advantage is the ability to fill enough deep scratches.

When choosing a cleaner-restorer, you should prefer Sonax brand polish, which belongs to the average price category. It effectively removes oxidized paint and other deposits that have accumulated on the surface of the body, but has almost no effect on the paintwork itself.

Sonax car polish

Sonax polish

The advantage can be called and ease of processing - the package includes all the necessary tools. However, besides the polish itself, it is worth buying a tool to protect the body, as well as to wash off the aggressive chemical composition.

Abrasive polishes

A very good body polish belongs to the abrasive group - it works on the same principle as washing cleaners, but instead of chemical dissolution, mechanical processing is used. In the services offered by service stations, such polishing is often called deep.

Abrasive polishes для авто

It allows you to get a lasting effect, allowing you to make the car body smooth and shiny for a few months, or even a year. It also removes oxidized paint and other contaminants. However, in the case of using abrasive polishes, it is possible to get rid of even deep enough scratches and chips.

Abrasive polish with improper handling causes very great harm to the paintwork of the body, because each treatment reduces its thickness. Therefore, it is advisable not to purchase a special tool for home use, but to use the services of professionals in the workshop. In favor of this option, and the fact that the use of abrasive polishes requires a special machine with an electric or pneumatic drive.

Application of abrasive polishes

Many experts generally do not recommend the use of polishes with an abrasive effect, if the age of the car exceeds 10 years - it makes sense if we consider the operation in quite aggressive Russian conditions. Among the disadvantages of abrasive polishes should be called their high cost. The kit required for polishing an average golf class sedan will cost 8-10 thousand rubles.


If you are wondering what kind of polish is better among abrasive compounds, you should pay attention to the remedy from the above mentioned American company 3M. It gently processes the body, allowing you to keep most of the paintwork intact. In this case, the effect is noticeable even from a long distance - the surface of the car acquires that glossy shine, which usually can only be seen on new cars. The cost of such a composition is moderate compared to Japanese or other American counterparts.

3M abrasive polish

3M polish

Those who are interested in uncompromising quality should purchase the composition produced by the Japanese company Willson. Its main feature is the use of a special "liquid glass", which allows you to put even the largest scratches, perfectly leveling the surface of the paintwork. When processing cars of bright colors, an effect similar to that which allows to obtain 3M polish is achieved. BUT

Polish abrasive Willson

Willson polish

But in the case of dark colors, it is possible to get a very deep and rich luster, comparable to the use of wax polishes, but lasts much longer.

Is it worth polishing?

Sometimes you hear that polishing requires only cars whose age exceeds 3-5 years. This is true if you are considering abrasive or refinishing polishing. However, within the specified period, the body of the vehicle also needs protection, which can provide a wax, polymer or other synthetic composition.

Polished car body

Its use allows you to prevent damage to the paintwork and to postpone in the distant future time when you have to use deep polishing. Therefore, for everyday protection of the car, it is worth using compositions that fill paint damage, and to give the vehicle an exceptionally presentable look - means for deep polishing.