Koreans presented the third generation of the compact hatch

Корейцы представили компактный хэтч Kia Picanto third generation The Korean company Kia Motors shared with the public technical data on one of its debutants at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show, which will be held from 9 to 19 March 2017. This is a compact hatchback. Kia Picanto third generationwhich the Korean engineers made more voluminous, equipped with a turbo engine and subordinated the thrust vector to the electronic control system. Photos of the novelty, in fact, have long been no secret. Traditionally, they were first lit on the web by photospies, and then the office for its creation has enriched the Internet with official images of a compact hatch. Корейцы представили компактный хэтч Kia Picanto third generation The Korean "baby" did not become longer, from the tip of the nose to the tail in it, as in the predecessor, 3 m 59.5 cm. Kia Picanto third generation increased by half a centimeter, rounded to 2 m 40 cm. The front overhang was lowered by two and a half centimeters, bringing to 67.5 cm. Other dimensional characteristics were not affected. The width remained 1 m 59.5 cm, the “baby” rises 1 m 48.5 cm above the asphalt. Passengers will feel more comfortable as there is more space for the lower limbs. Engineers improved the sound insulation properties of the car. The luggage compartment added from two hundred to two hundred and fifty-five liters of usable space. When folding the rear seats back, you can push more than a cubic meter of household belongings.

Kia Picanto third generation has a very snooty look. If the driver does not suffer from the complexes of a small car and likes to enjoy the control of the car, he will like this option. New хэтч Picanto become more manageable. MacPherson front struts paired up with a retuned rear torsion beam with stiffer anti-roll bars do their job. If earlier it was possible to make 3.4 turns from the stop to the stop using the steering wheel, today it is only 2.8. The thrust vector has been controlled by this car through a brake mechanism that improves the hatchback’s “steering”. Body rigidity increased by one third against that of its predecessor. Корейцы представили компактный хэтч Kia Picanto third generation The chassis turned out to be quite "combat" and here it is quite appropriate to have a hundred liter turbo engine T-GDI with direct injection. In the motor line Kia Picanto third generation there are atmospheric benzomotorchiki. This is the legacy of the previous generation of hatchback. This is a 67-strong liter and 84-strong 1.25-liter engines. All engines work in tandem with five-speed mechanics, but a four-band automatic is also available as an option. Корейцы представили компактный хэтч Kia Picanto third generation In the electronic kit, there is a smart braking system that can work on the machine in case of a threat of a frontal impact. Multimedia Kia Picanto third generation Equipped with a seven-inch diagonal touchscreen. It perfectly synchronizes smartphones running Android and IOS. Works without problems with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay packages. Smartphones, by the way, can be recharged without wires, over the "air". Kia Picanto will sell the third generation in the European car market somewhere right after the Geneva Motor Show, but this is only with aspirated cars under the hood. TurboHatch will appear a little later. As they say, closer to the fall of 2017.

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