Second generation nissan teana with reliable engines

Today we will talk about such new cars as Nissan Teana 2008-2014 years of release, this is the second generation model, a series of J32. Teana is a follower of the legendary Nissan Maxima, who was considered a very reliable car.

Dashboard Nissan Teana

Now we will figure out whether the Nissan Teana can also be considered a reliable machine, like its predecessor Maxim.

What Nissan doesn’t take away is their reliable VQ-series engines: a 3.5-liter 6-cylinder engine and 2.5-liter VQ25. These motors quietly withstand 350000 km. run Approximately 68% of cars with 2.5-liter engines and 22% of cars with 3.5-liter engines are on the market.

What these engines are afraid of is “burned” gasoline, because of which oxygen sensors will immediately fail, and overheating. When you see while driving in a traffic jam, with the air conditioner turned on, that the temperature of the motor is rapidly increasing, this means that urgently do the cleaning of the radiator comwhich are surely clogged. To do this - it is necessary to remove the radiator, and, so that nothing would interfere, clean it. This procedure is desirable to do after every 60,000 km. run

Used car Nissan Teana

If the temperature arrow jumps when the engine is warm, and suddenly there is a cold chill from the stove, then you need to make sure that everything is in order with the radiator, if it does not flow in the place where the junction with the tank goes. The new radiator, by the way, costs about $ 300. In general, in any such doubtful case, you need to go to a service center, let them check what's what, because if there are air traffic jams in the cooling system, then with overheating, you can kill the engine. BUT cylinder head repair - it is expensive, it will cost no less than $ 2,000.

There is also an inline 4-cylinder engine of the QR25 series, whose volume is equal to 2.5 liters, this engine is installed in about 10% of cars. This engine also works for the Nissan X-Trail, it is a fairly reliable engine, but it is much weaker than 6-cylinder engines, which even last longer. In this "four" throttle assembly requires periodic cleaning, as well as, the timing chain after 150,000 km. stretched and required replacement. As for the "six", then their chains calmly withstand 250,000 km. run

Nissan Teana 2010


On TEAH, with both 2.5-liter engines, there are Jatco JF011E variators, the cost of this new is 5600 dollars. These variators easily serve about 200,000 km. if in time to change the oil and not much force the car.

There is another variable that was installed in the Nissan Maxim - Jatco RE0F06A, he had a number of problems: the stepping motor broke, after which the gears did not switch, and this box often overheated. But these problems concern the early models of Teana. Usually, after 120,000 km there was a rumble during the ride, which said that it is necessary to change the bearings of the driven and drive shaftswhich cost about 60 dollars per piece.

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Also, there were often cases that the belt required replacement after 100,000 km. Because, for the variator, active driving and “sticking” to the curb are badly affected. Replacing the variator belt will cost $ 300. In cars produced after 2010, the variator became more robust, and the control program over it was also changed. By the way, those who have an early version of the variator installed in Tean, you can make a chip tuning of the transmission, after which the car will feel better.

Nissan Teana second generation

In general, cars with a variator also do not like driving in traffic jams, because, at low speed, the variator has to work more time with a high gear ratio, which means that the drive belt keeps a sharp bend of the belt. From such work, the belt wears out faster, and its chips over time clogs the valve of the oil pump, which leads to oil starvation, and then - expensive repair of the variator, which pulls on $ 2500. Therefore, to avoid such huge expenses, you must carefully follow the work of the variator and as soon as you feel the jolts, you must first change the gear oil. In this case, this is the Nissan CVT Fluid NS-2, it will take 8 liters, which will cost 110 dollars ¬. And for one filter you also need to change - another $ 60.

The variator, which operates in tandem with a 3.5-liter engine, to provide the best heat exchange, uses an aluminum pan with a radiator and a separate oil filter. And on the variators that are installed in cars with 2.5-liter engines - there is an ordinary steel pallet, and the oil one is installed inside the heat exchanger.

For the "Tean", in which the 3.5-liter engine, another variator is used - Jatco JF010E, the price of which is equal to $ 5,700, it is designed for a higher torque. But loves a quiet style of driving. After 150,000 km. better not to wait until the belt breaks and change it.

2014 Nissan Teana Salon

There are cases that after 100,000 km. power steering may fail, this is certainly not the most serious problem, but still periodically need to check high pressure hose for integrity. Since this hose passes near the hot exhaust manifold, it dries very quickly and eventually breaks, the new one will cost $ 200.

You also need to monitor the level of fluid in the hydraulic booster, because, even with the slightest leakage, the hydraulic booster pump can break, which does not tolerate the ingress of air into the system. Replacing this pump will cost $ 380. In addition, such a sensitive pump can spoil even very sharp movements with the steering wheel in the cold with still cold oil.

And even washing a car under pressure, if not knowing it, can help this pump fail earlier. An interesting observation is that the reservoir with the hydraulic booster fluid is located near the edge of the right wing, and if you wash the car under pressure, and the lid in the reservoir is not sealed, dirt and water can get there, which will lead to blockage of the pump valve. Therefore, for cleanliness necessary install additional sealing ring in a tank with a working fluid. By the way, in cars manufactured after 2013, such a ring has already been introduced into the design.

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Engine car Nissan TeanaEngine car Nissan Teana

Other details in the chassis do not present any problems. Despite the fact that the steering rack is quite expensive, it will not require replacement, even if it has been tapping for several years. You can change cheap bushings anti-roll bars, for $ 6 apiece, after about 50,000 km. The stabilizers are already beginning to knock on this run, their replacement will cost 20 American rubles, and the tips of the steering rods, at $ 40 per piece. But all this is minor compared to what you have to spend in 100,000 km. - Shock absorbers: both rear will cost $ 200, and the front will cost $ 500. Next, replace bearingsthat go along with the hub - $ 320 for the front, and 480 for the rear. You will also need to spend $ 100 on a set of support bearings racks.

The most robust are silent blocks on the rear suspension and levers, they calmly withstand about 200,000 km. run But by this time it is necessary to spend 800 dollars to make replacement to these details. Also, as well as silent blocks, reliable and ball bearings, which go along with the front levers, withstand about 200 thousand and together will cost $ 340.

Nissan Teana in a broken shot

Pre-styled models, assembled in Japan until 2009, have a weakness to “deflate” over time. This is due to weak rear springs, their replacement will cost $ 180. If they are not changed, the ground clearance will decrease so much that the car will begin to cling to a silencer, which is also not cheap - $ 200. When springs sagging, you can even hook on the taillights. For example, on a recumbent policeman, the rear overhang clings, after which the bumper rises and damages the edges of the headlights. New taillights are not cheap - $ 160 per headlamp. So, in the car everything is interconnected, the springs sagged - the headlights and the muffler will have to be changed. As for the cars assembled in Russia, they have so obviously the problem with the springs is not expressed, because longer springs are used, which made the car higher by 2 cm behind and 1 cm higher in front.

Body features Teany

The body of the Teana also "gives a light" to its owners. Even in the winter, during medium frost, the castle may simply freeze, so it is thermophilic. Those who have already encountered such a situation, know that you need to prepare a car for winter and lubricate door mechanisms with frost-resistant grease. And in the spring there are such situations when the drainage pipe of the hatch clogs, because of this condensate will form, which will spoil the ceiling covering.

Багажник Nissan Teana

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But the main problem of the body is that in the "TEAH" is very gentle paintwork, it is very easy to appear chips, which then appear rust. Chrome, which is trimmed the car, is also easily scratched especially on the "Japanese", Russian chrome, and the paintwork more robust.

By the way, TEAH is difficult to identify with the help of a thickness gauge for participation in accidents in the past. The body parts could have been trimmed and repainted even under warranty, and visually it will not be visible that the car was in an accident.

So, the Nissan Teany are not so trouble-free, also the concerns are delivered to their owners. Even the main competitor in the market - the Toyota Camry in the back of the V40 is more unpretentious. True Camry about 70,000 rubles more than Teana. But then, these “Japanese cars” are clearly ahead of the German competitor in the class - Volkswagen Passat B6. If you decide to buy Teana J32, then it is best to take the car after restyling, assembled in Russia, with an improved suspension. But we must be prepared for the fact that over time the car will have to tint.

2010 Nissan Teana car

Feelings of driving a Nissan Teana

The Nissan Teana with a 2.5-liter V6 engine, along with a CVT, is excellent on the road. The variator has its own principle of operation: if you push the gas pedal strongly, the arrow turns up high, and then the system reduces the gear ratio and accelerates the engine during acceleration. For those who want to drive more aggressively, you can go into sports mode, here the engine will immediately spin at higher revs, but the reaction to the gas pedal will be much faster.

Nissan Teana at a speed of up to 100 km / h does not bring much pleasure, but on a high-speed highway, the car shows itself very well, it drives in a straight line, consistently and accurately responds to the driver’s actions. The main thing is to avoid unforeseen obstacles.

Photo gallery Nissan Teana 2010

The Teany suspension is tuned for a comfortable ride, there is no stiffness typical of a sports suspension, even on broken roads the suspension softens the blows, and in the cabin, still, gently. Here, even the minimum buildup on the waves. But on sharp turns the banks are really huge, but the car doesn’t bring much.

In contrast to the first-generation TEAH, which had only smoothness and a spacious interior, then in this second-generation model now there is also a great dynamics of acceleration, good insulation and controllable car has become better.

This time we have prepared the highest quality video review on the second-generation Nissan Teana that can be found on the Internet: