Tuning honda civic do it yourself without too much

Honda Civic is a middle class car at an affordable price, after 2012, manufacturers have made restyling, after which the car began to look more modern. Honda Civic is front-wheel or all-wheel drive, there are versions of the sedan, coupe and hatchback. Motors do not have high power, there are engines of 1.4 and 1.8 liters. Transmission is both manual and automatic.

Honda Civic

When you drive a standard Honda Civic, you realize that there are not enough fashionable aerodynamic body kits, cool wheels, a spoiler, modern optics and other tuning elements. Despite the fact that the car looks stylish and modern, and if you do the tuning of the Honda Civic, you get just a smart and more powerful machine.

Before you do Honda Civic tuning It should be very careful to choose the tuning elements for the car to give the car an exclusivity and uniqueness. Of course, there is a simple option for tuning the Honda Civic - to install the original mud flaps, put deflectors on the windows, lining the grille and roof rails.

You can install all these elements yourself, but you can also order a Honda Civic tuning in a tuning studio, which are many now. Any tuning requires a considerable amount of money, even if surface tuning is done, without significant changes to the engine and other important components. After the tuning Honda Civic 4d You can get a more perfect, beautiful and elegant car.

Reading a Tunnel 4D

The main visible elements of tuning

The first thing that catches your eye is the Honda Civic skirts, which give the appearance of the car more aggressive, the car begins to look like a sports car. In addition, skirts have another purpose - they have aerodynamic properties, which means that in the end the car will consume less fuel. And since the frontal resistance decreases due to such skirts, the controllability will improve, especially this will be noticeable at high speed.

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Honda Civic tuning photo

Usually, body kits are made of durable plastic or carbon, there is a large selection of body kits from various materials. As a rule, spoilers and linings are great for body kits. Also, no tuning is complete without replacing standard optics with better ones.

Look great halogen and xenon headlights. There is such an interesting option - "Angel Eyes" with neon flashlights. Here is its own special technology, thanks to which these lights are economical and durable. In addition, you can put a strip of LEDs below, thereby emphasizing the shape of the headlights.

Honda Civic тюнинг

Для того, чтобы машина увереннее чувствовала себя в непогоду можно установить противотуманные фары, которые не только украсят автомобиль, а еще и сделают езду на машине во время дождя и тумана более комфортной. Что касается задних фар, то их тоже можно заменить, например, установить более мощные Smoke&Black, они явно уникальные, и в этих фарах нет красного цвета, что уже сделает машину особенной.

Next, you can set the skirts and thresholds that have a positive effect on the aerodynamic drag and acceleration of the machine. They are made of polypropylene, which is much stronger than plastic and does not lose its shape regardless of the temperature drop. All tuning parts are installed securely with metal fasteners.

tuning Honda Civic do it yourself

In order for the car to look as stylish as the front, you need to install a stylish rear bumper, and it must be in harmony with the design on the trunk in the design.

To make the car feel great on the road, it makes sense to work on the suspension. You can make it so that Honda Civic tuning (photo above) it will be better to take turns, and it will become softer, but at the same time elastic, thanks to such changes, the car will feel good at high speeds, and the passengers in the cabin will also be very comfortable.

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tuning Honda Civic

You can certainly make engine tuning, but this is more serious tuning, which will require a considerable amount of time and financial costs, which may not be justified, because the car is smart enough for its parameters. Therefore, the main thing that is worth working in this car is on its appearance.

And then a video about Tuning Honda Civic in the old body, but it looks quite stylish: