Geely emgrand 7 and emgrand x7 updated

Cars from Geely are selling normally, because cars are cheap and ride for a while. According to the official report for 2015, 25,000 units of this brand were sold outside of China. This is quite small, they expected to sell 1,000,000 cars. But in China, 500,000 cars were sold. The design of the cars was developed jointly with Volvo, Peter Horbury, well-known in narrow automotive circles, is responsible for the design of new cars. A new exterior was created, in which narrow headlights, a 5-coal grille, are visible. In general, the style has something from Volvo.

Geely Emgrand X7

In addition to Gili in China there are other car manufacturers: Changan, Haval, Baojun, BAIC, which compete with each other. For 2016, Chang is leading in sales, then comes Haval, and after it - Geely.

Today the newest model in the lineup is the large GC9 sedan with a coupe shape. To create this car took the platform from the Volvo S80, more affordable go Emgrand GL / GS and the jeep Boyue. In Russia, all the updated models and their restyling come with quite a big delay.

Geely Emgrand X7

Landing in the Geely Emgrand X7 is pretty good, it is even better than the crossover from Renault: Duster and Captain. Visibility is better thanks to large mirrors. The total length is about 20 cm longer. The length of the wheelbase is the same as on the Toyota RAV4, there is a beautiful instrument panel in the cabin, the rear seats are spacious, the trunk is roomy with an underground.

Geely Emgrand X7 фото

The appearance is quite serious, it is felt that the car has absorbed European features. Big wheels, Volvo-style taillights, in general, is an interesting car externally.


Inside, everything looks modern, the multimedia system with a touch screen, there is navigation, Bluetooth, the ability to play DVDs. There is even a USB connector in the glove compartment. But China - he is in Africa, China, for example, the volume key on the steering wheel stands upside down, that is, the "+" button below, the oven fan squeals unpleasantly. But the devices are quite comfortable and modern look.

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Geely Emgrand X7 Salon

In the second row - a comfortable sofa, which can be adjusted lengthwise, and the angle of inclination of the backrest can be adjusted. The Emgrand X7 crossover has a fairly large trunk, it has a roomy underground, but to open the trunk with the button on the trunk, you need to press a button in the cabin for that, which is rather inconvenient.

In the X7 crossover, lumbar support is not as strong as on a sedan, but the chair is softer. The steering is better than that of the Duster, the feedback is better, and when driving on a bad road - less vibrations are transmitted.

Emgrand X7

If you go to the frank pits, then the suspension in the X7 is more rough than in the crossovers from Renault. But noise insulation in Gili can be improved, because the noise from the road and the engine in the cabin is well heard. If you go on the highway, then the X7 with automatic gearbox and a 2.4-liter engine and a capacity of 148 liters. with. - pretty good, but if in this configuration go to traffic jams, then this machine will be annoying. If you slightly press the gas, then at first there will be a slight delay, and then a sharp acceleration, you quickly get tired of such jerks, and passengers often nod their heads.

Geely Emgrand X7 motor

And the desire to drive fast discourages the brake pedal, because it has a wadded effort, but it scares. At a speed of 80 km / h on the X7 crossover, the whistle from the air is already heard, and at a speed of 120 km / h the noise is already really serious, which is hard to hear, what the passengers are talking about.

X7 Geely

But the price is good, for only 1,000,000 rubles you can get a new X7 with automatic gearbox. It will be a car with monodrive, once every 10,000 km need to go to the service to pass MOT. According to the regulations, it is necessary to change the brake fluid every 20,000 km., Coolant - every 30,000 km., And the oil in the power steering should be changed every 40,000 km. But the manufacturer even gives a warranty of 5 years or 100,000 km. run Also among the advantages - a spacious lounge and externally large car. Therefore, if you take the all-wheel drive version with a 2-liter engine, then this is quite a reasonable choice.

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Sedan Geely Emgrand 7

The instrument panel is pretty well done, if you turn on daytime running lights, the instrument panel will not be highlighted. But the computer is a bit outdated, it has a fairly large display and does not display the average fuel consumption and temperature overboard. In the top configuration is a multimedia system with a 7-inch display, there is navigation Navitel and Bluetooth.

фото geely emgrand 7

Salon седана Geely Emgrand 7 выглядит лучше днем, потому что ночью кнопки подсвечиваются не очень красиво, такой яркий синий цвет. Также посадка не особо удобная. Но зато пластик нормального качества. После рестайлинга в машине появились новые дверные ручки, новый руль, мотор стал запускаться с кнопки, также другой селектор коробки передач.

Externally, after the restyling of the car, new bumpers appeared, and the headlights became more modern. Gili's emblem has become with blue segments, and before that they were red. The basic configuration now has heated seats and a stabilization system. Automobiles are assembled with the help of the large-unit assembly method now at the Belarusian factory Belgi.

geely emgrand 7 фото

But despite the restyling of the Emgrand 7 sedan, it still remained unfinished, the landing is the same as in the Priore, the climate control does not work well. The seats themselves are good, there is even a lumbar support and the leather substitute does not slip, but the “chair-pedal-steering wheel” configuration itself is not thought out, so it’s not very convenient to drive in such a car.

There are also strengths such as soft plastic on the dashboard and rear view camera. But the rear view camera is only in the top version, there is still a static markup on the display. And the picture is pretty good that you can see everything that is behind.

photo emgrand 7 salon

Gearbox and engine

In Emgrand 7 there is a variable speed gearbox from the Belgian factory Punch. This box is a motor with a volume of 1.8 liters and a capacity of 129 liters. with. But there are drawbacks. For example, if it is necessary to accelerate sharply, when you press the gas pedal, a delay is felt, and a rather long one. Acceleration itself is long, and the noise from the motor is heard in the cabin.

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geely emgrand 7 2017

After restyling, the chassis was finalized, but the steering settings leave much to be desired. During driving on the bad road the roar and blows is heard, it is especially unpleasant to pass on the lying police officers. But the brakes in the car are good, the road goes well, and if the car has regular summer tires, the car will go quietly.

More than 2 years ago, it was possible to buy Emgrand EC7 for 542,000 rubles. Today, the price of the Emgrand 7 is 700,000 rubles, there will be a 1.8 engine with a 5-speed manual gearbox. If you take a car with a variator, then it will be more expensive by 100,000 rubles.

geely emgrand 7

The car has a warranty of 5 years or 150,000 km. run, but then it is necessary to do THAT often, and also the dealer centers are not enough. In the secondary market, few people want to buy a Chinese car, so it will not be very liquid. Although in China, Emgrand 7 is considered one of the most popular sedans.

In the meantime, it remains to wait for the updated X7 and Boyue SUV with all-wheel drive, they will go on sale around the second half of 2017. But very soon the flagship Geely GC9 will appear, how good it is, we will find out.

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