Why do the windows get fogged in the car and how to get rid

One of the main drawbacks of driving in the winter and during the autumn thaw is misted windows, which reduce visibility and make the driver nervous. To quickly get rid of this problem and not be distracted on the road to wipe the windshield, you need to find out the cause of its occurrence, which, in turn, will tell you how to effectively eliminate condensate.

Why do the glasses mist over в авто и как избавиться от этой проблемы

Why do the glasses mist over

The appearance of foggy film on the windows due to the difference in temperature and humidity between the air outside and inside the car. The side and windshield, due to contact with the outside world will be cold, while the air in the cabin due to the engine running, as well as the inhabitants of the vehicle who breathe and sweat, is hotter and humid. When air comes in contact with the glass, moisture or steam is released from the water that was previously present in the air in a gaseous state. As a result, the released steam settles on the windows in the form of a foggy film.

The higher the humidity in the cabin and the lower the temperature outside the window, the more pronounced the fogging of the glasses. That is, to cope with the problem, it is necessary to eliminate the increased humidity by effective ventilation of the cabin.

Why do the glasses mist over в авто и как избавиться от этой проблемы

How to do it

Most modern cars are equipped with climate control system in which a special function is provided. To start it, turn on the fan in series, then the air conditioner in the windshield blowing mode, the air recirculation mode in the cabin and finally the heating. In just a couple of minutes the transparency of the windows will be restored and the condensate will disappear.

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If the car has neither an air conditioner, nor a climate control system, it will be necessary to use special anti-fogging agents. It is enough once every two weeks to process the surface with them or stick an anti-sweat film on the windshield. It should be remembered that before applying any means glass must be cleaned of dirt and grease.

Why do the glasses mist over в авто и как избавиться от этой проблемы

To ensure that the above manipulations were effective, adjust the ventilation system and eliminate the cause of high humidity.

  • Replace textile mats with rubber.
  • At least twice a year, change the cabin filter.
  • Watch the condition of the heating system, its leakage contributes to increased humidity.
  • Once every three months, provide the vehicle with full airing.

And finally, a couple of folk remedies that can be used to prevent glass misting

  • Keep windows clean and free of grease.
  • Wipe the windshield with the potatoes cut in half and remove plaque using a newspaper.
  • Use a mixture of water and white vinegar. Using a sprayer, apply the product onto the glass and then wipe it with a newspaper.
  • In a bucket of water, rub a little white soap. Wipe the glass and the mixture cleaned of dirt and grease, and then wipe with a dry cloth.

Why do the glasses mist over в авто и как избавиться от этой проблемы

If you control the level of humidity in the car, eliminate the shortcomings in time and provide the vehicle with reliable ventilation, fogging of glasses will cease to be a problem, and driving will be comfortable and safe.