Changing the oil in the automatic transmission on hyundai

Замена масла в АКПП на Хендай Солярис своими руками

Timely replacement of oil in the automatic transmission on the Hyundai Solaris is one of the most important stages in the maintenance of the vehicle. From its quality depends on the efficiency of the box automatic, the condition and service life of the torque converter, components of the clutch and its other structural elements

 Replacement period

Partial replacement of transmission fluid is recommended after 50-60 thousand km of run, with a run of 120 thousand km it should be completely replaced. The run, at which the need for an oil change occurs, should be reduced to 20–30 thousand km when operating a car in difficult conditions, for example, when driving on dirt roads, in mountainous areas, with a trailer towing, etc.

Замена масла в АКПП на Хендай Солярис своими руками

Criteria for the selection of petroleum products

For filling in the gearbox, it is better to use the original oil, the brand of which the manufacturer often points to the dipstick. For automatic transmission Hyundai Solaris, you can also take the SK ATF SP-IV, DIAMOND ATF SP-II or Mobile 0W-40. For a full replacement, you will need 8l of oil, for a partial enough 3l. And yet, when buying petroleum products, be sure to pay attention to the date of manufacture. Oil freshness is an important factor for the uptime of the transmission of cars of this brand.



If you decide to independently perform this technical procedure, then prepare in advance a set of tools and accessories. It should consist of:

  • a set of keys;
  • funnels;
  • отвёртки;
  • clean rags;
  • capacity to drain the oil.

Step-by-step instructions for a complete oil change

Control of the level of oil can be carried out using the probe. It must be removed, wiped dry and put back into the nozzle until it stops. The exact result will be obtained upon its subsequent extraction. If it turns out that the level has dropped below the “Hot” mark, oil should be urgently added, if the color darkens or there is an unpleasant burning smell, replace it.

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Замена масла в АКПП на Хендай Солярис своими руками

  • Place the car on a flat surface and fix well.
  • Start the engine and warm the box to operating temperature.
  • Turn off the engine and after 5 minutes, after the fluid has moved into the oil pan of the crankcase, remove the dipstick on the right side under the hood.
  • Unscrew the drain plug with a wrench on 17.
  • Drain the oil in a pre-prepared vessel.
  • Screw the plug back into the drain hole.
  • Install a funnel in the probe pipe and fill in ½ of the fresh fluid.
  • Remove the funnel, replace the dipstick.
  • Start the engine for 2-3 minutes, while it is running, switch each gear several times with pauses of 5-10 seconds.
  • Drain this fluid and fill in new oil in full (up to the F mark).
  • Start the engine again and shift the gears through the gearbox.
  • Check with dipstick oil level.

Замена масла в АКПП на Хендай Солярис своими руками

Such a procedure requires a greater consumption of transmission fluid, but will serve as a guarantee of high-quality and long-lasting automatic transmission.