Compressor daewoo dw40l

The main purpose of the DAEWOO DW40L automotive compressor is to inflate the tires of vehicles and sports equipment.

compressor DAEWOO DW40L

The device has a removable digital pressure gauge. With it, you can measure the pressure or set its desired value before starting work. A special plastic case for storing the device and accessories allows you to control the completeness at the end of work.

The appearance of the product and its component parts

All items are packaged in a neat suitcase. Inside is a high-performance compressor. The new model of a pneumatic tool is equipped with a removable pressure gauge. In the working position, it is fixed in the central part of the cover with a special lever.компрессор%20DAEWOO%20DW40L&

Under the cover of the compressor are the power cord plug, a set of three nozzles and four spare caps for the nipple. The power cord and air hose are also stored separately. For use of the compressor in the dark a lamp is provided.


The DAEWOO DW40L compressor pumps air at 40 liters per minute. The maximum pressure that it can provide inside a tire wheel can reach 7.5 bar. It is important to observe the pressure recommended by the manufacturer of the product. The average pumping wheel P15 to 2.3 bar is three minutes.

compressor DAEWOO DW40L

Duration of work

The time of continuous operation of the compressor can not exceed 20 minutes. This time is enough for swap four wheels. The tool can be interrupted automatically in two cases:

Performance specifications

- Tire pressure has reached the upper value set by the user in the gauge. By default, the compressor shuts off when the pressure reaches 30 PSI (2.05 bar); - The current exceeded 15 A, the fuse worked.

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Performance specifications

Compressor DAEWOO DW40L is equipped with an electric cable, the length of which is 3.5 meters. This is enough to easily move with the tool within the machine. The rubberized edges of the compressor housing reliably protect the internal parts of the instrument from damage during drops. The rubber edge reduces vibration and noise in a running compressor.

Operation mode

Before you begin, you need to prepare the following components:

- Power cord - placed on the back of the compressor housing; - Air hose - located on the side of the case in a special compartment; - Corresponding nozzle for the air hose connector. The car compressor operates on a 12 V power supply. When the battery is low, it is recommended to turn on the car engine. This will provide sufficient voltage for effective and stable operation of the device.

compressor DAEWOO DW40L

Autonomous operation of the digital pressure gauge is carried out from two batteries LR44. By default, readings in the gauge are displayed in units of PSI.

If the user is uncomfortable, you can always change the data format.