How to replace the boot of the outer cv joint

The constant velocity joint (CV JOINT) is an element created only for front wheel drive vehicles in order to quickly transfer rotation from the transmission to the drive of the drive wheels. This site is slightly different from the similar site, which is installed in rear-wheel drive cars. Its main feature is that it has to carry out the transmission of rotation on a semi-axis with a periodically varying angle of inclination. In order to avoid the breakdown of the entire hinge of equal angular velocities, mechanics replace the boot of the outer CV joint.

Anther replacement наружного ШРУСА

Outer boot (right)


  • 1 What are anthers and from which material are reproduced?
  • 2 The main factors that require the replacement of the anther car
  • 3 Detailed instructions for replacing the boot of the outer CV joint
    • 3.1 Preparatory work
  • 4 Process for quick disassembly of the drive
  • 5 Anther replacement
  • 6 Grease "CV JOINT - 4" is a very important element of the entire replacement process.

What is anthers and from what material are reproduced?

In most cases, such elements are installed on almost all cars of light type, or on the rear and front axles of off-road vehicles. As a rule, such vehicles are characterized by an indispensable suspension.

Anther - This is a special case designed to perform a reliable protective function. It is made of rubber and is made in the form of a corrugated pipe. This cover, is almost irreplaceable thing which serves as good protection against dust or pollution of any kind. The developers planned that the period of reliable operation of this type of structure will be identical to the resource of the entire vehicle. As time has shown, long-term operating conditions for such elements have made major changes, so the anther was the most unreliable link. Especially for the creation of the anther, a number of special materials were developed, which are notable for their excellent resistance to moisture and low temperature indices. Before replacing the CV joints, you first need to examine the conditions under which it is necessary to replace it.

Video how to change the CVR of the CV joint without removing the CV joint

New rubber boot

The main factors that require the replacement of the anther car

Paying attention to the degree of congestion of the anthers and the fact that they always interact with each other, we can conclude how fast they can fail. When the driver does not regularly conduct an inspection of the condition of the anthers, sooner or later, the severe injuries themselves will make themselves felt.

A fairly frequent consequence of the failure of the anther is SHRUS coup. During sharp turns, the SHRUS, clogged with dirt, begins to crack heavily. Such a situation requires an immediate response from the driver - unrepaired damage in time, a “grenade” in the shortest possible time will simply disintegrate.

Finding any malfunction of the anthers, it is better to immediately deal with their replacement.

The following causes can cause rapid damage to the boot:

  1. Abnormal external factors.
  2. Huge level of load on twisting.
  3. Deformation due to exposure to large moisture or sand particles.
  4. Hit of a large amount of water and abrasive particles.
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All of these, and many other reasons, lead to the fact that the anthers quickly fail. Do not forget: the amount for the purchase of such parts is insignificant, but the process of replacing them with services costs the car enthusiast quite expensive. Therefore, in order to avoid such an outcome, it is recommended to prevent the occurrence of even the smallest cracks.

How to replace the boot CV joints

Torn boot

Detailed instructions for replacing the boot of the outer CV joint

Preparatory work

If the driver has identified any damage to the anther, which must be urgently repaired, he can independently carry out the entire process. The main tools that will be needed for this include:

  • brush on metal rolls and a set of heads;
  • installation;
  • spanner and spanner keys;
  • hammer and jack;
  • several stands of wood;
  • wheel chocks and a liquid key for the treatment of soured elements;
  • new boot;
  • grease SHRUS and a vessel in which the oil will merge;
  • rags;
  • a small amount of gasoline, which will be used to wash the CV joints.

The process of quick disassembly of the drive

The first thing to do next is to drive the car into a special pit and put the car in the handbrake. Pay attention to the wheels of the rear axle - under them be sure to put a reliable stops. For a more reliable guarantee of safety, put the vehicle in first gear.

The next step is to loosen the nut, which tightens the CV joint and remove the protective cap, which is designed to secure the drive. Further, car jacking up, under its thresholds special supports are substituted. The front wheel is lifted with a jack and all bolts are unscrewed, eventually the wheel is removed. Press out the ball joint of the steering rod of the vehicle and unscrew the 2 bolts, which are used to fasten the lower ball joint to the hub.

Anther replacement наружного ШРУСа

The process of replacing the boot CV joints

Only after carrying out the above actions, you can check the status of the bottom support. Then, the hub is removed from the splines of the drive shaft. Two options for parsing the drive, which are used only on the outer CV joint:

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First method - knocking down the outer grenade without drawing out the inner CV joint:

  1. Remove the clamps from the anther of the outer joint, cut them and wipe off the excess grease that is present on the joint.
  2. Take the gas key and firmly hold the shaft.
  3. Ask another person to shoot down the CV joint. To do this, it strikes the inside of the hinge using a hammer.

This execution method has the main differences:

  • in this case, do not drain the oil from the box;
  • to shoot down a grenade while it is extremely inconvenient.

You can also watch the video on how to change the CV joint boot without removing the CV joint.

Second method - the process of complete removal of the drive from the car:

  1. Between the body of the internal hinge and gearbox housing, you need to tightly drive the mount.
  2. Pull out the shaft, which is included in the gearbox. This is done with the help of ordinary movements back and forth.
  3. Conduct a complete removal of the drive.

    Video how to change the boot CV joint without removing the CV joint

    Reassemble in reverse order.

Anther replacement

In order to clean the outer cover of the drive well, it is recommended to clean it with a special brush for metal. After that, the clamps of the anther are removed, then - the anther is removed with a screwdriver (sometimes completely cut).

The next step involves wiping CV joints from grease and his further knocking down. The hinge, which was removed, must be lowered into a previously prepared vessel with gasoline.

After there is a dressing of the new boot on the shaft of the car Well washed SHRUS, you need to put on the shaft splines. You can fill it with a special stand made of wood and a simple hammer.

Grease "CV JOINT - 4" is a very important element of the entire replacement process.

Before stretching the boot on the CV joint, its middle must be properly lubricated with the substance “CV JOINT - 4 ″. After this process, the boot must be put on a grenade and well fixed with hose clips. In the final stage, the drive must be driven using a hammer and a wooden stand. On the splines need to wear a hub and how to tighten the nut to secure it. Put the ball bearing in place and put the wheel on.

It is important: to carry out a careful check for a good tightening of all the bolts that you previously twisted. Do not forget to fasten the crankcase protection and pour a small amount of oil into the gearbox. In order to avoid a strong change in the position of the gears of the vehicle, it is not necessary to practice removing the drive simultaneously on both sides.