Compare new hyundai solaris vs lada vesta

Hyundai Solaris vs Lada Vesta

Last year began the rivalry Hyundai Solaris and Lada Vesta. However, the Russian car was in the role of catching up and sold one and a half times worse in the domestic market. Today, the situation has changed dramatically. Hyundai Solaris in 2017 was updated and became much more expensive. Now Lada Vesta is cheaper than a competitor by 150 thousand rubles, and most importantly, it is not inferior to him. This year, the sales of both cars on the domestic market are almost the same (Only a few percent are in the lead of the Korean brand). So, let's start a comparison of the new Hyundai Solaris vs. Lada Vesta.

Lada Vesta

Hyundai Solaris

Rear view cars

Lada Vesta

Hyundai Solaris

Front view of cars

Comparison of engines Solaris vs. Vesta

Korean engine 1.6 liters faster, its power is 123 horsepower. As for the Lada Vesta, this car also has a 1.5-liter engine, but its power is 106 horsepower. In addition, the 2017 Hyundai Solaris engine sounds much nicer. The VAZ engine makes a familiar sound (gurgles and rustles), while the Korean has an excellent timbre of exhaust and a perky sound.

Engine Hyundai Solaris

Engine Hyundai Solaris familiar from the previous generation. However, it was slightly modified, making it weaker in power and reducing torque. In addition, the new model range introduced another 1.4-liter engine with a capacity of 100 horsepower. Such a reduction in power in the engines due to the fact that the Korean company recently strongly took up the ecology and cleanliness of their cars.

Двигатель Lada Vesta

As for the Lada Vesta, then the VAZ-21129 engine is installed on it, which is a modification of the engine from Granta, Kalina and Priora. The main changes of the engine touched again, environmental friendliness. The new engine raises the environmental plan to Euro-5. In addition, the engine is more powerful by 8 horsepower from its predecessor.

In addition to this engine, on the Vesta, you can also install a more powerful unit for 122 horsepower, with a volume of 1.8 liters.

Gearbox from Hyundai and Lada

The AMT transmission in Lada Vesta is really quite good. In the measure of its class, this automatic transmission is very good. Yes, during acceleration, sometimes there are failures in the load, but they are not very noticeable. Anyway, you can get used to the Lada Vesta box very quickly.

Gearbox Lada Vesta

Sometimes, of course, you need to try it. Starting from a place scattered, the car is torn with some pauses, often lowered and acceleration begins. In modern automotive industry, cars are made in which the box itself adapts to the driver. The domestic car has not yet evolved, so the driver has to adapt to the Lada Vesta. But getting used to the box (it's not so difficult), you can safely ride without any problems and jerking. The box is quite excellent and very good for this segment.

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Transmission Hyundai Solaris

Yes, we have to admit that the transmission in the Hyundai Solaris is better. The transmission is accurate and almost never pulls the car. Solaris is gaining momentum faster and smoother. Sometimes, of course, there are problems with the choice of reduced speed, but this happens quite rarely.

We have to admit that the Koreans have made the gearbox better, however, the modern motorist almost does not feel the difference, because the “jambs” of the box in the Vesta are sometimes very difficult to notice. In addition, to buy an automatic transmission for the Lada Vesta, you will have to pay only 25 thousand rubles. And it means that this automatic box is made of the cheapest parts available in the automotive market. In Solaris, the box is also not expensive - only 40 thousand rubles, but the difference of 15 thousand makes you wonder.

Car suspension comparison

Инженеры обеих компаний в данном вопросе потрудились очень хорошо. Подвеска что в одной, что в другой машине очень хорошая, надёжная и стойкая. На среднего качества дорогах, Lada Vesta более устойчива и комфортна. Hyundai Solaris иногда легко раскачивается, но порой это просто незаметно.

Korean car suspension is new. The company's engineers in the new model range decided to eliminate some problems with the suspension and unified it with the Elantra. Alteration was not in vain. The car really became steady and comfortable.

Lada Vesta is more intuitive and enjoyable to operate. Solaris brings on high-speed turns, the steering wheel seems “Soft” and viscous, while on the national West the steering wheel is held tenaciously and reliably, carrying out all the driver’s commands.

Если сравнивать автомобили на грунтовых дорогах, то понятное дело, что победа будет за отечественным автомобилем. Lada Vesta имеет гораздо больший дорожный просвет и для неё грунтовая дорога - это не такой уж и сложный вызов. Солярис конечно низковат для наших дорог. Поэтому, на грунтовой дороге ехать нужно тихо и аккуратно, в то время как на Весте можно ехать не боясь ям и препятствий в виде грунта и камней.

Experts say that the Korean car's suspension is more comfortable, while the Russian car is rather agile and collected. In general, to identify the leader will not work. Both brands have worked on their pendants very well and they have practically no significant drawbacks.

Hyundai Solaris 2017

Soundproofing and sounds inside the cabin

Что касается шумоизоляции, то тут для отечественного автомобиля все печально. Внутри салона слышно, как хрюкает мотор, ветер свистит и т.д. В общем посторонние шумы есть и они порой сильно раздражают. Стоит признать, что шумоизоляция у Лады Весты гораздо лучше, чем у предшественников ВАЗа, но всё же. Сидя в салоне Hyundai Solaris таких посторонних шумов не услышишь. Однако есть одно слабое место - слышен шум колес, который порой сильно приедается и дико раздражает. Возможно, шум колес таки приедается из-за того, что корейские инженеры хорошо потрудились над шумоизоляцией других громких деталей, но всё же это гораздо лучше, чем сидеть в Ладе и слышать абсолютно все звуки авто.

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If you look at quality subjectively, then Solaris is at a better level than Vesta. This applies to almost all sounds. Starting from the opening and closing of the door and ending with extraneous noise while driving.

Interior of new Hyundai Solaris и Lada Vesta

Immediately it is worth noting that the interior of cars is very similar. One gets the impression that the Korean designers just took and copied the interior from the Russian car. Both cars have almost identical interiors, just in the Solaris 2017, compared with the Lada Vesta more details that make the interior more modern.

Interior of new Hyundai Solaris

Let the new Hyundai Solaris alter its interior, yet there are not quite comfortable seats, which sometimes overwork the back while riding. Although Lada Vesta has flat seats, it is still more pleasant to sit in it. But most likely it is an amateur.

Interior of lada vesta

According to the ergonomics of the cabin, the domestic machine is superior to the Korean. But, if you pay attention to the small details, then the new Hyundai Solaris is certainly better. In Lada Vesta, the smell of dermantine, rough plastic, the screen is not so sensitive, etc. Salon Solaris is much more pleasant to the touch and smell. But this can be observed only in the most expensive assembly of a Korean car, which costs more than a million rubles. If you choose a standard package, the difference in details will be difficult to find.

In the rear seats it will be much more comfortable for passengers to sit in the Lada Vesta. This car has more rear seats. Space for passengers there really is a lot. Bad of course, that there is no central armrest and flat rear seats are installed, this is not a very noticeable minus. There is a lot of space at the back, the doorway is wider and a passenger in a domestic car will really feel better than in Solaris 2017.

In the last modification of the Korean car, engineers tried to make their offspring much more spacious and comfortable. It is worth noting that if we compare the model with the predecessors, they succeeded, but the Lada is even more comfortable and spacious. Take even the ceiling of cars. In the Lada Vesta it is several centimeters higher than that of a competitor, which is very noticeable with a high height driver.

Багажник Hyundai Solaris

As for the trunk, then the leader could not be identified, because in both cars it is 480 liters. They are almost identical and quite spacious.

Lada Vesta's trunk

Options and prices for Hyundai Solaris and Lada Vesta

The most basic equipment Koreans worth 599 thousand. Rubles. The Russian car will cost the buyer 546 thousand. However, these configurations are practically not bought, because they do not have air conditioning, heated seats and even audio systems. If we take into account the normal configuration, like honey by itself, the Solaris 2017 will cost 700 thousand rubles. While the identical assembly of Lada Vesta costs 571 thousand rubles.

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For both cars there are many additional features and "Gadgets". But, in Solaris, there are many more. Paying extra, you can get additional curtain airbags, rear disc brakes, special automatic headlights, keyless entry and much more. The Russian company said that soon the list of additional functions will be expanded, however, for now, it is as it is. Koreans have much better equipment.

The most expensive assembly of Vesta is 740 thousand rubles. But the assembly of Solaris will cost 900 thousand rubles (not counting the additional package of options that make up the price to a million).

Options and prices for Hyundai Solaris

If you compare cars for the price, taking similar configuration options - Lada Vesta 1.6 Comfort Multimedia and Hyundai Solaris 1.6 Comfort MT, you can see a serious gap. A domestic car of such a configuration will cost the buyer 623 thousand rubles, while the Korean car will cost 770 thousand rubles. However, despite such a difference in price, the equipment of the Vesta is much better. There is a rear-view camera, parking sensors, cruise control, and much more, which is simply not in this configuration Hyundai. The engines, albeit in terms of volume, are the same in the complete sets (both 1.6 liters), but in the Hyundai it is more powerful. Whatever it was, you can compare the strength of both machines. For example, choosing a Korean car with a volume of 1.4 liters, then the buyer will save 25 thousand rubles. And yet, even with equal engines, Vesta is better in terms of equipment and (about) 100 thousand rubles cheaper.

Configuration and prices for Lada Vesta


If you do not pay attention to the cost of cars and compare similar configurations, you should admit that Hyundai Solaris looks more dynamic and more attractive than the competitor. No noise, looks more powerful cars, more pleasant things in the cabin, etc.

Appearance and review of Hyundai Solaris

But, as soon as it comes to practicality, convenience during driving and maneuverability, the Russian car becomes the undisputed leader. It is more adapted to bad roads, inside it is nice to sit and ride. The suspension is more comfortable, there is more space in the cabin, and the passengers have much more space.

Appearance and review of Lada Vesta