The japanese began mass production of the new generation

Японцы начали серийно производить новопоколенную Mazda CX-9 New Generation Mazda CX-9 began to serially go with the conveyors of the Hiroshima automobile plant. Sales of this seven-seat SUV, the Japanese are going to start next spring. However, not all countries in which the predecessor of this model was implemented. In our country, its mass appearance is unlikely for reasons of low demand due to the crisis. But on this score the Japanese are categorically undecided.

Hiroshima Automobile Plant received a production plan of fifty thousand units Mazda CX-9 in year. Eighty percent of the crossovers will be made for the American and Canadian car markets. Americans, in particular, will see and be able to purchase a Japanese novelty in March-April of this year. Official New Mazda CX-9 presentation - This is the second generation in a row - it took place at the last November November motor show, which was held in Los Angeles. Японцы начали серийно производить новопоколенную Mazda CX-9 Externally new generation Mazda CX-9 changed slightly, since it is made in the same corporate corporate style of the brand. For the US market under the hood of a new SUV will install a 2.5-liter turbocharged engine, capable of peak work for 250 horses at once. The engine belongs to the SkyActiv-G family, it works in tandem with a six-band automatic. The motor is made on the same autos as all the other modules of the SUV.

Японцы начали серийно производить новопоколенную Mazda CX-9 The car body has a length of just over five meters, which is three centimeters more than the model of the first generation. The wheelbase with such a length was 2 meters 93 centimeters, which exceeded the standard of the previous version by 5.5 centimeters. Interestingly, with such an increase in the size of the car, however, it became lighter by ninety kilograms in the configuration with front-wheel drive and one hundred thirty kilos in version 4x4. Everything is explained by the conscious relief of the structure by the developers through the use of a lighter alloy. Японцы начали серийно производить новопоколенную Mazda CX-9 New Generation Mazda CX-9 equipped with LED headlights in front and the same rear lights. The car in automatic mode is controlled by electronic security systems and stabilization of the course, we are talking about adaptive cruise control, tracking services for blind zones, number of movements, etc. The driver-music lover will be pleased with the audio system with twelve speakers.

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As already mentioned, the plans of the Japanese at the expense of sales of new items in our country are not yet transparent. And the last generation of this model was sold at the end of 2015.