Category rights for the quad

On domestic roads there are various types of vehicles. Practically for each of them, not only driving skills are required, but also the presence of a corresponding driver's license. After the appearance of four-wheeled motorized vehicles, the question of which category of rights is needed on an ATV has become more relevant.

Since 2013, there have been changes in the legislation of the Russian Federation related to the introduction of new categories and subcategories in the driver's license. We will understand which of these updates are valid today.


  • 1 Basic concepts
  • 2 Legal features
  • 3 Preparation for the exam
  • 4 Exam Procedure

Basic concepts

On the territory of the Russian Federation, four-wheeled motor vehicles fall under the classification of ATVs. Allowable technological maximum speed for them should be an indicator of 50 km / h There is also a permitted mass, which must be below 0.4 tons, and the apparatus has a limited power of 15 kW. The driver’s seat will be in a motorcycle saddle, the steering wheel is also mounted horizontal, and the number of wheels is four.

what is the current category of rights needed on the quad

Not all drivers seek to get a right for a quad or snowmobile, arguing that they do not use these vehicles on public roads. However, such a statement is not true. Cars of this type belong to full-fledged road users.

Legal features

Motorists should be aware that the category of rights for a quad in a regular driver's license is missing. She submitted to another document, which is called the "rights for tractor drivers." There categories “A” and “A1” are reserved for it, but they are not similar to the rights points for motorcycles and mopeds!

“A” is applied to vehicles used on public roads and having a technical speed limit of 50 km / h.

"A1" - off-road motor vehicles (snowmobile, quad bike, etc.)

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what category of rights is needed on a quad bike

It will be possible to get this document only from the only state body - the State Technical Supervision.

Under the appropriate category will fall into the most popular motorcycle tractor. For holders of a standard certificate who wish to purchase a driver's license to the tractor with the appropriate mark, the exam procedure will be facilitated, unlike for beginners.

On preferential terms, the document is issued to immigrants, military personnel and refugees. For the military, obtaining rights is organized according to the location of its unit. The two remaining preferential groups, the procedure of training and issuance of the document is organized by the head of the GTA of the relevant region.

It is necessary to know that riding an ATV without a license is classified as an administrative violation and is punishable by penalties in the amount of 5 ... 15 thousand rubles. The corresponding norm is enshrined in the Code of Administrative Violations, Part 1, Article 12.7.

what category of rights is awarded for quad

The introduction of the category of rights "A1" for ATVs has become popular due to the increased number of these vehicles in the domestic spaces. We had to legally regulate this activity in order to protect the rest of the road users.

Exam preparation

To be trained for obtaining tractor rights with a “A1” mark is legally possible from the age of 16. Eligible for health citizens who have received appropriate medical certificate are allowed to the process. It must contain permission for this type of rights (management of self-propelled vehicles), and not for a classic driver's license.

Issuance of a medical certificate for obtaining the rights of a machinist-tractor operator refers to the paid services of a medical institution. Legislation does not set a limit to its maximum value.

Since the fall of 2015, all independent attempts to study rights have been canceled by law. This means that all applicants for a certificate must unlearn and pass exams.

which assign a category of rights for the quad

The inspector with a higher education in technical specialty has the right to control knowledge in the state technical supervision body. His minimum age should be 25 years, and the examiner must have an open corresponding category of rights “A” or “A1”.

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The list of documents required to obtain a certificate has been determined:

  • the application is in accordance with the established form;
  • given a citizen passport of the examinee;
  • medical certificate for the appropriate category;
  • photocopy of receipt of payment of state duty;
  • valid rights (if available);
  • photos 3x4 cm

After receiving the full package of documents, the examiner sets a specific time for the examinations.

Exam Procedure

Testing in Gostekhnadzor carried out in two stages. At the first, knowledge of the theoretical part is tested, and at the second stage, practical skills of the driver of a snowmobile or ATV are examined.

what category of rights is needed on a modern quad bike

The theory is verified with tickets that are approved at the level of the Ministry of Agriculture. If this part of the test fails, you can come back. However, a period of at least seven days is given to consolidate theoretical knowledge. Only after its termination the entrant is allowed to a new check. The same rule is used for problems with the practical part of the exam.

After three possible failures, the delivery of practical skills of a citizen is sent to mandatory retraining. Confirmation that he really studied again, is the corresponding certificate from the educational organization. It must be original and certified with the appropriate seal.

The relevance of teaching the theoretical part is valid for the next three months. If the driver is not met in the allotted time interval for the practical part, then the theory will have to be re-studied.

In the practical part, it will be necessary to pass the ability to control the vehicle at the circuit and within the city. Maneuvers required from a future specialist consist of a correct start, emergency braking, turning, etc.

The number of people wishing to receive the rights of this category is not so large today, so there are no significant queues in the GTH in this specialty.