How to open a car without a key

Any driver due to certain events and circumstances may lose a car key. It is very insulting to lose the key, however, it is much worse when it is in the ignition lock, the engine is running and the doors are completely locked. It is not possible to open the car with a spare key, because the door locks do not work due to the disabling of the mechanical drive. Do not panic and nervous in this situation, because there are many different ways to open a car without a key. We will try to tell about all possible options in detail in our article.

Ways to get into the car without a key

Перед тем how to open the car without a key, необходимо определиться с методом, который будет наиболее удобен и причинит наименьший вред автомобилю, нервам и кошельку. Можно выбрать один из следующих способов:

how to open the car without a key

Cars of domestic production can be opened using a rope with a loop

  1. Break the glass. This is a fairly quick and simple solution to the problem, but not the most economical. Replacing the glass will be expensive, even if it is a rear deaf vent. At the same time there is a high probability of injury, especially if you do not comply with safety measures. It is possible to break glass with a fist without cuts only in the cinema. It is best to use something heavy, a stone or a hammer, wrapped in a rag.
  2. Use a wooden wedge. It is necessary to find or make a wedge with a base thickness of 3 to 4 cm and a length of 20-25 cm. You should also arm yourself with a metal bar with a hook at one end. Very carefully using the wedge is required to bend the edge of the door, gently driving it into the gap between the pillar and the frame. A bar with a hook is inserted into the slot, with which you can turn the lock.
  3. Use the wire hook. This method will require a rigid thin wire with a length of 60 to 80 cm, at the end of which a hook should be made with an angle of 45 ° and a length of about 10 cm from the bend. It is necessary to hook the traction door, then pull the hook up and open the door. This method can be applied to any car of domestic production.
  4. Use an electric drill. You will need to drill the core of the door lock, which will open the door. In addition to the drill, you can use a metal block, which is similar in shape to the key. It should be hammered into the larva and, making efforts, turn. There is also an opinion that steel nail scissors or a flat-tip screwdriver can replace such a blank. In any case, this method entails replacing all the larvae or carrying different keys.

    how to open the car without a key

    Tilting the door seal, you can open the door with a wire hook

  5. Use wire up to 2 meters long. The locking system in cars of foreign production works in such a way that when the door handle is opened, the central locking system releases the lock. This feature is used for emergency door opening. On the existing wire should make a small hook. It must be gently inserted into the gap between the pillar and the top of the door. Gradually penetrating into the cabin, you need to make bends and try to pick up the door handle. Hooking it, pull the wire, and the door opens easily.
  6. Apply rope or cord. For this method, any piece of cord or rope up to 1 meter in length with a middle loop that is not tightened will fit. A loop is inserted between the top corner of the selected door and the pillar. When the ability to do this is absent, the angle should be bent using the available tools. The hinge must be lowered onto the door lock button, tighten and pull up. This method is suitable only for those vehicles whose close button is located in the upper part of the door panel and slightly protrudes above the surface.
  7. Call professional experts. This type of service is quite common. Masters have a set of special tools that work very quickly, and the cost of such a procedure is much cheaper than repairing a deformed, scratched door or broken glass.

Benefits of calling an emergency opening service

how to open a car with a special tool

Some emergency opening wizards still use outdated methods.

Квалифицированный специалист сразу поймет, how to open the car without a key. При этом все его действия будут согласованы с владельцем транспортного средства.

The Emergency Opening Wizard may suggest the following:

  1. On expensive cars, the procedure is performed by using special equipment that minimizes the risk of any unwanted damage. This type of work is very expensive, however, it guarantees the high quality of the work produced.
  2. Emergency opening. The process completely duplicates the previously described steps of the fifth method. The only difference is that the procedure uses pneumatic tools, a telescopic manipulator and special suction cups for glass. Most often, this method is used by masters who do not have modern equipment or they do not know other ways.
  3. Penetration of the cabin through the glass seal. To perform such work, the master must have a good understanding of the machine’s locking mechanism, have certain skills and special tools. This method does not guarantee the integrity of all internal mechanisms. Sometimes it causes additional costs associated with the repair of the vehicle’s locking elements.