Baic group surprised hybrid "gelendvagenom" bj80

BAIC Group surprised by hybrid Ironically, or it was done deliberately, but at the Shanghai Motor Show, the stands of the Chinese corporation BAIC Group and Mercedes-Benz were located next to each other. Actually, there is nothing strange in this neighborhood, but when both there and there gelendvageny are towering, but one of them has a hybrid power plant under the hood, there is a certain marketing move. He actually acted: the eyes of many visitors were excited from the contemplation of the Chinese Gelendvagen. They really took the new SUV  BAIC BJ80 for the new mersedesovskuyu development of the G-class!

But no, do not be overexcited! No Mercedes hybrid "Gelik" arrived at the Shanghai auto show, it is just a quality external copy of the legend of the German car industry, which, not at all embarrassed, the Chinese produce not only, but also shamelessly exhibit very close to the German auto stand. Oh, those Chinese! BAIC Group surprised by hybrid The usual BJ80 model is sold in the Celestial Empire with any of the two engines to choose from: a 163-horsepower 2.8-liter turbodiesel coupled with a six-speed manual transmission and a 250-horsepower 2.3-liter gasoline compressor engine. Petrol, by the way, works not only with mechanical, but also with automatic six-band transmission. Aborigines can buy Chinese "Gelendvagen" for 283 thousand local money, which in translation to our tugriks is about two million three hundred thousand rubles. This all-terrain Mercedes-Benz G-Class can only be bought for an amount six times larger. This is about 1 million 330 thousand yuan, or 10 million 800 thousand rubles! BAIC Group surprised by hybrid Soon BAIC will launch a hybrid version on the market. J80 PHEV, an example of which was demonstrated yesterday in Shanghai. The hybrid will be more expensive than the diesel or petrol versions, but it’s still far from the price tag of the basic Gelendvagen assembly. By the way, the real “helico” still does not have a hybrid engine. The technical moments of the BJ80 plug-in hiborid are not voiced by Chinese managers. BAIC Corporation has a special environmental unit BJEV, which is engaged in the development of electric vehicles, and it is here that the conceptual Chinese "Gelendvagen"rechargeable from an electrical outlet. The BAIC concern is the property of the state, and this means that it will strictly and efficiently fulfill the orders of the party and the people who require total electrification of any transport in the country. It is unlikely that BJ80 PHEV will be served with hot cakes, it is expensive for the average Chinese, despite the fact that it is six times cheaper than the Mercedes model. But the bureaucratic apparatus of the Chinese Communist Party can transfer to them. Party functionaries have money for this. BAIC Group surprised by hybrid

Early this month Back buzz initiated the sale of the business four-door EH 300. The German Mercedes G-class still has an electric version, but this is not an official modification, but from a single Austrian tuning office. Such electrohelix recently acquired Schwarzenegger. New generation Mercedes-Benz G-class will appear before the end of this year, more accurate dates are not announced. Hindus also produce their gelendvageny, these models are stamped by Force Motors.