In which region of russia are the cheapest cars with mileage

The number of cars in Russia has increased in recent years. Indeed, without it, it is often difficult to solve pressing problems. However, buying a car, do not want to overpay, especially if it is used. Therefore, the cheapest cars in Russia are trying to take in order to gain driving experience. It's a pity if the door or the bumper of a new foreign car is scratched, and it is cheaper to repair a used one and repair it.


  • 1 Reasons to buy cheap cars
  • 2 Regions with available cars
  • 3 Popular auto companies and regions

Reasons for buying cheap cars

Experts estimate that it sometimes becomes more expensive to maintain a car in our country than in an average European country. Serious spending requires a loan, compulsory insurance and fuel. Not all citizens are ready for such financial burdens.

Where in Russia are the cheapest cars with mileage

In connection with this situation, it is often necessary to look for where in Russia are the cheapest cars with mileage to reduce costs. Internet advertisements for used car sales are gaining more views than shopping offers from salons.

Regions with available cars

Recently, a study was conducted portal Yandex. Auto. Customers of the analysis tried to find out whether the machines really differ significantly in prices in the regions. As a result, several zones were identified, with an average cost of cars 10-15% lower than in other regions.

Where are the cheapest cars in Russia?

The answer lay in more competition since there were more offers in such cities. Accordingly, for a quick sale, the owners reduced the initial price. The leaders in the struggle for the buyer with the best offer were St. Petersburg, Moscow and Samara.

In order to calculate in which region of Russia the cheapest cars, in the calculations, more than 800 thousand offers for the sale of used cars were taken. For accuracy, they relied on the average statistics of the relevance of the application, which was about 2 months.

The data from the Internet portal suggests an approximate sales volume of 4.8 million cars. The total financial turnover of used cars was 2.3 trillion rubles.

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Popular auto companies and regions

Выявляя, Where are the cheapest cars in Russia?, нужно учитывать специфику предпочтений каждого региона. Ведь в разных городах отличаются условия для автовладельцев, поэтому и вкусы разнятся.

in which region of Russia are the cheapest cars

Border areas are famous for their love of foreign cars due to their geographical location. The most famous in this regard Kaliningrad and Vladivostok, from which "drive" foreign cars. In three domestic megacities of Yekaterinburg, Moscow and St. Petersburg, the predominance of foreign-made cars reaches 80%.

Volswagen, Toyota, Ford, Mitsubishi are in demand as popular brands.

In search of cheap cars can be advised to visit the southern region. In the markets of Krasnodar, not only fruits and vegetables are inexpensive, but also used cars. Buyers there will find a sufficient amount of quality goods at a reasonable price.

where are the cheapest cars in Russia

Most often the cheapest cars are Asians. Therefore, car owners should look at the service centers and the cost of spare parts for future cars from these regions. It should be understood that the money invested rarely in such a transport can be obtained by reselling this car again.