Tuning gazelle significantly increases the technical

Gazelle cars are more often used as working vehicles, and for the people who drive them, they become a second home. Therefore, each driver seeks to improve his car for even greater comfort while driving. With the right approach, tuning the Gazelle with your own hands will become a simple and easily solvable task. The car in which the driver spends most of his time is simply obliged to look great.

tuning gazelles do it yourself

External tuning Gazelle

Depending on the functional purpose, the Gazelle is tuned from the outside in different ways. First of all, you should pay attention to the front and rear skirts. Depending on the wishes of the car owner, you can choose one or another model of the bumper. It is necessary to understand why changing skirts. Their main function is the absorption of force upon impact.

Also, to improve the appearance of the Gazelle can make it more streamlined. To do this, you can install on the roof of the car flowed around. They will help increase the aerodynamic properties of the machine. In turn, this will help it to be more maneuverable and easier to drive, which will save fuel consumption. But the visor will help protect the driver from sunlight.

tuning gazelles do it yourself photo

Tuning gazelles with their own hands (photo above shows) will be a very exciting experience. When installing the apron, you can reduce the ingress of soot and dirt, but the air intake can increase the effect of installing dodger. Installing these elements will make Gazelle more powerful and spectacular in appearance.

Depending on the wishes of the owner can be done airbrushing. But this car, perhaps, from the category that it does not go. Although everything is in your hands.

A very convenient addition to the car can be footboards, located below the factory steps. They are not very comfortable in Gazelle, but when replacing you can feel how much easier it became to sit in the car. You can make tuning headlights Gazelle with their own hands. In stores you can find a wide selection of headlamps with reflectors.

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headlamp tuning gazelles do it yourself

Tuning cabin Gazelle

If you look inside the car, you can see quite familiar and you can tell already pretty boring salon. For those who want to spend most of their time in a more pleasant environment, it is worth thinking and doing tuning the Gazelle salon with your own hands. So, it is necessary to change the boring gray upholstery, hard seats and other cabin elements.

tuning the cabin gazelle do it yourself

First of all, with a limited budget, you need to tune the steering wheel, power windows, replace the seats with more comfortable seats. These are the components of the internal space of a car that you have to face all the time. You can then proceed to replace the center console with a more convenient console with drawers.

As soon as you begin to customize the old Gazelle with your own hands, you will immediately understand how much there is in the presence of various decorative elements for its interior. It can be inserts in the door, various lining that cover the air duct, glove box and so on. To make the devices look better in the evening, you can make a diode backlight for them. The same type of lighting can be chosen for the salon itself.

tuning cab gazelle do it yourself

All these nuances will help to give the car some flavor, individuality, and then the work will certainly delight. Tuning cab Gazelle do it yourself will help to creatively realize and show their imagination. After all, who better than the driver himself knows in which car he will be comfortable.

Tuning engine Gazelle

This part of the car is one of the main ones; many technical and power characteristics depend on it. Many owners of Gazelle claim that it is worth making a replacement engine for a more modern version. To improve the work of the car and increase the efficiency of use, it is proposed to install an engine with injection. it is more profitable from an economic point of view and has better technical indicators.

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tuning the old gazelle do it yourself

Tuning gazelles business with their own hands also involves the refinement of factory defects in the engine device. First of all, it is necessary to replace springs with more rigid analogs. It is also worth working on the cylinders. Under all improvements of the engine, it is necessary to adjust the electronics, so that in the future there were no failures in work.

Tuning gazelles with their own hands (video below) will help improve many characteristics of the car and make the ride more comfortable.