Mercedes will start selling the off-road wagon e-class

Mercedes начнет продавать all-terrain wagon E-Class ближе к весне 2017 года

One of the most interesting premieres of the current fall at the German company Mercedes  is definitely a modernized универсал Mercedes E-Class Estate All-Terrain, превращенный стараниями немецких инженеров в "универсал-кроссовер".Вседорожный "barn" это уже нечто экстравагантное, и как бы не ухищрялись инженеры превратить wagon in crossover, it is hardly realizable in principle. Even if the wagon fasten the four-wheel drive and increase ground clearance to the all-road mark, still the body is not the one to overcome off-road. Geometry family car did not come out to catch up with the angry athletic crossover. This is not the first case of such experiments. And even at first glance, thrown on all-terrain wagon, immediately an obsessive thought appears: "what for?"

But once there is such a thing - to marry wagon with crossoverhave to reckon with him. We already know competitors to the new product in the face of the Volkswagen Passat Alltrack, Audi A6 Allroad and Volvo V90 Cross Country.

Mercedes начнет продавать all-terrain wagon E-Class ближе к весне 2017 года

In the basic assembly Мерседес E-Class All-Terrain has 4Matic four-wheel drive and air suspension, borrowed from the "big brother" - the crossover GLE. Thanks to this air suspension, all-terrain wagon может предложить водителю пять режимов движения. Полученные от немецких инженеров данные о ground clearance модели как-то сразу удручают: от 12,1 см до 15,6 см- разве это нормальный вседорожный просвет? Не исключено, что немцы ошиблись. Но если ошибки нет, о какой вседорожности может идти речь при таком "пузотерском" ground clearance? А ведь изначально говорилось, что дорожный просвет all-terrain wagon будет на три сантиметра больше, чем у просто "сарая".

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Мерседес E-Class All-Terrain will receive several sets of nineteen and twenty-inch alloy wheels, designed in the original design. Air suspension and several modes of movement make ground clearance in a completely unstable thing. Depending on the quality of the soil, which is "barn"it may increase or, conversely, decrease.

Mercedes начнет продавать all-terrain wagon E-Class ближе к весне 2017 года For example, if the car goes with the mode on All Terrain, the increase in clearance can occur in the range of two to three and a half centimeters. It all depends on the speed developed.

Officially, the German automakers will present the new product on September 29, after the start of the world Paris Motor Show. All-terrain in European countries "barn"will be available for purchase in the spring of next year. The possibility that the car will come to us is not ruled out. That's just the price tag on it is unlikely to be affordable for most Russians: Mercedes is never cheap.

By the way, the Swedish competitor all-terrain German wagon was already officially introduced a week ago. It's about new Volvo V90 Cross Country. This is a all-terrain modification of a conventional wagon.  Volvo V90. The usual Swedish “barn” will not get to Russia, it is already known for certain. But all-terrain - most likely, yes.