The price of the carburetor on the vaz 2109 remains within

VAZ and in particular - “Lada Samara” - cars are extremely common in Russia and the CIS. Therefore, there are more than enough spare parts for them on the market. However, many car owners face some problems. In some regions, prices are too high. In others, parts are not delivered for a long time. Some, especially novice car enthusiasts, do not understand anything at all in this matter, but they want to do a VAZ 2109 tuning, so this article is for them!

the cost of the carburetor vaz 2109

Today we will talk about carburetors for VAZ 2109

If you are unlucky and the carburetor, which came with the car from the factory, has failed and has no attempts to reanimate it, you will have to think about how, where and at what price you can buy a new sample.

the cost of the carburetor on the VAZ 2109

The same notorious Italian Weber, including sports - is practically on any car. Therefore, some VAZ owners prefer it to the more traditional and even already “classic” carburetor “Solex”. You can buy a carburetor for VAZ from official dealers. Not everyone comes to mind, but this option provides reliability and warranty.

Why do carburetors break and why do people have to buy new ones? I think the question is quite serious. If we talk specifically about the VAZ carburetors for the "Samara", the factory marriage - not the only reason. Often, people unknowingly violate certain rules during repair and maintenance.

There are many such situations. Banal cleaning of the jet with something iron can lead to the fact that you have to replace it. Mechanics recommend - maximum copper wire. And keep the diameter, otherwise the calibration will be broken, and this will not end with anything good.

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the price of the carburetor on the VAZ 2109

Of course, the cost of the carburetor VAZ 2109 and its individual parts is not exorbitant and averages 5000 rubles. If you search on layouts and online stores, then you can find cheaper.

Of course, it is better to properly handle it, and most importantly - carefully, so that it lasts longer. You can purchase a repair kit carburetor VAZ 2109, as they say - in case of emergency. And carry it with you in the trunk. It does not take much space, it is inexpensive. In the end, this is not the full cost of the carburetor on the VAZ 2109.