Top cars for different families


The concept of a family car is quite multifaceted, so choosing among the wide range of passenger cars the optimally suitable model in all respects is not so simple. Manufacturers themselves pay special attention to the development of cars that will be suitable for use by a small or large family. It has its own priorities in the manufacture of the body, the development of safety systems and the creation of the necessary conditions for the transport of children, the ability to make large purchases, etc. There are a lot of selection criteria. To deal with this issue and select the best cars for the family, you need to examine the basic requirements for them and understand the adaptation of a particular body type to the criteria of a family car.

Best family cars

Choosing the best family car.

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Criterias of choice

When choosing a car, each buyer has its own basic requirements. If a car is taken for personal use, then the technical characteristics, cost effectiveness, or just the external features of the vehicle can be the determining criteria. But since we are talking about buying the best family car, it should be based on slightly different requirements. Namely:

  • Security level The safer the car, the better. With this even pointless to argue. It is recommended to buy a car with at least 6 airbags, belts, mounts for children and with a full set of electronic security systems. They form the overall protection of the active and passive type. If there is a small child in the family, the presence of the Isofix system will be a prerequisite for buying a car. Without it, install a child seat in all the rules and with maximum reliability will not work;
  • Reliability. Here it is better to rely on the choice of famous brands and models, the statistics of which vividly show their ability to be exploited for a long time and without problems. The recommendation seems meaningless, but in fact it gives more benefits than a list of some specific cars. Studying the reviews and opinions of real owners, you can find out what chronic problems the car has, how much this or that model will fit specifically to your requirements;
  • Comfort level Family cars are not designed for high speed or off-road conquest. Here, the focus is on creating favorable conditions for the driver and all his companions during short and long trips. For the driver, it is important that everything is at hand. A good addition would be the presence of a multi-rudder and modern on-board computer. There should be a spacious sofa at the back so that even adult passengers do not experience a shortage of space. Also a big role is played by free space above the head and in the legs. Do not forget about the creation of a favorable microclimate, what better climate control helps than a normal air conditioner;
  • Ergonomics. Here we are talking about the ability to accommodate a large number of things without creating a feeling of cluttering up the cabin and luggage compartment. Therefore, leading manufacturers in family models specifically provide for different shelves, compartments, niches and spacious glove compartments;
  • Luggage compartment. Traveling with the whole family implies the need to carry a large amount of luggage. Yes, the capacity of the trunk can always be expanded by installing autobox on the roof, but this is not for everyone. Much better when the car has a spacious luggage compartment of at least 400-500 liters;
  • Fuel consumption and economy. Since the driver has a family, he will spend the bulk of the money earned on his wife and children. Therefore, the machine should not become a problem in terms of the family budget. Really good family cars have economical engines, do not provide for large transport taxes, and also are inexpensive to repair and maintain.

Based on these criteria, you will be able to select several potential candidates. Making a choice among 3-5 cars is much easier than exploring the entire market.

Choosing a family car

Body type

Under the voiced criteria for selecting a family car can easily get a hatchback, sedan, station wagon or any kind of crossover. Body type plays a role in choosing a car for the family. Because you should carefully approach the search for an answer to this question. Here everyone should rely on their own preferences, but also take into account the strengths and weaknesses of different variants of the vehicle body. As a family car can be used:

  • sedan;
  • wagon;
  • hatchback;
  • minivan and compact van;
  • crossover;
  • SUV.

Having studied the advantages and disadvantages of each of the options presented, you are one step closer to choosing the best car for your family.


The sedan is becoming a frequent choice as a family car. This type of body boasts the following advantages:

  • A separate trunk, which increases the level of security when hitting the back of the car;
  • Usually impressive luggage compartment volume;
  • Spacious lounge;
  • Separation of the trunk and cabin;
  • No loss of heat in the car when you open the luggage compartment.

It is important to note that in most sedans carry dimensional things impossible. Usually, small loads, medium-sized suitcases, etc., fit into their trunk. Plus, the interior is practically not transformed.



Increasingly in large cities there are hatchbacks, which have become the best solution for a young family. The machine is small in size, quite roomy, maneuverable. The main advantages are the following:

  • Adaptability to operation in city conditions due to the size and maneuverability;
  • The large size of the luggage compartment, which allows you to carry dimensional things;
  • Rear window extends visibility (not on all cars);
  • The salon is transformed for the transportation of long cargo;
  • Pricing for automakers on hatchbacks is usually very pleasant.

Но не стоит спешить с выводами. Hatchbackи имеют ряд недостатков.

  1. When compared with a three-body, that is, with sedans, the hatchback sound insulation level is much worse. There is no partition between the passenger compartment and the luggage compartment. Hence the loss of heat and the increase in noise while driving.
  2. In the case of a full boot trunk driver closes the view through the rear window.
  3. In winter, due to the lack of separation from the trunk, the cabin warms up for a long time. Plus, the heat is wasted on heating the luggage, which does not need it.
  4. Small trunk. The volume of the luggage compartment in the hatchback is usually the smallest among similar models in other bodywork. Even if the back row is folded, this does not always help, since children need to be placed on the back seat.

For urban use and a young family, a hatchback may be a good choice. But if you plan to carry a large amount of baggage, and at the same time there will always be passengers in the back, you should think about choosing a different type of body.

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Station wagon

Many believe that it is the wagon is the best solution among all body types when choosing a family car. But this statement is controversial, because there are also its strengths and weaknesses. Benefits include:

  • Increased stability on the roads;
  • Roomy and spacious luggage compartment;
  • Large opening for loading large loads;
  • Good opportunities for the transformation of the cabin;
  • Spacious rear sofa;
  • A wide selection from leading automakers.

There are not many drawbacks. They depend on the specific model, since some generalists suffer from the same problems as hatchbacks. The cabin warms up for a long time, and the trunk is not separated from the main space for the driver and passengers.

Station wagon

Compact van and minivan

Initially, they were positioned as purely family cars. They are considered the best solution for those who need to carry the whole family and luggage in a substantial amount. These bodies have their advantages:

  • spacious and roomy interior;
  • availability of modifications for 7-8 seats;
  • spacious luggage compartment;
  • good opportunities for transportation of cargo;
  • excellent visibility through the rear window;
  • high level of security.

But there are enough shortcomings. The disadvantages of minivans and kompaktvenov include almost all the weaknesses characteristic of hatchbacks. The exception will be a shortage of space in the luggage compartment. Plus, you need to get used to the management of a minivan if you change from a regular hatchback or sedan. A minivan usually has a more solid mass, which negatively affects maneuverability.


Crossover and SUV

Increasingly, as a family car, it is recommended to choose crossovers and SUVs. Here it is necessary to focus on the availability of all-wheel drive. Since the crossover with a monodrive is nothing more than a station wagon with a slightly increased cross. If we consider the advantages of all-wheel drive versions of SUVs and crossovers as family cars, then we should highlight the following:

  • increased permeability;
  • universality and possibility of operation in different conditions;
  • practicality;
  • spacious lounge;
  • availability of versions with 3 rows of seats;
  • spacious luggage compartment;
  • high level of security.

SUVи и кроссоверы действительно могут стать прекрасным решением при выборе семейного автомобиля. Но за их преимущества придётся расплачиваться некоторыми недостатками. Выделяют несколько главных минусов таких типов кузова:

  • Increased fuel consumption compared with competitors;
  • Reduced maneuverability due to solid dimensions;
  • Expensive service;
  • Costly repair.

Now everyone can make certain conclusions for themselves. Sometimes it is worth turning a blind eye to some disadvantages in order to fully benefit from the existing advantages of a particular body type.


2018 ratings

As the statistics and reviews of the motorists themselves show, the best choice for family cars are becoming station wagons, crossovers, minivans and SUVs. Although sometimes for such purposes it is advantageous and practical to use even sedans and hatchbacks. The 2018 rating will be a direct confirmation of this. To simplify the selection somewhat, the best family cars were divided into the following categories:

  • low cost cars;
  • reliable;
  • family travel cars;
  • urban family cars;
  • the most spacious models;
  • the most economical cars;
  • best crossovers;
  • best SUVs.

Each category has its own leaders, with whom we will introduce you separately.

Budget cars for the family

Not every family can afford to allocate several million rubles for the purchase of a new car. Therefore, searches are often conducted among low-cost cars, which will be cheap when purchased and as part of further exploitation. Surveys have shown that Russians prefer the following low-cost cars that are perfect as a family vehicle.

  • Largus. The car from the domestic manufacturer AvtoVAZ, manufactured under the brand Lada. Logan MCV can also be included here, since it was on the basis of this model that the Russian equivalent of the French station wagon was created. Largus is quite roomy, economical, allows you to carry a large amount of cargo without sacrificing the space of the back of the sofa. The car consumes up to 7 liters in the conditions of the route, and in the standard position the trunk has 560 liters of space. In this case, you can buy such a car for only 550 thousand rubles; Largus
  • Solaris. Budget car of the joint Russian-Korean production. The model actively conquers Russia. The car attracts with its price, appearance, practicality and technical characteristics. The car is quite economical, cheap to maintain and repair. If your family consists of 4 people, Solaris from Hyundai will be an excellent choice. For a wide list of benefits you will have to pay only 650 thousand rubles;Solaris
  • Duster. French compact crossover budget segment, which showed that SUVs can be affordable and high quality. A good 5-seater family car with a trunk of 500 liters and fuel consumption of about 5 liters in the combined cycle. If you take the version with a diesel engine, get the minimum flow at maximum engine efficiency. In the initial configuration is available only drive for one pair of wheels, but for an extra charge all-wheel drive version is offered. The prices for the new Duster start from 640 thousand rubles. Duster

Good cars that deserve to be in this ranking. If the budget does not allow spending more than 1 million rubles, then it makes sense to look at the three candidates submitted.

Reliable family cars

Under the concept of reliability hides reliability, durability, long service life without serious malfunctions and simple operation. Therefore, the following models are included in the rating of family cars in terms of reliability:

  • CT200. This is an interesting car from Japan, the manufacturer of which is Lexus. The car showed excellent results in the framework of crash tests, thanks to which she earned the highest safety points. The car is really trouble-free, even if repairing any Lexus model is not the cheapest pleasure. This is a five-seater car, which allows it to be deservedly considered an excellent solution for a family;Lexus CT200
  • Mazda 3. Here you can also immediately include the older model in the face of the Mazda 6, if you need more space inside the car. These are great family cars available in sedan and hatchback. The machines are modern, very attractive in appearance, practical and versatile. They have a higher level of reliability, as evidenced by numerous crash tests and test drives. Despite all its obvious advantages, Mazda 3 is offered at a price of 1 million rubles. This is a very reasonable price for a car with such capabilities;Mazda 3
  • Camry. Gorgeous Japanese sedan from the company Toyota. A sample of elegance, practicality and reliability. Plus, for Russia, this brand is quite profitable in maintenance. For the basic equipment Camry ask from 1.2 million rubles. But if you take a new generation of this Japanese car, it is better in the configuration is not below average. Then you can experience all the benefits of the Camry. Camry

Although only 3 family cars were included in this rating, this does not mean that all other cars do not have the necessary degree of reliability. Therefore, to base your choice solely on this criterion is not worth it.

Family Travel Machines

If you plan to travel with the whole family, periodically go out into nature, then you need the appropriate car. Such models are deservedly included in this rating of the best family cars:

  • Roomster. Developed by Skoda, which has a spacious interior. This is a real mini-mobile house with a spacious luggage compartment, which, even with a large number of things, will not prevent passengers from enjoying the benefits of comfortable sofas and armchairs. The Roomster has its own peculiarity in the form of a higher positioning of the rear sofa, which improves the visibility of the rear passengers; Roomster
  • Grand C-Max. American car from Ford. They certainly know about the important features of a family car, because it is in the United States that special attention is paid to creating cars for a large family. Auto spacious, roomy, economical and safe. The rear doors on the new generation C-max open in the opposite direction, which greatly simplifies the landing of children and the elderly; Grand C-Max
  • Scenic. The car of the French automaker Renault, which attracts not only for its spaciousness for a large family, but also an acceptable price. This is a compact van, which is perfect for joint travel. Scenic economical and comfortable, because even long trips will not hit the family budget, as well as allow passengers and the driver to easily reach their destination; Scenic
  • Caddyand Touran. Immediately two cars from the company Volkswagen, which deservedly included in the rating of the best family cars for traveling. The machines are spacious, roomy, economical and with the highest safety record. Caddybelongs to a more budget segment, while the Touran is suitable for wealthy buyers. Although both cars perfectly show themselves on long journeys in conditions of full load of the passenger compartment and the luggage compartment. Caddy

Family travel should be fun. Therefore, for such purposes it is better to use vehicles that are well adapted for long journeys. The range is impressive, but not everyone can boast the same advantages as the leaders of the current rating.

Family city cars

The choice of car for the family depends on how many people will constantly and periodically move by car. If the car serves to collect children in the morning and take them to kindergartens and schools, as well as help the wife get to work, a more spacious car will be required. But at the same time carry a lot of luggage is not necessary. In this regard, a sufficiently large number of models are perfect as a family car, designed for use in urban environments. The most preferred specialists and simple motorists call:

  • Volkswagen Tiguan;
  • Kia Carens;
  • Skoda Octavia;
  • Skoda Favia Combi;
  • Volkswagen Golf;
  • Let Ceed WS;
  • Honda FR-V;
  • Toyota Corolla.

Here the need for luggage space will play a certain role. If the car is operated in the city, then sometimes you can do with a sedan or hatchback. When the buyer wants to achieve maximum roominess and practicality, then it is necessary to give preference to station wagons.

The most spacious family cars

For family trips, maximum capacity can play a key role in choosing a new vehicle. And it concerns the ability of the machine to take on board the maximum number of passengers, and also to leave a reserve of space for baggage. Therefore, in this rating, preference is given to minivans and compact van. The best among them are:

  • Multivan. Wonderful car of the German manufacturer Volkswagen, which is literally created for a large family. There is a very spacious interior and a large luggage compartment. This is a mobile home, as it offers a table, sockets, cooking tiles and water storage tanks. Therefore, Multivan is perfect for travel and overnight. With all its capabilities, the car consumes about 8 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers. The price is not the lowest, since the car costs about 70 thousand euros;Multivan
  • T5 Doubleback. Another Volkswagen that can be called a tourist's dream. The van is very popular in Europe and is on the list of the best family cars. There is a possibility of additional transportation of the trailer, which allows traveling on the same machine and sleeping in nature by several families. Pleasure is not cheap because the price of this car will be over 85 thousand euros; T5 Doubleback
  • V-Class. Chic and spacious minivan from the company Mercedes worth from 3 million rubles for the basic equipment. Incredible appearance combined with a very practical and comfortable interior, economical engine and exemplary ergonomics. This is a car for comfortable travel over any distance.V-Class

Such cars really become the fine choice for travel. But in urban conditions, the constant exploitation of minivans will reveal their shortcomings. Therefore, if you choose the nature literally 1-2 times a year, and spend all the rest of the time behind the wheel in the city, then you should think about the rationality of buying such a vehicle.

Economy cars for family

Family cars that combine excellent capacity with extremely low fuel consumption indicators have fallen into this rating. Experts and car enthusiasts identified 3 models that best fit these criteria:

  • C4 Cactus. The car with an unusual name and no less unusual appearance from the company Citroen. The car is designed for 5 people, but the luggage compartment holds less than 360 liters. But you can close your eyes to this minus if you look at the expense. Installed on the Cactus diesel power unit is able to consume about 3.8 liters of fuel in the city, and only 3.4 liters per 100 kilometers in terms of the route. At the same time, the motor itself produces 92 horsepower, which is more than enough for the city and family travels;C4 Cactus
  • Zafira. Beautiful seven-seater car from the company Opel, which is among the most economical cars in its segment. Salon is conveniently transformed, depending on the conditions and features of the trip. Under the hood is a gasoline engine that consumes no more than 6.5 liters on the highway. This is a car that will suit a large family if necessary to save on visiting gas stations; Zafira
  • Alhambra. Not the most popular car from Seat in Russia. But the car really deserves attention. This is a minivan with 7 seats, which in the combined cycle of operation will consume no more than 7.2 liters per 100 kilometers. This is achieved by an amazing 2.0-liter engine with a power of as much as 200 horsepower. Behind is a pair of sliding doors, which opens up additional advantages when embarking and disembarking passengers. In this case, separate seats, so you can create ideal conditions for each individual passengers on long journeys. Alhambra

The combination of practicality and economy really plays a big role in choosing the right car for your family.

Crossovers and SUVs

Crossover and SUV также могут стать прекрасным выбором в качестве семейного автомобиля. Но к покупке таких машин следует подходить особенно внимательно. Среди кроссоверов лидерами рейтинга 2018 года среди лучших семейных машин можно выделить:

  • Peugeot 3008;
  • Hey Saturday Feet;
  • Audi Q5;
  • Toyota RAV4;
  • Mazda CX-5;
  • Honda CR-V;
  • Ford Kuga;
  • Hyundai Tucson.

Hyundai Tucson

Но иногда семейным автомобилем может выступать даже полноценный SUV. Здесь есть свои лидеры рейтинга, к числу которых относят:

  • Toyota Land Cruiser;
  • Volkswagen Touareg;
  • Audi Q7;
  • Volvo XC90;
  • To be silent;
  • Mitsubishi Pajero

Mitsubishi Pajero

Even if we analyze a limited list of cars that were ranked as the best family cars in 2018 according to different criteria and indicators, it’s impossible to find the best solution among them. For each car there is a buyer, which the car will satisfy fully and by all criteria. Motorists need to correctly prioritize, which will reduce the list of potential candidates to several models. Further, it will not be difficult to make a final decision.